Quick Cash Method Scam Review! WORST Lies EXPOSED on Results!

Is Quick Cash Method a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Service? Will it be a Wise Investment?

Awed by Quick Cash Method Trading Software at quickcashmethod.net? Wondering whether Quick Cash Method will be a Sensible Investment to Make? Michael Thompson‘s speech is indeed mind boggling as he strongly opposed scam auto trading software as much as we do. However, can Mike Thompson be just another bogus character who is smart to start his presentation that way? As much as we share the passion on hating phony software, we spare no favoritism just because he shares the same passion. Following which, we’ve done research on Quick Cash Method and found concerning details about this auto trader! Please read our analysis below!

The Quick Cash Method (QCM) by Michael Thompson is a type of trading software that “recommends” and “executes” Mike’s trading signals. Just to set the record straight, this trading software has both manual and auto trading function. He also mentioned that users will be able to earn up to $5,795 a day OR he’d guarantee you a $5,000 cash return if it fails. Mike is so confident that he asserted that he has never seen a single loss as long as he can remember! Hence, the basis of this system is that it guarantees you a $5,000 daily profit or a $5,000 cash back paired with a 100% accuracy trading signals! Be that as it may, we’ve actually received negative feedback from Quick Cash Method traders. Worst, we’ve discovered that Mike is actually misleading its viewers with lies!

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Michael Thompson the Contradicting Trader?

The one thing that bothers us the most is Mike’s expression when it comes to auto trading software. He was truly assertive about not being able to profit from an automated trading software. Also, he challenged viewers about how much have they made through “auto pilot”! Well, as much as we agree that most auto traders are actually scams, we’ve actually tested reliable systems that are proven to be profitable! The most contradicting fact is that Michael Thompson’s software is also another form automated trading software too. Mike may proclaim that his software is different because it is based on his ‘perfect’, never lose, trading signals! But, at the end of the day, it is still an auto trader and we’re pretty sure that it runs on an algorithm as well. Not Mike’s effort to read charts and recommend signals.

Why Mike’s Quick Cash Method is a lie!

First and foremost, there is no such thing as a “no loss” system or even human trader! Any experienced trader can affirm that, it’s just not going to happen! Good automated trading systems are using an algorithm based on mathematical calculations that analyze patterns through technical analysis. The difference between good and bad is obviously due to the quality of the algorithm itself. As we have mentioned previously, negative feedback from Quick Cash Method users alerted us about this potential scam. The fact that Michael Thompson’s delusional 100% win claim is actually unrealistic, we’re extremely skeptical about this auto trader.

Truthfully, Mike remains as an unknown character as we are unable to confirm his credibility. No sources affirm his success of earning $24 million dollars or his self-proclaimed “elite trader” status. Actually none of the details that came from his mouth us trustworthy as they are completely impractical! Read below as Mike attempts to prove his ‘superb’ trading signals that turn out to be a sham!

Make-Believe Demonstration!

Quick Cash Method’s demonstration portrays a perfect 100% win 5 trades by using the manual trading signals. If, and only if, this live demonstration could actually prove Mike’s delusion, we’d probably give this a chance. But unfortunately, we found discrepancies in the trades executed. Do notice that the payout is supposedly about $40 since the investment is about $25! Not over $100 since the typical payout should range between 70% to 80% of $25.

In addition to that, several of the trades in the trade history are rightfully LOSS trades. Simply because the Entry Rate and End Rate does not correlate with the CALL/PUT trade! Take the first trade as an example, it was a PUT trade with an entry of 17.108 and expired at a rate of 17.121! It’s obviously a LOSS unless it was a CALL trade! The outcome of the 3rd and 5th trades are also modified to ‘WON’! Clearly, Mike is lying and providing a falsely made demonstration!

Quick Cash Method Trading Signal Scam Review

Invest in an Honest Auto Trader! NOT Quick Cash Method

It should be rather clear that Michael Thompson’s insistence that Quick Cash Method’s 100% win is completely absurd and a SCAM! His description about his no loss trading signals is quickly disproved by his own demonstration which he clearly modified! Plus, the entry rate and expiry rates clearly show the real performance of his demonstration which is 2/5 win rate. Lies and deceit used by this scam are common among fraudulent auto trading systems. Binary Options Sentinel have indeed blacklisted over 100 sham auto trader which has no intention to profit for its users! And Quick Cash Method Software just earned a spot into our Blacklist among other deceiving trading software!

The Good Stuff

Favorably, RELIABLE and a PROFITABLE automated trading system do come by every once in a while although it’s pretty rare. The BELOW proven success and positive reputation serve as a role model to all auto traders! Do check it out!

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