Quantum Income Machine Scam Review! Julia Burke’s Hoax!

Quantum Income Machine Scam Review

Is Quantum Income Machine a SCAM Review? Julia Burke’s Crazy Millionaire Auto Trader!

If you have recently received en email from Quantum Income Machine, please read our important warning email before investing! The scammer’s email should have lead you to quantumicomemachine.com and reveal a crazy 47 minutes presentation video. Although the alleged founder of Quantum Income Machine, Julia Burke, claims that this software have made her a millionaire, we highly doubt that it is going to bring the same opportunity to you. Since it’s launch in April 2016, we have noticed some complaints of people losing money and the auto trader was unable to recover their losses. Worst of all, some traders are unable to WITHDRAW their funds!

Thus, we have decided to Blacklist Quantum Income Machine as a result of their deceiving offer. Quantum Income App is said to be use unique algorithm that is almost a 100% winning rate software. Julia also referred to this software as a “No Risk Money Making Machine” too. The main strategy of the presentation video is to exposed the luxurious lifestyle with huge houses and great cars. Which many other scam systems tend to apply this scam tactic to lure immediate registrations. In reality, there is no automated binary options trading system that can make you a millionaire, especially within 90 days (as claimed in the webpage of Quantum Income Machine). Please continue reading our review for our investigation findings to why Quantum Income App is a SCAM!

Suspicious Fact about Quantum Income Software! Julia Burke’s Deceit!

Although this scam attempts to approach the it’s viewers by portraying a serious “girl power”, we simply can’t ignore that several facts stated in the presentation are false. One of the most obvious lie can be found in the member’s area where the scammer shares “Live Trades” which refers to another scam Quick Cash System. It may be a typo or a mistake but certainly it is silly to just copy and paste content from other website. This should be an indication of unprofessional behaviour of scammers that tries to develop this webpage in a rush! What’s worst is that the “Live Trades” are completely FAKE! The trades are dated back in 2014 and it most certainly has nothing to do with Quantum Income Machine. Simply because Quantum Income Machine’s website is registered on December 2015! The only reason why Quantum Income Machine shares such a terrible trade history with us is because they do not have any legit results to share with us.

Fake Trade History Quantum Income Machine Scam Review
Fake Trading History! quantumincomemachine.com is registered on Dec 2015!

Another important factor that traders need to be aware of is that no auto trading system in the world can make you a millionaire within 90 days from a $250 deposit. As mentioned previously, many other scam websites employs similar tactic to prey on hopeful innocent traders’ money. Besides that, we strongly advise traders to not accept the “Matching Bonus” up to $1,000 even though it sounds like a good deal. This is certainly not Julia’s good will to offer you free money, but rather a deal with the broker to actually “lock down” your account. Accepting sign-up bonuses will impose additional terms and condition to your withdrawals where you are only allowed to withdraw after reaching an extremely high trading volume. Usually it would be (Deposit + Bonus) x 30! Hence, do stay away from Quantum Income Machine’s offer of Sign-up bonuses to safe yourself from withdrawals problem.

Quantum Income Machine uses yet another common scam strategy which is to create a false sense of urgency to encourage early sign-ups. Which is the meaningless “countdown timer” for the spots available for you! We all know that these fake “counters” are not true ALL the time. It is still possible for you to sign-up even when the clock reaches zero OR the clock refreshes when you access the page again. So please do not take this statement serious “If you don’t complete your sign up within the next 10 minutes, your chance at being a millionaire in 100 days will expire.” It is a complete LIE!

Is there Any Binary Options Automated Trading System that is NOT a SCAM?

If you are new to binary options, you may be overwhelmed by the numbers of scams related to auto trading systems. However, please do not be discouraged as binary options trading can indeed be PROFITABLE! All you need is a RELIABLE tools for you to trade with. Binary Options Sentinel have been actively blacklisted untrustworthy binary options scams and we strive to look for legit systems too! Quantum Income Machine is a perfect example where scammers are willing to spend money to stage their video presentation and include crazy stories to support their claim! But the truth is that Quantum Income Machine is designed to not work for the traders, but rather the SCAMMERS!

3 Essential Tools Newbie Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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Quantum Income Machine’s Conlusion

We conclude that Julia Burke’s Quantum Income Machine is a SCAM binary options automated binary options trading system! Traders should stay away from Julia’s scam that employs unrealistic expectation to be millionaires within a short time to lure innocent traders! In reality you will never be a millionaire with this auto trader and the trade histories used on the webpage are certainly fake! Please avoid donating your money to Quantum Income Machine, the system is not going to be your money machine but rather the scammer’s!

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Verdict: Quantum Income Machine is a SCAM!

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