Quantum Code Trading Software Scam Review! BEST Reasons Not to Invest?

Quantum Code Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Quantum Code Binary Trading Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Hesitant about registering for Quantum Code Software at thequantumcode.net? Our Quantum Code Scam Review shall provide vital information that could give you a better understanding of this offer before you decide! Ultimately, we’ll also share our thoughts on whether will Quantum Code is a good tool to generate profits from binary options trading. It’s without a doubt that many traders have earned significant sum of money from this trading instrument, yet most are “money-sucking” by nature! If this is your first time running into auto traders, our Blacklist shall give you a taste of underperforming systems! Binary Options Sentinel have indeed analyzed over 100 frauds and exposed their common trickery! Hence, before we proceed with sharing our take on this software, feel free to contact us at various social media or at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com! Facebook, Google+, Twitter links!

The Quantum Code Trading Software is an automated trading system created by Michael Crawford, the alleged founder, and CEO of Quantum Code Inc. Michael is characterized as a famous individual worthy of mentioning in Forbes as the Wall Street Wizard, Millionaire Trader, and philanthropist. His software is said to be capable of achieving Near Quantum Speed (NQS) created while he was a part of a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) firm. This creates a faster-executing calculation faster than anyone else while being able to “see” the future prices before it happens! Michael declared that Quantum Code is a 100% Guaranteed profits and 100% Win rate trading app as well. Apart from that, he also voiced that you could earn $1.8 million per month! Nonetheless, our scrutiny disclose facts far from the presentation details and claims! Find out below!

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Michael Crawford an Invented Character?

With our experiences in exposing hoax system, we’ve gained sense of the methods scammers employs to create fake credibility! One frequently tactic is by using actors to play as an important figure. Sometimes, the character played by such an actor has no bounds with exaggerated “background”. Our study highlighted that Michael Crawford is definitely an invented character! One obvious reason for our allegation is that the actor playing Michael has presented other Scam in the near past! He has appeared in Terran Capital SCAM as an unnamed employee of that company.  Similar to the old scam he represented, we are unable to verify the existence of Quantum Code Inc as an establishment in any formal records in US (as claimed in the presentation video).

Apart from that, there are zero quotes about Michael himself as the allegedly Wall Street Wizard or even a Trader in Forbes or other media! It’s rather obvious that such a character does not go by that name with suggested credential! There’s nothing else we can say apart that Michael’s credential and background is completely fabricated. Definitely throws away all all hopes in trusting Quantum Code’s offer.

Michael Crawford appeared in Terran Capital Scam

Over-Promising Capabilities!

Making profits from trading binary options is not an impossible task. BUT being a millionaire within the first month of trading from a deposit of $250 (usual minimum deposit) is by fact, IMPOSSIBLE. Your trading profits is solely dependent on your investment size and to expect an account growth of over 10,000 times within a month is impractical! As much as Michael attempts to sell us this improbable by stating a 100% win rate, it’s never going to happen. Even the best trader or algorithm in the world is not able to achieve a 100% win rate because there is simply no such thing! Any experienced trader can confirmed that as a fact and there is no way of predicting the future with 100% certainty!

Lies like this are often causes inexperienced trader into believing unworkable potential of profits. What’s worst is that these types of hoax never ever performs as they voiced out! This also applies to Michael’s allegation that Quantum Code Software is able to predict prices 60 seconds before it happens! Not only that it’s not possible, but indication of 60 seconds trades are just riskier form of trades to take in binary options!

Quantum Code Fake Results Scam

Fake Testimonials and Countdown Spots!

Silly claims of profits are usually backed up with fake proof too! Notice that Michael’s demonstration of the Quantum Code does not reveal the auto trading platform at all. All he did was show the account balance in his broker account. Why wouldn’t Michael not show the trading platform for his software if he asserts that it’s 100% win? Simply because it’s not and he can’t.

Aside from that, there are fake indications of “happy Quantum Code users” profiting attached on the webpage. Random name and pictures in the internet are the essence to these satisfied users while they aren’t real! Quantum Code’s website not only fills itself with fake endorsement of success, but also spurious “limited spots only” offer! The “spots remaining” counters are meaningless as viewers will be able to access the page and refreshes at every visit! We regularly find these forged evidence of success in all our Blacklisted frauds as well.

Fake Testimonials Quantum Code Trading Scam

Stay Away from Quantum Code Myth! Invest Elsewhere!

Dishonest aspects in Quantum Code’s offer are almost universal in all fraudulent software made to lure newbie traders! It is the scam-artist’s intention to attract traders with it’s godly “profit making” features with NO INTENTION to actually perform. It’s also apparent that these phenomenon does not help binary options industry or its traders! Con-artists focuses on their selfish gains and over-selling poor quality product.

Nevertheless, we occasionally stumbled upon GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trader (probably only comes every once in a while)! Having an auto trader that has positive reputation with proven successes is definitely a breath of fresh air for traders! Do check out BELOW!

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Quantum Code Conclusion

Based on the deceitful elements found in this offer, we conclude that Quantum Code is a SCAM auto trading system! Repeated use of actors from previous scam is despicable as it clearly represents an inauthentic and untrustworthy deal! The “get rich quick” approach Quantum Code uses to their make-believe “millionaire in a month” software are just lies! Quantum Code is full of falsehood and fictional details that is NOT WORTH your money! 

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13 comments on “Quantum Code Trading Software Scam Review! BEST Reasons Not to Invest?


No wonder that guy seems familiar, disgusting scammers! They should get a life!

Adam L

Just checked out your Crunch Tech article and I’m interested. Is that available in Canada?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Adam,

Yes it is available for Canadian residence.


Disgusting SCAM both Terran Capital and Quantum Code.


Hi, is Neo2 Software trustworthy and is it still making money?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Denise,

Yes Denise. Neo2 Software is still profitable and performing well!


Hi Adam is Opteck a legit trading Platform? Greetings Armand SA.

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Armand,

We’re having a neutral impression on Opteck. Not the best but they aren’t labelled as shady in the industry at the moment.


Thanks for the review. Is Neo2 available in Singapore?


What do you know of Ctoptions? I googled the quantum code saw good reviews, and even looked to see if it was a scam, the article i found said it was legit. My husband just found yours. But I gave 250, my last bit of money, to Ctoptions. For a free week with a broker from there office. How bad did I mess up? I don’t do technology. But a car accident two years ago layed me up. For a while. And i started getting online. So many fraudulent things. I had not spent money on any until this. Any advise? Did I make a big mistake?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hello Elizabeth,

We’d say that CT Options should be less of a concern but rather the Quantum Code Software is.
Do consider withdrawing your funds while it’s still at this stage, unless the software is working fine for you though.

Feel free to contact us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to comment further.

Elizabeth LoftfieldGarner

I am two days away from my free one week trial ending. I gave them money last Thursday.

Gary Thornhill

Just signed over £250 before reading your reveiw. I presume from what you say i have list tgat and should not invest anymore. Would really appreciate your advice.


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