Quantum Cash Machine Review! 100% Chris Barnes SCAM Warning!

Is Quantum Cash Machine a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Quantum Cash Machine by Chris Barnes is gaining fame within our industry! Instead of being a great trading software, Quantum Cash Machine Software was reported to be a full fledged scam! This offer at quantumcashmachines.com assures viewers of earning $12,000 every single week that never came through. It’s rather common that we see frauds attempting to lure viewers with massive profits return. However, many a times disappointments follow when day traders try out this “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. Our Quantum Cash Machine Review shall expose misleading aspects that Chris claims to be good for you!

SCAM Website: QuantumCashMachines.com

We’re going to be entirely honest here, trading binary options can be a great investment tool for day traders. Especially allowing traders to gain profits on market prices movement within a short period of time. However, scammers attempt to produce low performing trading software that potentially drains account within the first day of trading. This is simply because a trading app like Quantum Cash Machine has a low-quality algorithm with improper technical analysis. This is proven by the negative feedback we see within the industry and emails we received from other traders that tested Quantum Cash Machine Software.

Who is Chris Barnes of Quantum Cash Machine?

$12,000 per week or $1,500 per day profits from an investment of $250 says, Chris? Let’s be real guys, it is highly unlikely you will see such a profits with $250. Such statements from Chris Barnes are simply tricks to entice newbie traders. In an actual trading world, we typically aim for 10% to 30% account growth for profits which is very possible! Chris’s declaration of making $250 to $1,500 is a clear example of fraud promises preying on inexperienced traders. Either that or he just don’t know binary trading all that well.

Why would we say that? Well, Chris Barnes, the alleged CEO or founder of Quantum Cash Machine Scam is very likely an actor that doesn’t trade. We see the exact same person depicting as Douglas Ward in another scam (Profits 4 Patriot SCAM). Thus, his previous lies in an old scam promising a non-existing mentor program repeats his deceit here in Quantum Cash Machines. This also means that this scam is nothing but a reproduction of an old scam attempting to trick newbie traders!

Chris Barnes Fake CEO Quantum Cash Machine

$1,500 to $2,700 Everyday?

Additionally, the fake website does admit that it is unethical to guarantee certain profits in trading. Chris clearly didn’t read the memo as he exclaims $1,500 to $2,700 per day from a $250 deposit.  We definitely can grow our account balance to that size (as shown by our TEST RUN), but certainly not within the first day! Nevertheless, Quantum Cash Machines FAQ also says that their existing members can prove their level of success. Unfortunately, we and other traders don’t quite agree when all we found is complaints account depleting.

Also, the testimonials found of Quantum Cash software is a made-up fabricated story. A simple research has shown that Quantum Cash Machines Scam stole some pictures from other sites to forge fake reports. Neither Leonardo Martins, Joseph Jacobs, nor Andris Szabo truly used this hoax software to earn 5 figure income. Live profiles from their accounts also don’t quite make any sense. We clearly can’t see the trade executions including the entry price and expiry price too. Which makes this an untrustworthy trade history!

Fake Trade History Quantum Cash Machine

$100 Bonus into Your Account?

Another scam aspects we notice from Quantum Cash SCAM is the sneaky perks of giving $100 to members. This wouldn’t be an issue if Chris didn’t quite say that members will see money coming in every day! This is a classic scam trick that scam-artist employ to add value to their low-performing software. Although it is not the broker’s fault for offering such bonuses, Chris blatantly offers a welcome bonus with no genuine intention. Especially when traders lose money with Quantum Cash Machines scam.

Welcome bonuses are NOT Recommended for newbie traders unless you know what you are doing. Accepting any form of bonuses will impose additional terms into your withdrawal process. Thus, traders will not be able to withdraw until they reach a huge trading volume requirement (usually 10 to 30 times the bonus). So, if you accept a bonus along with using Quantum Cash Machine Scam, you will not be able to withdraw your money. Not until you achieve a ginormous trading volume. As a result, newbie traders often felt cheated especially when using a scam software.

Quantum Cash Machine Conclusion

Referring to our reasons above, we have to conclude that Quantum Cash Machine is a SCAM! We’re dealing with a clear comeback attempt by Chris Barnes offering special “fast profits”. However, it’s better to stay away from Quantum Cash Machine Software due to their lousy actual performance. Chris Barnes is a not an actual trader but an impostor from an old scam. Neither there is any actual showcase from quantumcashmachines.com to save them from their negative reviews!

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How to Earn Revenue Safely?

Our experience in binary trading exposes us to mostly scam software, in some occasion costs us money too. Nevertheless, it is worth our time when we stumble upon GENUINE and PROFITABLE trading software. Hence, we can clearly discard obvious “be a millionaire quick” fraud and utilize software with a legit algorithm. So, it will be important for you as a potential trader to invest with the right tools to kick start your online success.

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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  2. Manual Trading Signal Software – Bit Bubble Tech! – Non US
  3. Free Demo Trading Account! (Non-US/Canada Broker)(US/Canada Friendly Broker)

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