Pure Profits Trading Scam Review! MUST READ Jeremy Owensky’s Lies!

Pure Profits Software Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

Is Pure Profits a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Service? Jeremy Owensky’s Lies?

Considering to invest into Pure Profits Scam at pure-profit.biz and wondering whether it is a wise investment? Should you expect consistent returns upon using the Pure Profits Service? Our Pure Profits Scam Review shall reveal investigative results after an in-depth study made on this offer. Binary options trading can be an exciting venture for traders to make quick profits with the right tools and knowledge. However, many automated trading systems do disguise themselves as a “godlike auto trader” does not deliver. Our experience in trading in this dynamic industry has shown us obvious ‘warning signs’ to stay away from such bad investment. Find out below whether Pure Profits will be a bad investment or not!

Pure Profits System is actually an auto trader that was launched over a year ago under a different domain. They were operating under the website pureprofits.com and our profits.co previously before they migrated to pure-profit.biz. In fact, Pure Profits was deemed as a dangerous fraud by many internet users and traders alike after countless fraud cases. The owner/founder for Pure Profits, Jeremy Owensky, claims that with a small investment of $300, traders will be able to make $800 consistent profits daily! Aside from that, it has an ‘amazing’ never lost a single cent during his past 16 years of trading career. Apparently, he also said that there are currently over 3,832 profiting members as well.

Of course, this old scam has already lost money on behalf of its users and nothing much needs to be said in this regard. However, we shall expose the common red flags which proof Pure Profits’ dishonesty.

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Bogus Jeremy Owensky and Pure Profits Team?

Noticed that Jeremy does not have a face to his name? It adds to the suspicion especially when most dishonest trading robot offers tends to exemplify ‘successes’ based on made-up stories. Jeremy is basically a voice narrator who claims to have 16 years of trading experience with an amazing ‘never lost a single cent’. Now, in reality, no matter which asset or instrument we’re trading, losing is inevitable. In this case, Pure Profits is plainly misleading a false sense of confidence in a capability that isn’t practical at all! Not even the best trader or computer algorithm could achieve a zero loss in funds.

Likewise, there are no verifiable sources to confirm the effectiveness of the Pure Profit Team anywhere. Which is rather strange for a financial service to already have ‘3,832 happy members’ profiting with them. Our attempt in searching for proof of success fails terribly and ends up with the finding of negative reviews and feedback from innocent victims. There are no records of any Jeremy Owensky running a financial services company or information about his 5 years partnership starting out this company.

Suspicious Trade History and Zero Loss?

Jeremy attempts to render Pure Profits Software as a ‘perfect auto trading system’ by showing a misleading trade history in the members area. This effort in justifying the ‘zero loss’ of money confirms that it is another con job! With this intention, the scam artist includes over 19 thousand trades which nearly 97% of wins with an extremely high number of trades (commonly seen in many scams). On top of that, there are trades which the expiry and entry date/time doesn’t quite match!

For instance, there is a Silver trade with a similar entry rate and expiry rate indicated as a LOST! That particular trade is supposedly indicated as a TIE instead. This discrepancy shows that the trade history is not only showing an impractical trades execution for an auto trader. Hence, someone must have edited this trading history!

Fake Trade History Pure Profit Scam

Limited Spots Left?

In all honesty, Jeremy Owensky probably has been maintaining his lie about the limited spots only since Pure Profit is a recurring SCAM! Such a fraud tactic is yet another common indication of dishonesty and ingenuity. The fake counters that signal the ‘remaining spots/copies’ are obviously meaningless. It simply refreshes upon your next visit and besides, Pure Profits have been saying it for over a year now! Hence, do not make a rash decision and sign up for Pure Profits immediately!

Notice the ‘Someone had just made a profit using Pure Profits’? Guess what, it still works even on the weekend when binary trading closes! How could anyone possibly profit when brokers when the market closes on the weekend? Yet another gibberish lie scam-artist regularly uses to create a false sense of urgency and assurance to its viewers!

Fake Counter Pure Profits Scam Review

Stay Away from Pure Profits!

As shown above, we can conclude that Pure Profit Software is a SCAM auto trading system! Jeremy Owensky is yet another fake character misleading inexperienced traders with unworkable trading results. Made up facts about his 16 years trading experiences goes on unproven with the intention of luring newbie traders with phony trade history and meaningless spot counters. These are prevailing warning signs for all deceptive auto traders. Pure Profits has zero intention of profiting for its users as it has victimized many inexperienced traders since it first launched. Worst, it loses the trader’s initial deposit on auto trading mode within 2 days!

Please refer to our Blacklist if you’d like to double check a certain auto trading software’s credibility. Should you like us to investigate a certain offer, please feel free to leave us a comment!

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