Pump Trades is a SCAM Review! SCAM or LEGIT?

Pump Trades is a SCAM Review!

Pump Trades’s SCAM Method!

Pump Trades is a scam binary options auto trading system that was recently launched on 2nd February 2016, with Alex Stewart, the alleged CEO of Pump Trades narrating in the presentation video. Pump Trades like many binary options scams website claims to make a HUGE amount of money in a very short time, in this case, Alex claims that he made $150,000 in just two short months. It is obvious that Pump Trades’ website employs many scam-like elements to convince traders to sign up with the auto trader and we most certainly hope that our review can reach as many interested individuals before they risk their money to this software. Please continue reading for more details on why we conclude that Pump Traders is a scam.

Pump Trades’s presentation by Alex Stewart is just a voice narrator without a face which causes us to believe that it is yet another fabricated character to represent this product. Apart from that, there is no additional information on his background and even Pump Trades background. The website also employs the typical “you have only limited time to get this for FREE” strategy which 99% of the time it is untrue and the 1% chance is because the website was shut down due to too many negative reviews was directed towards that product. So we hope that viewers do not believe in the countdown widget that states the time left to get this offer for free OR pay $2990 for it. It is normal for binary options auto trading software to be free in the industry which usually requires a deposit in a new broker! The countdown timer is simply meaningless and we believe that viewers will still be able to get Pump Trades days after the timer runs off. Based on the Who.is verification, Pump Trades’s website also has a longer subscription of 2 years, which means that the site developer has intention for this website to stay up and running for 2 years. By default site developer would only pay for 1 year, but Pump Trades has opted for a longer time frame. So most likely, they are here to keep their offer alive for a longer period than stated on the countdown timer.

To further summarize the content of the video presentation, the alleged CEO, Alex Stewart, spend his time on pushing the viewers to sign up by advising on taking action in life and also creating an expectation to the viewers that they can earn a lot of money in a short time. He mentioned that with an initial deposit of $250, traders can expect to earn $800 to $5,000 a day. Additionally, he claimed that Pump Trades is capable to operate at an accuracy of 92.5% win rate. These expectation is the very reason draws traders that treats binary options tradings as a “Get Rich Scheme” and they will ultimately be disappointed with their results. The reason is because the claims is clearly just too good to be true, an accuracy of over 90% is simply unrealistic, and based on his “trade history” he still is able to maintain a percentage of over 90% after 7,000 trades, we believe that the trade history is also fabricated. A more realistic winning percentage for a binary options auto trader would be over 70% to 80% on average (perhaps 85% depending on the market). Should we take a closer look at his “Withdrawals” through Imperial options which he shared in the video, he made an initial deposit of $250 on 19/10/2015, and he made his first deposit of $43,350 on 6/11/2015. Which means that he manage to profit more than $43,000 in 18 days. Please do not get your expectations on binary options auto trading software up so high and believe these claims. It is always better to trade with great money management and not risk all your funds to gain so much profits in a short span of time which is the only way to generate that much profits in 18 days. However, we highly doubt that the auto trader can work with that high of an accuracy too.

We shall proceed to the next scam-like aspect for Pump Trades’s website where Alex Stewart introduced us to some “real” users of this software and he proudly mentioned that these users are not ACTORS! Well, Pump Trades is clearly lying because we have identified the video testimonial givers as actors from Fiverr! What an attempt to lie to viewers and expect that they will get away with this obvious lie. We are also able to identify some of the written testimonial’s character from some stock photos provider (There’s even a good looking lady picture with her body, where her picture is easily searchable in various photography websites).

Lastly, the binary options broker that we could find that syncs with Pump Trades are Imperial Options (example from video) and VC Markets. Both brokers are not really well rated in this industry and both are unregulated brokers as well. VC Markets has quite a lot of negative reviews that is written online and we are not really confident with investing some money into this auto trader. As for the $100,000 cash contest stated in the member’s area website, we believe that the contest is rigged anyway since this review is written on 2nd February 2016, the same day the software is launched. There are already contestant with over $100,000 profits and today is the launch day, as such we believe no real contestant would actually win the contest anyway.

Pump Trades’ Conclusion

We conclude that Pump Trades is a SCAM with the usual unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, fake cash contest, and meaningless countdown timer to push viewers to sign up. There are more reliable binary options auto trading software availlble such as the Centument, Mike Auto Trader, and Virtnext! Do check out our list of Binary Options Signal for a list of other reliable auto trading systems that is able to generate profits! Please feel free to connect to us via Facebook at Binary Options Sentinel or drop us an email should there be any queries! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Pump Trades is a SCAM!

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