Public Millionaire App Review – SCAM Evidence Reported!

Public Millionaire App Review Scam

Is Public Millionaire App a SCAM or App That Makes You Money?

Public Millionaire App by Pat Bruce offer got into my inbox yesterday with a money making opportunity. A $2,000 – $5,000 per day by investing into his trading software. The chance and tools that helps us make extra money definitely sparks our interest because who doesn’t want to earn money online right?? But Beware readers! Our investigation on Public Millionaire Trading App shows dishonest details within the offer! It will not make you money! Please read our Public Millionaire App Review before investing!

Public Millionaire App Website:

If you are new to trading software such as this, it is important to choose the right system as many are not profitable. Especially the ones that contains are Blacklisted through our site! We have review over 200 systems and manage to only pin point very few that makes us money . Public Millionaire App Scam brings bad news along with intention of cheat newbie traders into investing. We shall be sharing scam evidence BELOW and why Pat is a dishonest scammer causing bad investment.

Note: If you are new to binary trading, please check out our Recommended Software for a safer alternative to earn money! Reliable ones are hard to find as we tested both good and bad ones. Many scams try to represent a Get Rich Quick deal, like $3,000 per day even with a small deposit of $250. Our experience definitely shows such claims are impossible.

However, we are able to generate $100 per day ($25 per trade) or 10% to 30% account growth per day with a few reliable App. That is already a good Return of Investment in any form of wealth growth potential.

Scam Elements in Public Millionaire App?

The biggest problem with this scam is that Pat Bruce attempts to create an illusion of Getting Rich or being a millionaire within a short time. But in reality, there’s many misinformed information about their trading platform and algorithm. Public Millionaire App’s actual performance is not the 81% winning trades and $2,832 per day but rather performs at best 50% win rate. Which is not sufficient to be profitable in binary trading that needs to be over 60% winning rate.

Additionally, scam aspects in the offer tries to cover up the truth about their auto trading system from fake results, vague descriptions of its’ function and phony testimonials. According to Pat, Public Millionaire App is supposedly able to predict market movement seconds before it happens. That explanation is vague describe without any true explanation of how it works. For example it could be technical analysis or fundamental analysis or perhaps a focus on certain variable. This lacks a good context for us traders to understand the concept. Instead it creates suspicion on its integrity.

Falsehood were further exposed when we identified fake results and testimonials supporting Public Millionaire App unrealistic claims. There are scam actors that we seen in previous scams and nonsensical results. Take the trade history in the members’ area for example. The users Benjamin T made $168,811 with 63% win rate (when it claims to have a 81% win rate previously). Unfortunately, a 64% win rate will only break-even your account and would not have generate that much profit. Also, the trade history can be deemed as fake when it doesn’t change whenever we revisit the site (expect for date).

Public Millionaire App Trade & Result

False Publicity?

Another scamming gesture we typically notice among fraudulent products are fake publicity or social proof. Very much like the false testimonial we talked about, Public Millionaire App employs fake badges as “Best Signal System 2016”. In addition to that, Pat also claims to be famous on various financial news like Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNN and Forbes. To our dismay, we did not find any articles on Public Millionaire App in any of the news portal.

So, there is no reason to believe that Public Millionaire App has rightfully earned the badges of achievement when it scams innocent users. It is apparent that we’re dealing with a scamming offer with falsified proof of success. Demonstration of this trading app is highly unlikely to be shown to us viewers because Public Millionaire App drains the account.

Public Millionaire App Forbes CNN

Public Millionaire App Review Conclusion!

In reference to the evidence above as well as the concern of not making bad investment decisions, Public Millionaire App is a SCAM! Please stay away from this offer that capitalize on lies and misinforming viewers. Pat’s testimonies on the trade results and traders are very misleading and far from realistic! You will not be able to make $3000 per day with this software. As we have mentioned, such Millionaire promises is not possible in trading!

On the other hand, consistent growth and steady profits are definitely achievable with good tools. It’s essential to have to aid of genuine and profitable tools in your trading to give you an extra edge! Ultimately providing long term winning consistency.

Other SCAMS: Mambo Investments, HBSwiss, Tera App

How To Earn Extra Money Via Trading?

There are two different avenues that YOU can choose, perhaps even do both to increase your profits capabilities. Which is Auto Trading Or Manual Trading! Whereby you can choose to let a trading system to execute trades on your behalf OR Execute the trades on your own!

Automated Trading will be suitable if you have a busy schedule in life and would like to capitalize on some trading setup without having to monitor charts & price action. As mentioned, stay away from scam software & only invest into tested trading solutions!

Manual trading is for traders that would like to learn trading hands-on! Truth be told, there are setups that happens daily that auto trading software wouldn’t execute due to their algorithm. Hence, traders can develop their own strategy to EXPAND more trading setups per day. Thus, more potential for profits! There are several Manual Trading Signal Software that provides trade recommendations to help determine general direction of price action & expiry. These are the ones traders should go for to aid in trade executions!

Newbies that have Zero experience should also REGISTER for Free Demo Accounts to practice your own trading strategies! Perhaps even practice trade execution while referring to trade recommendation! Most demo accounts require initial deposit into your brokerage account. However, we identified TWO different Demo Account that you can register without deposit! Check the Non-US/Canada Brokers, as well as US/Canada Friendly Account BELOW!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

  1. Recommended Auto Trading Software! (Demo Available & US Friendly)
  2. Manual Trading Signal Software – Bit Bubble Tech! – Non US
  3. Free Demo Trading Account! (Non-US/Canada Broker)(US/Canada Friendly Broker)

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