Prove My Profits Review – Old Scam Exposed!

Is Prove My Profits Scam or Good Trading Software?

Prove My Profits advocated by Daniel Wilkins attempts to sell a “Never Lose a Trade” Software while proving millions of dollars profits! Even though binary trading demonstrates as an awesome platform to make money online, scammers exploit them! Especially if this is your first time hearing about offers like this! Our experience in trading shows countless scams online trying to represent an “Easy Money” Software with earn quick money nature. If you would take a look at our list of scams, many carries scam characteristics to over-promise viewers! Also, misguiding people with false statements and information! Thus, Prove My Profits Software too has the mentioned characteristics, unfortunately, showing it’s scam nature. Please read our Prove My Profits Review before investing into this tool!

Official Scam Registration Page:

Prove My Profits App essentially sells the idea of “Never Losing a Trade” and $500,000 per month profits with Daniel Wilkins’ polygraph test. As much as Daniel expresses his hate towards scams, this very offer contains very alarming lies/unrealistic profits! He says that Prove My Profits will make users millionaires within a short time of a few months. The lack of proper trading information about this software reduces our trust along with showcasing of luxurious lifestyles. Similar to many get rich quick scams, Daniel only shows false success stories with fantasy profits winning! Our investigation exposes the truth behind his story and evidence of falsehood within.

What is Prove My Profits by Daniel Wilkins?

It is essentially a trading software that executes trades on behalf of its users. However, as we have mentioned, scam-artist loves to disguise their scam software with unrealistic profits. The statement of never losing a single trade is outright impossible in the real world. Any trader can stand by that truth as actual market conditions simply don’t allow such an accuracy. Another declaration that readers should take note of is the unrealistic profits of investing $250 and growing to $500k within a month. This is yet another favorite scam tactic these con-artist loves to entice newbie traders.

So what is possible and realistic in trading binary options? Well, our real deposit and test run gives us at best an 80% win rate with potential growth of $100 account growth per day (small account)! Their performances are tested and proven with our Recommended Trading Software! NOT $250 to $500,000 phony software!

WHY is Prove My Profits a FRAUD? Well, in reality, we have already blacklisted this software a few months back! However, Daniel Wilkins has decided to re-brand this scam from Lie Detector Millionaire to Prove My Profits SCAM! We have had traders sending in negative feedback and complaints about this software before too. Thus, their resurgence marks another attempt to lure innocent day traders in believing their lies again! This will also explain why the presentation video on keeps on stating Lie Detector Millionaire simply because they recycled their hoax!

False Evidence of Success!

Quite frankly, there are many marketing gimmicks with highly manipulated claims within Prove My Profits website. Although marketing tactics are common in our everyday lives, but scammers goes all out in false claims. The unrealistic profits of being a millionaire are just one aspect! If we examine the polygraph test itself, we are unable to find legit information regarding Jonas Kane, the examiner. Also, the test results are not being shared properly within the website too. Logically it’s not possible for him to pass the test and the whole thing was just an act. If he has any proper trading knowledge/experience, he wouldn’t have declared such a performance too.

Polygraph Test Fake Prove My Profits

Another concerning element are also the demonstration of the trading platform itself. Unfortunately, the only useful details we can find is the so-called “Real Time Results” and testimonials in the video. Once we dig deeper into this evidence, we discover that they are false! The real time results are obviously random characters made with stolen pictures and profits. We can also see Prove My Profits Software showing “real time results” during a weekend when the market actually closes. Thus, the trading result shouldn’t be possible during that time. Also, the snapshots of large checks given to Lie Detector users have basically edited photos too! Upon discovering these details, we note that there is no actual evidence of success that lacks proper testing! The legit test will always include trade histories and real entry/expiry details.

Fake Testimonial Prove My Profits

Prove My Profits Conclusion

With reference to the above finding, we can conclude our Prove My Profits Review with a SCAM label on Daniel Wilkins’ LDM Software. A come-back scam often signifies a repetition of a scammer’s intention to lure more newbie traders! The previous LDM Software have already generated negative complaints in the past and cheat newbie’s money! Only this time, they are back to mislead more viewers into Prove My Profits Registration Page! Remember guys, there is no such thing as a “No Loss Trading Software” and also get the rich quick app! We most certainly can profit on a stable and within realistic returns with proper trading tools!

Trade Safely with Proper Tools!

Frankly, we have already blacklisted over a hundred phony software with negative results over the year. It is really quite an unlucky phenomenon that scammers choose to tarnish the industry with lousy software and money sucking offers. Fortunately, we do come across genuine trading signals software every once in a while among these scams. Thus, these are the type of software which we rather put it to the test in earning profits!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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