Profits Unlimited Scam Review – No Loss of Money Guaranteed!?

Profits Unlimited is a SCAM!

Please read our review on Profits Unlimited before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Profit Unlimited is one of the latest binary options auto trading system which was recently released in mid-February 2016. It can be considered one of the boldest auto trader released in 2016 with it’s claimed capabilities! The narrator described this system to be able to generate profits consistently, WITHOUT LOSING MONEY! That’s right, you heard it right, without losing money! What the narrator mentioned is that of course the system can’t win 100% of the time, but it could prevent loss of money. Well, we might as well stop the review right here, because there is no such a system that can ever do that for it’s users! Especially in binary options trading. This claim itself is a joke and the video presentation has other scam-like aspects which we are going to reveal in this review just to bring in more evidence!

Profits Unlimited’s Unique Scam Feature!

We shall introduce Profits Unlimited’s most insulting scam feature which the narrator, Larry Landers the alleged founder for Profits Unlimited, mentioned in the video. It is hands down the biggest lie that we can hear from a scam system this year which is the system can prevent loss of money! According to the presentation video, this feature is thanks to the complex algorithm which is made by Larry himself with the help a retired Google employee! The complex algorithm is claimed to be able to detect losing trades before the expiry time and it shall automatically back out from the trade! Hence, users will not lose any money in a losing trade, and only earn during winning trades. So it’s either break-even or earn profits. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Binary Options Trading does not allow an early back-off prior to expiry without losing money(aka option buyback or early closure)! Of course not to say that there is no such thing, certain broker allow such a feature. BUT, it is going to cost you more than 50% of your investment which you place in the trade! Hence, the users will not be in a break-even position but rather suffering a loss of money (just a way to minimize losses)! Apart from that, binary options brokers will not allow early closure for all types of trades and all the time, it is rather limited! The rules applied for early closures highly depends on which binary options broker we’re talking about. Not all binary options broker allow such features to be made available.

Profits Unlimited’s Pushy Sales Presentation

As we watch the rather lengthy presentation video, most of the time is used to convince it’s viewers about the power of being a rich person. At the same time, Larry claims that he is offering a unique opportunity for regular Joes like us to get rich and build unlimited wealth! He also mentioned being a millionaire over time as well! The demonstration part in this presentation probably only consist like 20 seconds and that is just two screenshots of before and after 24 hours! I’m sure after reading the above reasoning viewers will be more aware and doubt that money can actually be made through Profits Unlimited! The most probable outcome is just loss of money!

Larry has also mentioned that the minimum deposit required for this system is the usual $250, and he will deposit an additional $300 into the account upon activation! Well, we are not sure what he means by that because he said that upon reaching the first $1,000 into the account, the initial $300 will be deducted from it. He claims that this is a win-win situation, but I don’t see the logic in doing that at all, with an initial fund of $250 + $300 = $550. And upon earning $450 which comes to $1,000, he’s gonna deduct the initial $300. If that is indeed true, we do not really care, but if the additional $300 supposedly comes from the broker as a form of deposit bonus, then it is a huge problem! We highly discourage traders from taking any form of bonuses from binary options brokers because it will impose extra terms and condition to withdraw your money out. It is highly unpleasant situation to be in as a trader!

This scam opportunity is said to only be available for a few people but did not specify a number and we highly doubt that is the case. This scam system will still be available and open for registration as long as the website did not shut down due to too many negative review floating around! We certainly hope that this scam system do not victimize many people and steal their money away. So please pay no mind to the “limited spots only” tactic as it is also a typical scam-like aspect which we encounter in many scam websites.

Who is Larry Landers and Profits Unlimited

Based on Larry’s explanation, Profit Unlimited is an investment firms that is very good at making profits! Till a point that Wall Street hired them to generate profits from them with their unique algorithm! Since they have formal clients in Wall Streets and to actually handles client’s fund legally, they must be a registered investment firm! However, we are unable to verify the existence of Profits Unlimited in any database that can support their business activities!

We are also unable to verify the existence of Larry Landers as the ex-Wall Street traders that worked with Evercore the investment firm! This could only mean that both Larry and Profits Unlimited claimed persona are fabricated and fake in order to represent this scam system!

Fake Testimonials, Fake Bank Account and Unrealistic Trade Histories!

There are also fake testimonials used in the members area page just before the registration process! The pictures used to represent the testimonials givers are all coming from stock photos provider like, and a few more!

We suspect that the bank accounts depicted in the presentation video are also photoshopped and fake! However we are just going to show one example and give our logic on why it is fake. Take Larry’s personal account screenshot where he showed that he earns regular profits from this system on a daily basis! On top we can see that it is a Paypal account that shows a balance of over $300,000 along with a few deposit from Profits Unlimited Ltd every day. The suspicious fact about this is that whenever we use a auto trading system, we are not withdrawing or depositing funds from the auto trader system but rather the binary options broker instead! Hence, the profits that were transferred into the account should come from a binary options broker instead of Profits Unlimited which we are pretty sure it doesn’t exist. Secondly, many, most binary options brokers do not use Paypal for their banking matters. In our case, the demonstration part revealed that the binary options broker synced with this system is Options Maker, which clearly do not use Paypal in their deposit/withdrawals! Hence this screenshot of account is a fake!

Fake Bank Account Profits Unlimited Binary Options SCAM

Fake Bank Account by Fake Founder, Larry Landers! – Profits Unlimited is a SCAM!

Lastly, the trade history that is attached with the registration form has an unrealistic accuracy! Based on the trade history, it has 22,850 total trades executed and 0 loss 0 ties! This is statistically impossible in the trading world, not a single loss in over 22,000 traders. Please do not believe in this fake trade history!

Fake Trade History Profits Unlimited Binary Options Scam

Fake Trade History by Profits Unlimited- Scam System!

Profits Unlimited’s Conclusion

We hereby conclude that Profits Unlimited is a SCAM binary options auto trading system that claims the unique feature of early closure to prevent loss of money! That is an absolute lie, no system can do that especially in binary options trading. Additionally, there is fake testimonials, bogus founder and company name, as well as fake screenshot of bank account that further confirm that this system is a SCAM! Please stay away from this Profits Unlimited! There are more reliable and trustworthy system available that can indeed generate profits for you. We strongly suggest our viewers to do some research or you may refer to the list below for trusted binary options auto trading system!

Verdict: Profits Unlimited is a SCAM!

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