Profits Infinity Scam Review! Is Mark Bromovich a SCAM?

Profits Infinity is a SCAM Review! Mark Bromovich’s No Loss Trading System, Scam or Legit?

Welcome to our Profits Infinity Scam Review! You are probably here because you have received an email inviting you to invest with Mark Bromovich‘s special No Loss Automated Trading System. And you are curious to whether this software is going to generate profits. We’re sorry to say that Profits Infinity (webpage: is just another scam system that aims to dry up your initial deposit. Poor performing algorithm like Profits Infinity with common scam tactics have indeed loss innocent traders money. That is the reason to why we have received negative feedback from traders and also the negative reviews written in the internet.

Profit Infinity is allegedly created by Mark Bromovich whom had claimed to create a software that generates massive amount of profits. He claims that he had helped many high net worth clients to double and even quadrupled their investment. The reason for his claimed success is because Profits Infinity has “NEVER LOST A TRADE” since 2014. To be honest, that claims itself is already outrageous and completely unrealistic. Any auto trading systems that claims to have such an ability are 100% scam! Aside from that, we have identified other scam tactics that the scam creator of Profits Infinity uses during our investigation.

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Profits Infinity’s SCAM-like Elements and Suspicious Claims!

Very often, scam binary options auto trading systems that sells by claiming to make you an extremely wealthy person are NEVER going to perform. Scammers figured that it is effective to lure innocent traders by over-promising unrealistic returns/profits/money and we certainly hope that you will not be one of the victim. The claim of making you $3,874 today from your initial deposit of $250 or even $500 is never going to happen. Let’s be real guys, you will need to grow your initial deposit 7 times or even 15 times to actually make that claim a reality. Although binary options trading can get you there someday, but definitely not in ONE day! It requires good money and risk management in order for you to profit consistently over the long term.

Mark claims that Profits Infinity has never lost a single trade since 2014. That is a HUGE lie and a very unrealistic statement as well. Based on the presentation video, he mentioned that the software does not win all the time, but it never lost a single trade. He goes onto sharing that once Profits Infinity’s algorithm detects a winning rate of less than 96.8%, the system will then execute another trade on the opposite direction. If you are experienced in binary options trading, you will know that this does not work quite the way Mark imagines it to be! Binary Options Trading does not allow you to “exit” your earlier trades (as proclaimed by Mark). While there are some brokers that allows you to do that, BUT you will only be able to sell that options for maybe 1% or 2% of your investment. At best maybe 80% of your investment if the trade is “In the Money” at that point of time. At the end of the day, you will still lose money if you do that! Apart from that, trading the opposite direction does not guarantee you will be able to win, because in binary options trading, the options that you invest in have a specific expiry time and strike rate. Hence, by simply entering another trade puts you in another separate Strike Rate and Expiry Time which not necessarily you will be able to WIN especially when your odds is just a little lower than 96%. It is quite clear to us that Mark Bromovich may not know what he is talking about and he probably has no experience in binary options trading.

The other common scam tactics that Profits Infinity employs are fake trade histories as well as fake testimonials. We have investigated Profits Infinity’s proof of success but we discover that the proofs are fabricated! The video testimonials which you may noticed in the presentation are simply paid actors that reads from a script! We will disclose one of the actor that you may find in the video presentations HERE. Apart from that, the testimonials attached on the members area page are also self fabricated by attached random names and pictures on it too. We noticed that the pictures used in the testimonials are stock pictures that can be found on the internet! Hence, the named individual earning the “good” profits are not trustworthy because they are not authentic!

Fake Testimonials Profits Infinity Scam Review

The Trade History in the members area page has an obvious flaw to it. We know that it is fake for a fact because it includes weekends trading activities for almost all major currencies pair! That is technically impossible because the forex market closes on weekends! Please refer below for a snapshot of the trade history which is attached to Profits Infinity Members’ Area in attempt to fool innocent traders!

Fake Trade History Profits Infinity Scam Review

Do Not Invest into Profits Infinity

Binary Options Sentinel have been actively Blacklisting many scam auto trading systems that lures innocent traders to waste their $250. The worst part is these scam systems have zero intention in profiting for it’s users.  While, more scam systems are being produced very frequently, there are some which steps up in the binary options industry with genuine intention of being reliable and profitable.

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Profits Infinity’s Conclusion

We conclude that Profits Infinity is a scam binary options auto trading system! This scam system clearly employs common scam tactics such as unrealistic WIN RATE, nonsensical “No Loss” algorithm, over-promising profit statements, fake testimonials and fake trade histories. Please stay away from Profits Infinity and invest into something more reliable!

Verdict: Profits Infinity is a SCAM!

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