Profits Eternity Review! SCAM That Loses Money by Jane Creswell!

Is Profits Eternity aka Profits Eternal a SCAM?

Profits Eternity Trading Software, a legit money making app? Attention traders! It was brought to our attention by our subscriber that a lousy performing scam, the Profits Eternity aka Profits Eternal. Jane Creswell the alleged founder of Profits Eternity assured viewers of life changing income of $6,000 to a 5 figure income per day. Now, we have seen a countless promotion of scams that tempts traders with luxurious cars, houses and holidays. But the Profits Eternity had bothered taking it one step ahead by guaranteeing “never to lose a trade”. Although Jane declares this is unlike a Get Rich Quick Scheme, but we honestly think otherwise.

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Come on, look at the presentation with an unclear trading methodology. What’s alarming is the reason on why Profits Eternity never loses a trade! Below we shall debunk her explanation and explain why Profits Eternity Software’s description will fail. In fact, it will never work in binary trading despite it being a platform of great possibility of profits! Please read our Profits Eternity Scam Review for more details!

Why Profits Eternity Loses Money More than Wins?

In order to answer this question, let’s investigate the reason Jane shared with us in the presentation. According to her, the Profits Eternal patented algorithm allows traders to never lose a trade. At the same time, not winning all the time. How? Well, she says that the algorithm automatically exits a trade before expiry when the probability of winning is lower than 98.8%. Thus, returning the initial investment and not incurring a loss. However, this concept is not applicable in binary trading! Although there is a function offered by several brokers where we can sell our position, but we do incur losses. Depending on the asset price, the further it moves against the direction, the more loss we incur.

Additionally, we most certainly can’t exit the position 10 minutes prior to the expiry time! So it’s an obvious BS where Jane confidently asserts this is not a scam! In fact, most scams we exposed in the past loves to declare their trading software as a “Never Lose a Trade Software”. So any trader with experience will be skeptical about such a claim! There is no such thing as 100% win in any form of financial trading! Even their demonstration and trade history is suspicious. Especially when she shows a $300 account grow to $7,000 with only 22 trades of $25 per trade setting! Assuming that you win 22 trades of $25, you should end up with $25 x 22 x 80% profit. Which is about $440 profit instead of thousands!

Who is Jane Creswell? Is She Trustworthy?

On a nutshell, we should not trust her speech at all. Simply because she had made a false statement about binary trading above. Nevertheless, our background research attempted to look into her company. According to Jane, Profits Eternity has been Guaranteed Winning trades for 3 years! First of all, we’re unable to verify her background as a bank employee from Chase bank. Neither is her binary options trading firm that serve famous celebrity like Tiger Woods happens to exist. For this reason, we believe that her company does not actually exist.

Another scam characteristic about Profits Eternal is that it performs below satisfactory standard. What makes it really scam-like is the use of fake testimonials to support their unrealistic profit potential. Statement of 7 million in members’ profits plus fake video testimonial is dishonest, unlike actual test-run. We identified the use of actors to read their lying script. The two individuals shown in the member’s area are actually from and they are indeed familiar faces among scams. Therefore, Profits Eternity Scam doesn’t offer any genuine information it seems.

Profits Eternity Scam Testimonials

Lastly, the bonus offer by Jane is actually the typical bonus trap. Although it could benefit some experience traders, it’s not recommended for newbies. This is because bonus offer could impose additional withdrawal terms and condition. Traders will need to reach an extremely high trading volume requirement before being able to withdraw your funds. Thus, it is not advisable for inexperienced traders since many were unaware of this terms. Causing distressed situation and scam victims felt betrayed due to this circumstances. Be careful with the ‘free’ $300 bonus guys!

Profits Eternity Conclusion

On the actual poor performance and unrealistic profits, we can safely conclude that Profits Eternity is a SCAM! The falsified proof and bogus testimonies attempting to support the illogical algorithm are lies. Lies that causes misconception of what binary trading is plus making this look like a Get Rich Quick Fraud. In reality, we are able to earn some extra bucks with binary trading. But definitely not with phony software like the Profits Eternal. Stay away from Profits Eternity Scam!

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Best Trading Solution for Binary Traders!

Greetings traders! We certainly pray that this article is a useful warning and provides some information about binary trading. Should this be the first time you are hearing about binary trading, rest assured that it is possible to profit! However, you will be needing proper tools to help you out on your journey instead of scam software in Profits Eternity Review.

If you have any questions, please also feel free to email us at and we will be happy to help! Especially on how you could approach binary trading when you’re a newbie! Be it manual trading or automated trading software.

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