Profitball Trading Review – SCAM Proof on Sports Strategy Lies!

Profit Ball Scam Review

Is ProfitBall a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Profitball by Terry Mason and Joshua Ethan attempts to trick traders with their nonsense Sports Psychology Strategy in their trading software. If you’d ask me whether this Profit Ball can actually make you $7,000 per week, NO you can’t. We’ve seen various scam artist tried adapting various theories with trading that are obviously idiotic with unrealistic promises! Don’t get us wrong, though, money making using trading software is one of a LEGIT way to do it. Unfortunately many get rich quick frauds lures newbie traders into using their poor performance software! Please spare some time in reading our Profitball Review before investing your money!

Profitball Website:

In summary, Terry Mason and Joshua, alleged founders of Profitball company pitches an underlying strategy to execute profitable trades in the market. So accurate that they claim a 100% accuracy in forecasting market movement with this method. According to the Joshua, the financial analyst, sports psychology analysis enables the Profit Ball Software to correct choose stocks of sponsors company. They were referring to major sponsors that support major league teams that won a huge competition. Thus, this particular stocks would soar up whereby Profitball App will have entered the trade already.

For one, if any trading app that claims to have a 100% accuracy in trading, it’s an obvious sign of a scam! There’s no such thing as 100% winning rate in trading even among professional traders. It’s apparent that these scam designers employs such tactic to lure innocent traders to earn $7,000 per week which is quite unrealistic for a $250 minimum deposit.

Why is Profit Ball a Fraud?

The answer to this question is rather simple! Firstly, the focus on choosing the right company stocks to trade with definitely has nothing to do with currencies pair! Why we’re highlighting this? Well, simply because the financial instrument involved in binary trading is mostly currency pairs and ProfitBall Scam’s trade history has 90% currency trading. Hence, it this concept is a pure lie because even if the software can analyze which stock to trade with, there’s no option to trade them.

Secondly, a 100% win rate and $7,000 weekly profits are very far fetched in terms true trading scenarios. Our experience trading in binary proves that a realistic winning percentage would be 70% to 80%. Or even 85% at best! Nevertheless, such winning percentage enables traders to profit good money from it. Profits will heavily depend on the initial investment made and we typically see $100 per day profits or 10% to 30% account growth. To get back to the topic, the profit claims from ProfitBall is impractical and worst they are untrue.

Fake Profits Claims & Performance

As we look into the possibility that ProfitBall Trading Software could actually make some profits, it reveals more falsity in their offer. One, the trade history is shown in member’s area are fake trades executions. Because it continues to indicate trades even on weekends where trading stops! Plus, there are no important details such as dates, entry/expiry rates, and initial investment. It’s basically a table programmed to show random results with no actual trading activity. This is one of a common scam aspects we see in many of our Blacklisted software we warn people about.

The video testimonials supporting Profitball Scam are also unreliable proof of success as well. We quickly recognize scam actors that appear in another scam system to advocate its’ false promises. These actors provide their services in a marketplace call and this individual did not actually make any money out of this deal. Apparently one of the testimonies actor is actually a scam spokesperson for an old scam, Bank Tracker bot known as Michael George!Evidently, Profitball Software is deceptive in their trading results when in reality they perform at best 50% win rate (based on complaints from users).

ProfitBall Result Testimonial

Profit Ball Review Conclusion

Taking all the facts above into consideration, we can safely conclude that ProfitBall is a SCAM. This entity has not been around for 4 years generating revenue for its’ users but rather a newly launch hoax. A simple research reveals this trading service came about in early February 2017. Both Terry and Masons are scam liars with no actual professional experience attempting to use sports psychology into trading. It’s pure nonsense that has nothing to do with binary trading and every aspect within their offers are fabricated lies. It’s wise to avoid ProfitBall scam all together and invest in safer solutions!

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