Profit Trigger Scam Review! Illegal Money Operation?

Is Profit Trigger SCAM an ILLEGAL Money Stealing Operation?

IMPORTANT REVIEW! If you have stumbled upon Profit Trigger and have interest in investing, please read this review before you make your decision! Despite the clean and genuine sounding video presentation, innocent traders had took the effort to inform our us about poor performance. Worst of all, lost of initial deposit! Following the complaints, we initiated an investigation on Profit Trigger and found alarming misrepresentation to swindle new trader’s money.

Profit Trigger’s hoax approach is based on the idea of the unknown voice narrator developing a system to take a small piece of the global trading volume every single day. The notion of being able to steal the 2nd and 3rd transaction of large corporation around the world in the financial markets every single day sounds  very ILLEGAL to us. Estimated “stolen” money from daily global transactions are as small as 0.000000001% of an estimated $5.3 trillion dollars which should result in a daily thousands of dollars. As ignorant the presenter can be, he claims that this small sum can indeed be “taken” under the radar from large corporation! BEWARE GUYS, this is definitely a crime theory and it is advisable not to take part in such ILLEGAL sounding operation!

Furthermore, other description in the presentation does not make sense while Profit Trigger Scam is actually trading binary options! Refer below for more information!

Profit Trigger Scam Made-UP Justification!

As mentioned above, the concept introduced by this trading system is completely suspicious! The voice narrator mentioned that he decides to “share” this stolen money with users to appear LEGIT (by moderating income in his bank account). If that does not sound illegal to you, try to ask your self, is there any true relation between the binary options account you’re about to register for with his magical 0.000000001% stolen money? Binary Options Trading has no financial relationship with the Stock Markets/Financial Markets as perceived by Profit Trigger. Truth is viewers will be signing up for an auto trader which syncs with a broker. No monies being exchanged between the financial markets and your account or even the bogus Profit Trigger founder.

Also, typical scam tactics are being employed at and also many other scam systems or trading app in the industry. The bogus voice narrator allegedly claimed that he had created a legal entity for this criminal activities by creating this system. However, there is no company or founder information about Profit Trigger to be found and verified! Rest assured that investing in binary options is not illegal! The dangerous aspect about this offer are the “illegal sounding theory” of how this system makes money while trying to sound legal! These are lies that are designed to deceit innocent viewers without giving verifiable information. No company registration, no names to be accountable for this system, and no information about what this scam software truly is! Heck, the presenter did not even mentioned that this is a binary options trading system! It’s rather obvious that this offer is trying to be as shady as possible.

Tricks like “limited spots available” and “fake countdown timers” are commonly used by scam artist to create false sense of scarcity. We guarantee that this website is still going to keep on running to prey for more victim tomorrow, next week and next month! Further observation also reveals the “number of Free licenses” are fabricated. These are some sort of banners that indicates a certain range of number while viewers browse the page. The number on clearly does not matter because it refreshes on consequent visit. Lastly, the trade history attached at indicates seemingly “unrealistic results” while comparing the win ratio and number of trades. Besides that, there are trading activities during the weekend when the currencies market are closed. (Discovered in April trade histories as the scammer is smart enough to remove weekend trades for May).

Profit Trigger Fake Trade History Scam

Do Not Invest into Profit Trigger Scam!

Profit Trigger is just one of many scam that fills itself with bogus and phony concepts! We actively scans for fraudulent auto trading systems and Blacklist them. Truthfully, it’s saddening to see binary options industry is tarnished with too many systems that aims to scam innocent trader’s deposit. Hence, our review aims to help traders with reliable researched material to reach a sound decision.

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Profit Trigger’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Profit Trigger is a SCAM binary options auto trading system. Deceitful scam tactics like fake trade history, meaningless countdown timer/limited spots left paired with illegal sounding concept should NOT be the reason for you to deposit money into. Hope this helps, TRADE SAFE!


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