Profit Replicator App Review – SCAM Details Exposed!

Is Profit Replicator App a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Profit Replicator App promoted by Michael Griffin caught your attention in making some money online? Well then, this article will be important in revealing the truth behind this offer! Especially if this is your first time discovering about making money online via trading online! Although the concept of binary trading involves only investing on Up or Down option, you’ll need tools/strategy to succeed. Unfortunately, scammers took the effort to create miserable performance software promising the impossible. Many of them also resemble like a “lottery winning” or “earn 5 figure income in a month” deal. In the same way, Profit Replicator App follows many of such scams as well. Read our Profit Replicator App Review for more details!

Scam Website Investigated:

First and foremost, Profit Replicator App Scam not online shows obvious signs of scams, day traders experienced heavy losses. To further understand Profit Replicator App, Michael Griffin declares a 100% winning accuracy and claims of earning million in a year. As attractive as it sounds, any experienced traders would detest such a claim. Simply because it is not possible to achieve a guaranteed 100% win rate. Moreover, it’s a scam tactic to lure newbie traders into investing into a lousy trading software. We shall share details that mislead viewers and untruthfulness of Profit Replicator App!

How Michael Griffin Fraud Proclaims to work?

In contrast with a genuine trading app, Profit Replicator App declares quite an impractical trading method. Michael says that this scam software is using insider trading information and scans the markets for guaranteed winning trades. Thus, replicating the winning trades in the last minute right before it expires. Quoting Michael in the presentation. “Say that it the insider information states an asset price will drop by 3:45, the software scans for winning trades at 3:44. Replicating this winning trades will guarantee wins”.

Unfortunately, not any form of trading can actually ‘replicate’ a trade just like that! If you are to trade at 3:44, you’ll be getting a price at 3:44, not the price before that. Therefore, traders can’t simply copy a trade that was executed with a previous strike price! That is pure BS and a deceitful statement by Profit Replicator App to fill newbie traders with false hope. Quite clearly, we’re dealing with a concept that can never be done which explains their actual poor trade performance.

Who are Michael Griffin and his team?

Our experience with scam software like Profit Replicator is the anonymous voice narrator behind the offer. Basically, viewers will be listening to a presentation given by a bogus voice over presenter with no facial identity to remain hidden. Michael’s claim that he and his syndicate of wall street traders successes are highly doubtful. Apparently, the pictures used to depict himself and his CEO as well as head of marketing, Nicole Fraiser and Tony Bush, are random photos. We pinpoint that they are stolen from several websites where names are not correlated at all too. So, the lack of evidence/proof of the 100% win is not a trustworthy declaration.

Evidence of Success for Profit Replicator?

The reason why we state the ‘lack of evidence’ previously was because all the testimonial or trade histories is highly suspicious. Especially when we receive news of heavy losses on this scam software. Take the social media feed at for instance. We identified the profiles to be falsified similar to Michael Griffin and his team. All we see are stolen pictures and randomly attached text claiming $10,000 a day profits. Additionally, the trade history shown in the presentation video is unrealistic never seen before in the real world. 100% win or guaranteed win can never be consistent over the long run.

Not to mention trading with insider information is against the law anyway! Proudly claiming an act should get this scammer into jail!

Fake Michael Griffin & Testimonial Profit Replicator App

Profit Replicator App Verdict!

Dear traders, Profit Replicator App is a SCAM! While exposing the facts above, it’s very unlikely to see profits with this scam trading app. Neither Michael Griffin or the concept of “replicating” trades is practical or even logical. All testimonials are bogus and unverifiable. Which is odd since they have a “100% Win” right? Profit Replicator App Scam will not be a suitable tool for auto trading nor manual trading for the entire trading community! You will be better with a reliable automated trading software!

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Safer Investment Alternative *Easy to use*

Most auto trader available online are in fact scams! Many bother presenting them as a “lucky millionaire ticket” which grants user financial freedom within a short period of time. Thus, providing no real value to traders with sub-level trading results. Considering this, we have in fact blacklisted over hundred of fraudulent and phony software throughout our journey too. So our blacklist can act as an important reference to which would be a bad investment for auto trading software! However, every once in a while we do come across genuine trading software that provides realistic results!

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