Profit Protection HFT Trading Scam Review! Why You Should RUN!?

Is Profit Protection HFT Trading a Binary Options Scam or Legit Auto Trader?

Found an interesting proposal for Profit Protection Trading System at It’s vital to read our Profit Protection Scam Review before deciding on your investment. Uprightly, it’s definitely possible to profit from binary options trading. Nonetheless, not all auto trading systems are trustworthy enough to generate profits for you. If this is your first time encountering trading software, this review will bring information essential to gaining profits. Binary Options Sentinel have indeed investigated over 100 auto traders and many ends up getting Blacklisted! As a trader, you will probably want to avoid auto traders cataloged in our Blacklist! Should there be any queries, please contact us via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or Meantime, please read our review as we discuss the Profit Protection System.

Profit Protection System is an automated trading software created and narrated by Aaron Youngst. He allegedly worked in the New York Stock Exchange previously as a Chief Executive who found an interesting loophole in the system. The cause of the loophole is due to the ‘High Frequency Trading (HFT) servers enables quicker trade executions and creating delays in our trades. It is also said that these HFT servers copies our profitable trades and the delay enable these traders to profit while we lose. Hence, the solution that Profit Protection System provides is rerouted trading signal with selected broker to avoid being caught by the “evil” servers. On top of that, this auto trader claims to have an 84% win rate and able to bring $3,150 per day as well. Unfortunately, our examination reveals the disturbing truth which will deem this deal as a FRAUD!

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Profit Protection System Shady Story!

Firstly, there is something really wrong with Profit Protection’s selling point. Although it may seem like a convincing presentation, many scam trading app applies misleading concepts to its viewers. Having to accuse HFT servers of delaying our trading signals and copying trade executions are pure nonsense! High frequency trading is another form of trading which algorithms perform quick buy/sell trades to gain profits from the market. It most certainly does not delay other trade executions or more absurdly copies trades! Most delays are determined purely by connections speed between the exchange and the brokerage firms. Plus, binary options trading has zero transactions between brokers and the actual stock exchange. The only relationship between those two entities is live price feed which obviously binary trading takes actual asset prices! Hence, Aaron Youngst’s justification are based on a fantasy invited to fool its viewers.

Earning $3,150 per day?

What about the profits quoted in the presentation of making $3,150 every day? Well, profits from binary options trading are solely dependent on your initial investment. However, to actually quote profits of over 3 grand from an initial deposit of $250 (usual minimum deposit) is not realistic. That would be gaining a profit of 1,200% in a day. It’s definitely misleading to believe that you will actually make that much money on your first day. The more realistic approach is to compare in terms of percentages of your deposit.

While trustworthy auto trader can potentially give you 20% to 30% gain in a day, it definitely depends on the market condition as well! Also, if you have yet to experience any scam software, it will definitely eat all your deposit within the first two days! We also received negative feedback regarding Profit Protection System NOT protecting their initial funds!

Who is Aaron Youngst?

Next, a quick research about Aaron Youngst gives away the truth that he’s a fake character! It doesn’t make sense for an ex-Chief Executive to not have any professional records online or even social media around. What’s worst is that the narrator who claimed to be Aaron himself may not be an Aaron at all. We have identified the source of the picture used to depict Aaron and it’s disappointing. Aaron’s picture of himself and his family with 2 daughters are actually pictures from stock photos provider (online picture selling sites) and other random websites. So it’s rather tough to actually believe words coming from this supposedly Aaron Youngst when he’s just a bogus character!

Fake Aaron Youngst Family Profit Protection Binary Trading Scam

Stay Away from Profit Protection HFT Trading App! There’s Better Alternative!

Deceptive information shared at Profit Protection’s website are common scam tactics which many other fake systems employs! Their aim is to entice inexperienced trader to buy into their “quick unrealistic $65,000/month profits”and urges viewers to sign-up immediately. You may also notice similar presentation in most of our Blacklisted Trading Software too. Such a phenomenon obviously does not benefit the industry as well as the end users. Obviously, these are products of selfish scammers that only aims to lure people to register with their inauthentic auto trader. Totally tarnishing binary trading when in reality, it could actually generate profits for traders over the globe!

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Profit Protection App Conclusion

Based on our concerning findings on Profit Protection System and Aaron Youngst’s true identity, we conclude that Profit Protection Binary Trading is a SCAM! The falsifying and accusing HFT servers being responsible for losing trades is clearly fictitious lies. There is NO ACTUAL LOOPHOLE and NO rerouting of signals happening to give an edge! Aaron’s fake identity further damages this software’s reputation and clearly, there is nothing authentic about this proposal. Do Not Donate your money into this FRAUD!

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