Profit Insider Pro Scam Review! SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Profit Insider Pro Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Profit Insider Pro is a SCAM Review!

Profit Insider Pro is a dangerous SCAM binary options auto trading system that was only recently launched in end March 2016 (webpage: It’s simple presentation do looks convincing at first however once we have identify a several scam-like behavior, there is no doubt that this is one of the most dangerous scam there is! It’s presentations compares itself with other online money making offers and claims that they are all scam! But in fact, scams such as the Profit Insider Pro is no better or maybe worst than other online money making scams! Because in reality, there are many binary options auto trader scams that disguises itself as a perfect money making software just like Profit Insider Pro! Although their scam methods are not the same as other online money making scams, but it definitely employs many of the common binary options auto trading scams!

The narrator whom did not exactly introduce himself formally can be assumed to be Daniel Thompson based on the trading demonstration video. He had claimed to developed Profit Insider Pro because he wanted to create more time for his personal life with his family. Thus he quit his job to trade at home manually. Moving forward, he then employed a group of programmers to automate his trading processes and after several months, the “perfect” Profit Insider Pro was created. He then claims that he needs 100 beta testers to actually prove that the system works before he sells this product for 995 Euro. Disappointingly there is indeed very little information of how Profit Insider Pro is better than other binary options auto trading system.

Why is Profit Insider Pro a SCAM?

First and foremost, the narrator that did not bother to introduce himself formally is most likely a fabricated character! It is created to support this scam system just by employing a voice narrator reading a script. The reason for our belief is because there is no verifiable source that can proof Daniel Thompson’s existence. As a developer of such a “great” software to not leave any contact details (even in the website) is simply just ridiculous. Clearly he is aiming to drive innocent people straight to the binary options broker to deal with. Details about his trading experiences is also very generic and too simple to be true. We have no idea what his real credentials are and we are expected to follow his algorithm? It is too risky to actually follow such idea.

Daniel has also made quite a contradicting remark while commenting about other online money making scams! He claims that other scams tend to be so desperate to part money away from the buyer’s pocket which is no different to Profit Insider Pro is actually all about. While he claims that it is Free of charge, it requires a minimum deposit of $250 just like many other binary options auto trading system. And like many other binary options scam systems, Profit Insider Pro uses the phrase of “Securing your financial freedom”! Clearly, Daniel is just BS-ing his way in the introduction phase when obviously many Get Rich Quick Scams uses such a pitch! Yet another dangerous red-flag to be careful of! Everything he says in the beginning of the presentation are quickly contradicted in the end of the presentation!

Next legit auto trading system would use genuine testimonials and not actors to create fake testimonials! We found that EVERY single testimonials in Profit Insider Pro that claims that this is a great system, are all PAID actors! Worst of all, they are all from! This is obvious that Profit Insider Pro does not have a single genuine testimonial to praise this system simply because it is a scam system! These so called “Beta Testers” are all paid to lie about Profit Insider Pro!

Fake Testimonials Profit Insider Pro Scam Review
Fake Testimonials! Every Testimonials in Profit Insider Pro are Paid Actors!

Like many typical scam binary options system, Profit Insider Pro claims that it is only open for 100 beta testers and the offer will be gone right after that. This is actually quite embarrassing for the narrator because of this fake “limited offer” tactic, he appears to be as desperate as the other online money making scams that he mentioned earlier! These is a simple strategy to create a fake sense of urgency to viewers will sign-up on the spot, and we all know that scammers will not stop after scamming 100 people! He also mentioned that this offer could disappear 30 minutes after watching this video, and guess what, the offer still stands!

Last but not least, the most dangerous part of Profit Insider Pro Scam is that the narrator mentioned that he will double up your early deposit! Meaning that he is offering to give you free money equal to your initial deposit. This is indeed the most cunning lie ever. This “free money” is not offered by Daniel himself, but rather from the binary options broker’s Bonus scheme! Many traders felt cheated by taking up bonuses because they are not aware that by accepting bonuses, it will impose additional withdrawal terms to them. Hence, it’s user will need to trade up to a massive amount of trade volume before being able to withdraw your funds entirely! The deceiving Daniel clearly attempts encourage innocent people to take up bonuses without warning them of the consequences and additional terms by the Broker!

Profit Insider Pro’s Conclusion

We conclude that Profit Insider Pro is a dangerous and two-faced scam binary options auto trading system! We strong discourage viewers to deposit any funds with them because of the bogus creator, fake testimonials and other typical scam tactics that was employed in this offer. We are unable to identify anything from Profit Insider Pro as genuine and real, but rather realizing that everything about it is a FAKE!

Obviously Profit Insider Pro is a prime example of a scam binary options auto trading system that can’t be trusted because it does not provide genuine details and legit trade demonstrations/histories. We highly recommend the binary options auto trading system listed below because we have verifiable proof that it is indeed a profitable system! Do read our reviews on them and feel free to contact us for any information regarding our recommended system!

Verdict: Profit Insider Pro is a SCAM!

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