Profit Hack Scam or Legit Review! MUST READ URGENT WARNING!

Profit Hack Software Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Profit Hack a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Wondering whether the Profit Hack Software by Jake Sanders at is truly profitable and genuine? Will you be able to make the eye-opening profits of thousands of dollars on the first day? Investing in binary options can indeed bring profits to traders with the right tools and knowledge. Many times, Binary Options Sentinel studied various auto trader offers and the reality is many are not genuine in profiting for its traders. Thus, the Profit Hack Scam Review brings invaluable truth to what this offer is all about. Truth be told, distressing details was discovered in the ‘Live Webinar’ session conducted by Jake Sanders. More commonly used scam tactics hiding within the deal rather than genuine and original intent of profits. Read Below!

The Profit Hack Trading Software is an automated trading software that claims to make newbie traders $1,000 to $15,000 per day. The amazing assertion from Jake himself showing that his account made hundreds thousands dollar with 1,242 trades with NO LOSS definitely catches our attention. However, in a bad way, though, which we shall explain further below. Jake commented that the Profit Hack system uses an algorithm that uses arbitrage trading strategy which gives it the ‘edge’. This algorithm seems to be focusing on 60 seconds trades with the ability to ‘scan’ over 150 brokers for good entries. Which ultimately, enables an inexperienced trader to earn a minimum of $1,000 within 4 minutes from a $300 deposit. Sincerely, it sounds very much like an misleading offer paired with “quick money” trap used to entice new traders!

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Live Webinar Invitation by Jake Sanders to Profit Hack?

We’re quite impressed with the effort Profit Hack scam-artist put into developing a ‘live webinar’ presentation which is essentially artificial. It’s rather obvious that it’s a recorded session rather than an ongoing discussion. The attendees list count keeps on increasing while the chat box doesn’t work at all. The very representation of this fabricated presentation gives out a rather suspicious impression to Profit Hack. This self-created ‘webinar’ will always be there for viewers to watch regardless of when you visit the website! That itself is a huge lie and a major red flag or warning sign that reveals this offer ingenuity.

Making $1,000 in 4 minutes for a Total Newbie?

Profiting from binary options trading is real and certainly achievable. However, it’s advisable to expect practical profits based on your initial investment! Traders can expect a consistent growth in terms of percentage wise say 10% of 20% of your initial funds per day. Honestly, $1,000 profits from an initial deposit of $250 in 4 minutes is very exaggerating! The arbitrage method Jake Sanders promotes works by scanning 150 different brokers for delays. And by identifying a specific broker which has a delay in their prices, you can then profit by knowing exactly where the price is going based on 60 seconds trade.

Theoretically, it could work. BUT, the fact that you are assigned to one specific broker and not be able to place trades freely in these “delayed broker” makes it impractical. Many fraudulent automated trading systems promote itself by claiming that it hasn’t lost a single trade. This includes the Profit Hack Software where Jack proudly shows that it hasn’t lost a single trade in over a thousand trades. Realistically, there is not such thing as a no loss trading system even for the best traders in the world!

Phony Demonstration and Proof!

We are extremely doubtful of the Zero loss trading software. Because there is very high possibility that whatever that Jake shared was fake! Take the demonstration of a ‘live trading account’ by Sharon W and Sam Heggard which had profited thousands of dollars within minutes. We observed that this demonstration is clearly edited! Due to the prices or charts did not actually ‘move’ or change while the account balance changed.

How is that possible? Well, it’s impossible and NOT REAL! This is just another falsehood that Jake Sanders invent to fool its viewers into believing his unworkable Profit Hack zero loss Trading Software!

Fake Demonstration Profit Hack Scam Review

Do Not Invest into Profit Hack Software!

It’s rather obvious that the Profit Hack Software has nothing original or authentic aspects that could prove it’s success. We’ve also received negative feedback from traders stating that this software places tonnes of trades but losing almost all their funds within hours! You could expect such result if the software actually focuses on 60 seconds trades which are mostly volatile while proving it’s lack of intention to profit for its users! The profit expectation of $1,000 to $15,000 daily is simply unrealistic and 0% losing trade is just another fantasy. Binary Options Sentinel have been reviewing over 100 automated trading system. Ironically, all of the BLACKLISTED scam software inherit the same trickery too!


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  1. Tony

    Totally Agree with you. Profit Hack is a scam!

  2. Eden

    Oh Really??! Damn, it looks so real, or so I thought. I received an email this offer and was quite interested until I read this article. -Eden

  3. Mohd Ismail

    Scam trader.


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