Profit 4 Patriot Scam Review! Lost Money?

Profit 4 Patriot Scam Auto Binary Trading Review

Is Profit 4 Patriot a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Found Profit 4 Patriot by Douglas Ward at to be a good investment potential? Be wary of Douglas’s auto trading software that aims to steer inexperienced trader with countries related propaganda. The impression planted by the founder of P4P gathers a certain resentment towards America and Russia as two superpowers that had taken advantage of the market. Thus, causing the rich become richer while taking advantage of everyday people with no trading knowledge. While there may be some truth in the currently existing system, we’re skeptical about Douglas’ $30,000 a month and educational capabilities. Simply because there is misleading information within his offer which we shall expose below!

Warning: Profit4Patriots’ concept is said to be developed by Douglas experience of working with important VIP clients whose actions could cause major market movement. Interestingly enough, this software’s algorithm is said to be based on his experience with these big boys’ action and decision. BUT, it is rather illogical to have trading strategies or method since he had left Wall Street and have no more contact with these VIPs! Hence, skepticism naturally follows to investigate the truth and lack of actual trading concept behind Profit 4 Patriots Trading Software!

Trading with Douglas Ward or Profit 4 Patriot SCAM?

What caught our attention in P4P’s proposal is the attempt to appear as an investing savior in this current economy. Thus, taking advantage of the fear of higher standard of living plus inflation rate, Douglas further predicts a future meltdown in the financial world. However, our investigation reveals false claims of profiting 5 figures monthly income, mentoring, and accurate trading signals instead.

Thus, taking advantage of keen traders to learn trading methods and strategies, Profit 4 Patriot lures in scam victim with no actual performance! We learned that there is no real 1 on 1 mentoring services with P4P software. Furthermore, it’s vaguely described algorithm is performing badly. That does not come to our surprise since there is no mention of how exactly his trading method is, be it tailoring to fundamental or technical analysis. Or even a hybrid of sort.

Judging from Douglas’s story, he claims to be able to have a breakthrough after learning how VIP clients handled their trades. Thus, formulating a trading strategy based on this huge decision. Conversely, these are pretty much a fundamental analysis which works on “insider information” basis or fundamental analysis. So, it is rather strange to have Douglas being confident about his phony Profit 4 Patriots Software when he no longer has access to this information. In reality, key to success in trading is long term consistency! Thus, having a reliable trading software with the consistent algorithm is important.

Douglas Ward a Bogus CEO/Founder?

Furthermore, any attempt to verify Douglas’s identity as an actual trader proves to be useless and remains to be anonymous. The impression we get while reviewing this auto trader is that Douglas is a fake founder with a falsified name. There is no records, indication or social media which indicate an ex-Wall Street trader that helped VIP clients to execute trades! Rather it is weird for a Wall Street trader to be receiving instruction to trade from VIP clients since it is more like a Broker’s job. Neither is the record or proof to validate Douglas’ New York Stock Exchange experience.

This lack of truth alarms us with the typical anonymity among other scams which we blacklisted. Scammers frequently employ false promises with fabricated characters to sell their poor performing trading products.

Falsified Profits from Profit 4 Patriots Trading?

We also  discovered fake profits indication in addition to the nonsensical trading concept and non-existing mentoring services, If you were to observe the trade history at the bottom of, alongside with fake testimonials. These testimonials are fabricated with stolen pictures on the internet. Also, the emails of users did not revert to our inquiries of actual profits. The ‘live trading’ profits indicate a trading activity on the weekends which is definitely not possible in the real world. Simply because the trading markets closed during a weekend and no trades should be executed during this time frame! It’s clear to us that the trade history is nowhere near authentic!

Fake Trade History Profit 4 Patriot Scam

Profit 4 Patriot Conclusion

Finally, our inspection exposes numerous evidence to support that Profit 4 Patriot is a SCAM Auto Trading Software! The lack of actual trading success, false testimonials, and trade history is a strong indication of a scam auto trader. Also, the illogical concept within Douglas Ward’s trading methodology or trading shows increases skepticism. Especially that his breakthrough is to trade based on “insider information” that doesn’t exist! Scam victim from P4P software provides feedback on the non-existing mentoring services and poor performing algorithm too. Thus, further confirms the necessity to stay away from Profit 4 Patriot Scam!

What is a Safer Investment in Trading?

Dear readers, we’d like to thank you for sparing a few moments in understanding our Profit 4 Patriot Scam Review. Trading in binary options provides a great platform to earn profits via online with a fast capability of profits. However, scammers often take advantage of this platform to sell their fraudulent software with empty promises of earning $30,000 per month via P4P software. Our list of fraudulent trading software can serve as an important reference list on which auto trader to avoid investing! In order to achieve success in binary trading, traders are recommended to only trade with good trading tools and with some trading knowledge.

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Alan V

OMG, this is a terrible scam manipulating us by using somewhat a patriotic manner. This should all burn in hell! Good review by the way.

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Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Alan,

Thanks, hope this article is useful for you.
CodeFibo Software is still profiting for us with consistent growth. 🙂


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