Prizm by Richard Squire is a SCAM! Important Trading API Review!

Is Prizm Tech Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Inspired to make some money from the PRIZM Software by Richard Squire at WARNING! Please read and understand our Prizm Review before investing your money into this auto trading software. It’s essential to understand the actual nature of Prizm Trading App primarily because of the concerning details hiding within. Although binary options trading provides a great platform to earn additional profits, successful traders often have great tools and basic knowledge on hand. More importantly, Prizm Tech adopts a unique approach attempting to differentiate themselves from other scams such as the Auto Money Generator and Quick Cash System. In reality, we find Prizm to be just as suspicious as the other phony software.

The Prizm Software’s creator, Richard Squire, attempts to establish Prizm as a trading app that generates $327 within minutes from depositing. Furthermore, he narrates that Prizm was in fact a successful trading software since 2007. Which got him into a certain lawsuit against Richard and forces him to go into hiding these few years. He also asserts that this software’s unique API is the missing elements that automated trading software needed to execute good trades. Thus, giving Prizm the important missing ingredient, it is supposedly the software that brings trading successes to binary traders. Unfortunately, our investigation reveals otherwise!

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Richard Squire is Legit?

A close scrutiny of Richard Squire reveals that he’s an unknown individual without any actual trading credential. There is no match in our research that connects trading with Richard’s expertise or even the binary options industry. In addition to that, there’s a few misinformed details in his presentation that clearly contradicts the actual binary trading phenomenon. Firstly, Richard regards Prizm as the “only” working auto trader which source codes are the founding father or all trading algorithms. That’s definitely not true as trading software are purely defined by its algorithm and not the source codes. Same can also be said about other auto traders being derived from the Prizm’s source codes too.

Secondly, the clear definition API shows that it could not have improve the auto trading capabilities by a huge mile. Simply because an API, Application Programming Interface, is something like a “law or procedures” of how different parts of a software communicates and operate with each other. Hence, it’s simply a vital building block of certain trading software that establishes how various part of a software interacts among components and its end users. That includes the “push button” you see on your web browsers! Hence, it could not have, by definition, improve trading success rate!

Instead of an API, trading algorithm is the fundamental to trading success!

Prizm Software’s Source Code since 2007?

Yet another alarming fact to know about binary options is that it begun in about 2007 itself and automated trading has yet to surface until later years. Richard’s attempt to create a Robin Hood illusion while increase his false credibility is a misleading information. Take the requirement of API key for example. There is by right, no need for a unique API key to access a particular software. It’s randomly generated API key holds no significant meaning but to create a false sense of scarcity that fools newbie traders to invest. Yet another creative scam methods seen in various other phony software too.

Actual Poor Trading Performance!

The actual performance from Prizm Software is just on par with other fraudulent software. We’ve gotten complaints from traders and innocent victim stating that it’s actual success rate is way below the 78%. Causing them to lose their funds within the first week, these scam victim stand no chance at recouping their loses. That goes without saying that Richard did not provide any form proof or proper demonstration during a live trades.

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Prizm App Conclusion

Prizm Software by Richard Squire is just another SCAM Auto Trading Software. Like many of the Blacklisted Auto Trader, Prizm employs misleading and meaningless story about its capabilities and unique API BS. It’s claim of generating $327 within minutes of sign ups with an actual poor performing algorithm is impossible and pure fantasy. Negative feedback and reputation have aggressively increase since its launch too. Hence, proving the unlikeliness of success that Prizm could actually offer to binary traders! Please Stay Away from Prizm Tech Software!

How to Properly Trade Binary Options?

Thank you for taking some time in understanding our Prizm Scam Review. We certainly hope that this review could share important insight and warnings to fraudulent software. In order to see success in binary options trading, it’s useful to understand and read our Introduction to Newbie page if you’re completely fresh! Also, our experience in this industry exposes to both the good and bad auto traders, unfortunately mostly bad, proves to be useful in identifying reliable ones.

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