Power Profit Platform is a SCAM Review! SCAM or LEGIT?

Power Profit Platform is a SCAM Review!

Power Profit Platform’s SCAM Methods

Power Profit Platform is a scam binary options auto trading system that has an unique approach to how the auto trader is unique and profitable which is absolutely ridiculous scam elements in their offer! Please continue reading our review for more details what Power Profit Platform’s scam-like aspects.

We will first go through the summary of the two presentation video in both the landing page and members page. George Serriton, the alleged founder of Profit Power Platform claims to be an average guy that has minimal knowledge in trading binary options. Despite that, he has managed to earn millions of dollars with this software and he also mentioned that it is able to generate $1,500 to $2,500 on a daily basis. They claimed secret to this auto trader is that George Serriton’s friend, that works in a brokerage firm, is in a position to change the outcome of a trade, to be specific he is able to change a loss to win or win to loss. According to the narrator, he mentioned that his friend is able to change these outcome because he is in charged of technical issues especially in the connection problems between their client and the firm or the firm to the stock exchange. Therefore, the connection issues could potential cause some client’s trades to miss it’s intended timing or worst the trade did not go up to the stock exchange at all. Hence, George’s friend is entitled to change the losses that is caused by these connection issues to wins for client satisfaction. This claim is definitely flawed purely because the only relationship between a binary options broker and the stock exchange is the live data feed, the REAL-TIME prices of various asset classes. Binary Options Traders do not actually purchase assets in the stock exchange through binary options. Hence, binary options traders on trades against the brokers themselves. The story told by the narrator in the video does not apply to binary options traders at all. But the idea of Power Profit Platform is not to change losses to wins, because that would seem too unrealistic, instead the software will change losses to “nullified”. This means that all loss trades will not cost the trader a single cent which is not logical for a binary options broker to agree upon. Simply because binary options broker earns their living through losses. This reason alone is enough to justify that what Power Profit Platform is just another scam trying to lure traders that buys this wishful idea that they do not pay for their losses.

George moves on by explaining that Power Profit Platform has a realistic 72% win rate with the capability to nullify 8 losses a day. On top of that, the software will only perform 25 trades a day and that will give us a zero loss in money everyday! We are extremely skeptical about this auto trading system as they could easily represent themselves as 100% no money loss scam auto trading software. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, no binary options broker will agree to the terms of compensating trader’s losses 8 times on a daily basis because that would actually COST them money, just think about it, should a trader is entitled to such a benefit, traders will only investment maximum amount with zero chance of losing it. In that way, binary options brokers only stand to pay out a large amount to the traders and gain zero. Absolutely ridiculous!

The next scam-like aspect we would like to bring your attention to is that Power Profit Platform is only available for 25 people only. George the scam master decides to create a sense of urgency and scarcity to this auto trading software to lure immediate sign-ups. Unfortunately, this can be easily disproved because no matter when you access the members page directly anyway. Power Profit Platform will definitely be available as long as the website stays online which we believe will still be online for months or maybe a year until there’s too many negative review on this auto trading system. The “112 People Are Watching This Video Right Now!” is also an additional scam-like aspect to support the previous scamming intentions. Additionally, we can also identify fake picture testimonials in the members page where the characters in that sections are simply fabricated and stock photos are used to represent these fake testimonials. A simple search in the internet can identify that these photos are used by many websites as well.

Stock Photos used to fabricate fake testimonials! Power Profit Platform is a SCAM!

Stock Photos used to fabricate fake testimonials! Power Profit Platform is a SCAM!

As for as the broker firm that syncs with Power Profit Platform, we found out that it syncs with Binary Tilt, which is a pretty descent broker with an acceptable level of reputation but we seriously doubt that Binary Tilt will want to nullify 8 losses on a daily basis for all Power Profit Platform too. That would seriously make Binary Tilt go on tilt and shut down their operation.

Power Profit Platform’s Conclusion

We conclude that Power Profit Platform is a scam binary options auto trading system due to the impossible claims that broker will nullify losses for their traders on a daily basis, usage of stock photos in their fake testimonials, and fake claims of 25 copies available to create sense of urgency. Please do not invest money into this binary options auto trading system! There are more reliable binary options auto trading software available. Do check out our list of Binary Options Signal for a list of other reliable auto trading systems that is able to generate profits! Please feel free to connect to us via Facebook at Binary Options Sentinel or drop us an email should there be any queries! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Power Profit Platform is a SCAM!

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