Polygraph Millionaire SCAM Warning! Vital Trading Review!

Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review

Is Polygraph Millionaire a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Discovered the Polygraph Millionaire by Daniel Wilkins at polygraphmillionaire.com? Wondering whether is this “True No Loss Trading Software” can be a legit way to make $500,000 per month? You’ve come to the right place! Our study on the Polygraph Millionaire Software discloses the high amount of deceiving statements contradicting to the actual binary trading. On a nutshell, Polygraph Millionaire doesn’t include any proper description of the trading methodology for its algorithm. Instead, you’ll only hear about unreal profits potential and performance. Thus, it portrays characteristics of a “be a millionaire fraud” rather than an authentic trading solution. Read Below Before investing!

Warning: Daniel Wilkins’ Polygraph Millionaire is actually a resurrected scam that appeared in April 2016, the Lie Detector Millionaire. Which has obviously made a negative reputation for itself for poor performances over time? But even so, the scam-artist decided to relaunch their scam with the same exact presentation video under the name “Polygraph Millionaire” instead. Find out why Daniel is lying as we reveal the Polygraph Millionaire (PGM)’s deception below!

Why is PGM a Fraud?

Let us examine the allegations Daniel Wilkins made about Polygraph Millionaire Scam! He essentially claims that this auto trader is the world’s only “No Loss” trading software that is capable of making $7,000 to $28,000 per day even with a small deposit. Speaking about this, we are basically dealing with a trading software without any actual description of its trading concept plus empty promises of being rich. Likewise, the reality of trading is it binary or conventional trading consists of losing every now and then. Thus, for an individual or group that says they  have never lost a single trade would be a strong indication of Lies!

There is no such thing as 100% Win Trade Software or even Trader in this world, Period! Thus, confirming our suspicion that Polygraph Millionaire declares unreal performance promises, we further investigate other lies. Daniel Wilkins has created a ‘controlled scenario’ where he attempts to fool viewers that he took a legitimate polygraph examination. Hoping to prove his past achievements with this auto trading software and being a millionaire! However, our research came up with no verifiable or actual proof of trading performance from PGM.

The shadiness of Daniel’s association with a mysterious Trader X who created an algorithm to predict the future with perfect accuracy concerns us. Firstly, such perfect algorithm is mathematically not possible and unproven. Any attempts to support this silly and unreal trading performances within polygraphmillionaire.com is debunked below! It seems that there is no authentic proof of success or actual trade records!

Fake Polygraph Millionaire Testimonials and Trade Executions!

A further investigation done on the possible indication of good performance reveals the falsity of Polygraph Millionaire Software. Should we check out the Real Time Results from Other PGM Software Tester, skepticism occurs! The absence of trade details like entry and expiry price naturally causes us to doubt the trade history. The truth reveals itself when we notice the real time results continues to produce trades even on weekends. Which is a huge no-no since the market closes during a weekend and no trades on major asset should exist.

Polygraph Millionaire Fake Trades

Secondly, we also notice actors and stolen pictures in video testimonials and pictures of large profits. The pictures of individuals holdings cheques from Polygraph Millionaire is definitely fake as we sourced out the actual pictures. It was apparently taken from other websites and edited! Similarly to the written “profits from testers” that uses random images from the internet. Not to forget that Lie Detector Millionaire has already stolen a large amount of money from traders in the past!

Polygraph Millionaire Testimonial Software

Polygraph Millionaire Scam Conclusion!

Polygraph Millionaire is definitely a fraud aiming to steal money since it is a comeback scam! It’s a comeback scam that employs their previous video presentation with continued false proof of success. The mere declaration by Daniel of a No Loss Software is already a major red flag for dishonest trading software! What’s more is to earn 6 figure income within the first month is a mission impossible. A legit auto trader would never dare promote itself with such unrealistic trading performance! Thus, making PGM a low-quality offer with lies to lure inexperienced trader!

Invest in High Quality & LEGIT Auto Trading System Instead!

Greetings! Thank you for sparing some time to read our Polygraph Millionaire Scam Review. Our journey in reviewing automated trading system has indeed granted us opportunities to examine good & bad software. Fortunately, we were also able to identify few profitable software with actual profit potential as opposed to PGM Scam. Binary trading can indeed bring good profits in relative to your invested amount, however, definitely not a 6 figure profit in a month! Hence, invest only in an honest auto trading system that could actually profit for its users based on actual test! (Our Social Media Channels shares our test results!)

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    Thanks for the warning Sentinel. Its not wonder he looks familiar from other scam. Btw just dropping you a comment & check in that my CodeFibo Software is already profiting! 🙂
    Without your help, I wouldn’t have done it. Cheers!


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