Phoenix Trading is a SCAM Review! Binary Options SCAM!

Phoenix Trading is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Phoenix Trading before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Phoenix Trading SCAM-like Aspects!

Phoenix Trading is a new binary options auto trading software that was released in 25 January 2016 and it is represented by William Johnston of Marshall-Sherman Group. Since this software is relatively new, we have yet receive much feedback on it’s performance as of this moment, however, we would like to highlight a few scam-like elements in the website which traders should take note about before joining. There are several aspects in Phoenix Trading that potentially makes it a dangerous scam binary options auto trader. Please continue reading the rest of the review for more information on Phoenix Trading.

First, let’s go over the pitch/presentation video from William Johnston, where we do not have the privilege to see for ourselves who William Johnston is because the video only has a voice narrator, perhaps he’s camera-shy? OR he’s simple fabricated character? Well, it is no big deal, let’s move on. Basically, William is representing Marshall Sherman Group which has conducted various marketing research on behalf of his clients, and his job is to test a specific product before it is being launched officially to the public. Therefore, William is looking for feedback on whatever product that he is in-charge of and he will advise his client on whether any alteration is needed to improve their product. In our specific case, Phoenix Trading is a situation that arises when a specific financial company which had developed a trading software asked William to give it a test to a specific group. Which he claimed that he had run a test previously and it was proven highly successful! Only this time, his client had ask William to conduct a longer test run, for 6 months which is where the viewers come in! Hence, in a nutshell, he is offering the viewers a special opportunity to be a part of this “special test” run and to keep the profits that possibly may come while testing it.

William also shared that the results during the first round of test for this binary auto trading software was extremely positive, where it is able to generate significant profit online. He also mentioned that the profits generated can be verified and audited by the REAL users in the previous group (and William referred those real users as that appears under the video, for e.g “Leon JUST MADE $xxx). Here come’s the first scam-like aspect of this presentation video, the so-called users that tested Phoenix Trading during the first time test, where William claimed to be a real user are actually FAKE! Should you just do a simple search, those pictures being used to represent the REAL users that tested the system are stock photos! Those pictures are also being used for other testimonial in other websites as well. Hence, William’s Real users that could VERIFY phoenix trading’s first round of test are actually fake, therefore, there may not even be a first round of testing that existed for Phoenix Trading either.

In the next presentation video, William continues to share that Phoenix Trading’s software is capable of generating $15,000 every month consistently, and he is inviting 50 beta testers for this second round of 6 months testing period for Phoenix Trading. He also made it sound like the opportunity is for special invites only. We highly doubt that Phoenix Trading’s auto trading software is available by invites only though, if this opportunity is really on invite basis only, there should be a need for password/verification just to access this video! It is relatively simple to disprove this “special invitation” theory just because anyone can access the presentation and sign in page. There are even testimonials claiming they are the members from the first test group, and they are begging to be in the second test group! We have tried completing the sign-up form in the members area and I don’t see William filtering my application, my trading account was simply just created just like that! So to the members of the so called first test group, you are more than welcomed to sign-up again!

We also can find several scam-like feature in the member’s area of Phoenix Trading, (meaning the second webpage after the “enter your email page”). Phoenix Trading is trying to show it’s capabilities of “Every Trade Here Is a Winner Between $200 to $500 Every Few Seconds, No Losses!” by showing a graph of Earning vs Time and also the “Check Out My 100% Live Trades”. It is safe to conclude that, every trade that Phoenix Trading software takes, is a winner! 100% Wins! No Loss! We at Binary Options Sentinel would like to remind readers that there is no such system that is 100% correct all the time! That is just crazy and unthinkable claim to make especially on a auto trading software! No one, in their right mind would market their trading product as 100% win product! If Phoenix Trading is seriously representing that win rate, then this is a 100% Guaranteed SCAM! Simply because the software will not be able to make a 100% win rate. Even in the FAQ section, Phoenix Trading indicates that the software will execute trades in a minute (60 seconds trade) up to an hour! It’s impossible to get it right ALL the time especially for 60 seconds trade! A more realistic expectation for binary options auto trading software is that if it performs over 70% win rate, then it is capable of generating some profits for the trader.

Phoenix Trading is a SCAM! Binary Options SCAM!

There is no such thing as 100% win rate software! This is a 100% SCAM if you believe that it can perform at this level!

Lastly, the so called Live Feed from Twitter and Facebook, which is suppose to be the first round users that are profiting from this software are also a scam-like aspect of the website. The reason is because the names listed in both the “Live Feed” only has their first name on it! Additionally, the pictures that are attached to those names are also stock photos that are commonly used on the internet! Yet another fake testimonials generated! There is also mentioned of giving $200 additional funds when these lucky 50 traders sign up, and William mentioned that the whole system has no hidden fees or fine print, that we can withdraw the funds whenever we like. Well, this is totally untrue when traders accept the $200 extra on top of their deposit. It is simply a BONUS that binary options broker would offer to traders upon depositing funds, and the catch about accepting bonuses is that you will have problems withdrawing the funds unless you have hit your minimum trading volume (which can be 20 x (deposit +bonus). We hope that traders do take note on this when deciding to accept any Bonuses from binary options broker. We conclude that Phoenix Trading is a SCAM due to it’s over-promising, godlike claim of 100% wins, fake testimonials, and fake marketing scenario to bait in traders to sign up.

Verdict: Phoenix Trading is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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