Phenomenal Signal is a SCAM Review! Binary Options Signal Scam!

Phenomenal Signal is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Phenomenal Signal is a SCAM1

Phenomenal Signal is a binary options auto trading software that was released in August 2015. It is a part of Phenomenal Binary which is founded by Cleven Chang and co-founded Andrew Anthony whom were traders in the Forex Market and subsequently traded Binary Options. Based on the profile written, Cleven sounded like experienced trader that has interest in creating a binary options services provider in both coaching and signal provider. However, no other information was provided on both the founder/co-founder and also track records of their services. At the same time, they charge £200 to £900 to learn a specific or a few trading methods from them. Hence, as a consumer, we probably would not place much trust into their services with the lack of evidence of success.

Nevertheless, we have received some request to do a review on Phenomenal Signal as a binary options auto trader since it auto trading systems are more in demand nowadays. Our first impression on Phenomenal Signal’s website was that it could be an honest service provider with no over promises of unrealistic returns or claims for using their binary options auto trading software. Unfortunately, we found a few elements in their offer that put off our interest in the software. Please read the rest of this review for more information on this binary options auto trader.

The website definitely does not oversell or over promise traders with the performance of their software, but there isn’t any unique selling point to this software either. The rest of the content of website simply just explains what are the benefits of using a binary options auto trader in general but not Phenomenal Signal’s unique traits. The monthly win rate of 68-70% as claimed in the registration page is realistic and is to be expected for a binary options auto trader, but it is a shame that there is no snapshot of trade records or testimonials to support the claim. We totally respect the site that it does not post fake news article, fake testimonials and high pressure sales tactics, but we find that there NO information to link the auto trader’s credibility and to it’s worth. We would assume that there is none if there is none attached to the site, perhaps it is not worth showing? This indeed would raise some questions regarding the software’s performance.

Assuming that some traders do believe that it could consistently generate 68%-70% monthly win rate, this review would sound like Phenomenal Signal is pretty descent and may be worth the shot? Perhaps they may reconsider when they find out that Phenomenal Signal charges monthly subscription of £129/£149 for the usage of system, and the fee is not cheap judging that it is on a monthly basis. This is pretty rare especially that many trusted binary options auto trading software can be acquired just by registering to a broker linked with the auto trader. Which is only a one time payment, and that payment can be used as your trading funds as well. Moreover, we also came across a few other binary options auto trader that is capable of reaching the claimed 70% success rate that DO NOT require monthly subscription fee, which indeed is more value for money as compared to this offer from Phenomenal Signal.

We also found that there is an inconsistency in quoting their monthly subscription, where the sign-up page quoted £129 and the FAQ quoted £149. This is very confusing and unprofessional especially that there is no explanation given in the price difference for the offer. Additionally, the site states that NO DOWNLOAD is required to run this auto trading software and at the same time, it also states that it requires a software download in order to run the software. Yet another confusing statement, however we probably figured that Phenomenal Signals plans to make this auto trader into a web-based software but it is only available on a downloadable copy at the moment. It is very inappropriate and unprofessional to use “no downloads” as a selling point when it is not an existing selling point! Lastly, another unproffesional aspect of this website’s offer is we found that there is typo error and badly written English on their website. (“PoteFinance” instead of “Porter Finance”; Trustful Recommended Broker?) Improvement is desperately needed in their written in both their landing page and FAQ as well, however, we shall not dig deep into that.

Phenomenal Signal's inconsistency in price quoting of monthly subscription

Phenomenal Signal’s inconsistency in price quoting of monthly subscription

Phenomenal Signal's Typo Errors and Bad Written English

Phenomenal Signal’s Typo Errors and Bad Written English

Phenomenal Signal's Typo Error

Phenomenal Signal’s Typo Error

The last and most interesting part about Phenomenal Signal is that the website still has all these errors written in the webpage and the auto trader software still requires download for traders usage since its launch in August 2015. The inconsistency in price quote, spelling errors, bad written English, and chargeable software that is not fully integrated as web-based (£129/£149 per month) just raises the question whether is it worth paying that much for a service that did not maintain their website properly since its launched.

We recommend traders to check out other binary options auto trader in the industry that do not require monthly subscription and can perform at similar success rate as claimed as Phenomenal Signal. Save your money for services that is more reliable!


Verdict: Phenomenal Signal is a SCAM

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