Pearson Profits Scam Review! SCAM or LEGIT?

Pearson Profits is a Scam Review!

Pearson Profits is a relaunch of Pearson Methods, a scam binary options auto trading system that was launched back in September 2015. Many industry reviewers have indeed labelled Pearson Methods as a scam back then and it has decided to resurface again as Pearson Profits. It is highly concerning when a binary options scam tries to resurface again and send spam marketing emails to many users. So we have decided to write this Pearson Profits is a Scam Review in hopes to prevent innocent traders from losing money from this system.The Pearson Profits is claimed to be the secret app that many wealthy people used as their “automated income app”. It is also said to be inspired by the Pearson Research Methods which of course is a scientific research methodology. The narrator claims that by applying the same method to process financial data plus social data, the Pearson Profits app is able to achieve a 98% strike rate. Additionally, it is said to be able to strive in the 60 seconds trade as well. To be extremely honest, the 98% success rate and ability to do well in 60 seconds trades is highly unrealistic for both human traders as well as computer program! The most insulting claim of all is that the narrator claims this app can make between $50,000 to $350,000 per month! Purely for these reasons alone, we would strongly advise viewers to stay away from Pearson Profits. The claim is simply too unrealistic and nonsensical! Nevertheless, there are other scam-like aspects which we will reveal below to further prove this fraudulent app!

Pearson Profits Scam Methods

Similar to many other scam binary options auto trader, Pearson Profits scam claims that the video presentation is a special invitation to whoever the viewers are. Obviously it is a fake scam tactics where the narrator attempts to create a sense of urgency for quick signups! Please do not ever believe that you are invited to watch this video especially when the webpage itself is accessible to whoever that has the link which is No authentication required to access this scam offer!

The bogus creator/founder of Pearson Profits that failed to introduce himself claims to have earned $2.7 million and his beta group has profited in total of $16 million. There is absolutely no reason to believe this unproven and unverifiable claims especially from a bogus character. The presenter only verbally claimed such a exaggerating claim but did not bother supporting his claim with any form of prove. It seems to us that the beta group is also fabricated or imaginary due to the lack of evidence!

The “Live Pearson Profits Feedback” are also not actually live but rather a programmed frame to appear like Facebook and Twitter feeds. It is programmed to generate pre-determined post every 1 minute paired with a random name/picture. Once we find a fake “live feed” on the webpage, it is also quite normal to find fake written testimonials as well! We have discovered that the “Recent Pearson Profit User Results” are also fabricated by attaching stock/random photos with fabricated testimonials. One of the testimonial, John Smyth, said that he started 2 months ago and he has already profited over $100,000 but how is it possible when is registered only in 26th February 2016 (based on verification). We should also highlight that the fake accounts on the Facebook/Twitter feeds are also using random photos online! Should we search the images of the profiles, you will be able to see that many other websites are using the same pictures as well!

Fake Testimonials Pears Profits Scam Review

Pearson Profits Scam Review: Fake Testimonials

Besides fake live feeds and written testimonials, we have also managed to identify that their video testimonials are also fake! Yet another common scam tactic used by scammers, whereby they use actors to provide fake but yet convincing testimonials. We have identified the two testimonials given in the members area video to be Fiverr actors. These actors are rather well known in Fiverr too. One of the Fiverr actors involved is known as Paulredding. This tactic is commonly used to mislead viewers to believe in their scam products. But unfortunately for them, it is rather easy to prove that it is fake.

Dangerous 60 seconds Trades by Pearson Profits

Having claimed that this scam system has a 98% success rate is already exaggerating and unrealistic enough! But to further blow things up with the claim of making money within the next 60 seconds takes the scam to another level. While 60 seconds trades is indeed a quick way to earn profits, it is also a quick way to vaporize your funds. As reviewers, we find that auto trader that focuses on 60 seconds trades will not be able to achieve a high accuracy rate. 98% is definitely a fantasy and it is not going to happen! Relying on 60 seconds trades to achieve the claimed $350,000 per month is also unrealistic and very risky! In comparison to the longer expiry, 60 seconds are much more volatile and it is harder to achieve a consistent success rate. More often than not, your funds will disappear rather quickly! We only encourage traders to take 60 seconds trades if they are clear with their strategies or they have a reliable signal service!

Pearson Profits’ Conclusion

Pearson Profits is a SCAM binary options auto trading system which trades should stay away from! Do not risk your money to this auto trading system that focuses on 60 seconds trades and claims to be able to make $350,000 per month. The unverifiable claims such as the high accuracy rate of 98%, bogus founder, and fake testimonials are typical scam tactics that many other scam website employs as well! Please do not invest into Pearson Profits or Pearson Methods! Readers may refer to our trusted binary options auto trading system below for a safer alternative.

Verdict: Pearson Profits is a SCAM!

Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you which we are also interested in. So, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam and binary options trusted system newsletters to keep yourself updated!

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