Pay My Vacation Software Review! Sexy Scam?

Is Pay My Vacation Software a SCAM or LEGIT Trading System?

Are you attracted or ‘turned on’ by the Pay My Vacation System by Jack James at Looking to make $17,989.79 per day by joining the “Exclusive Group of Millionaire Vacationers”? Look Out Traders! Jack’s Vacation Software may have asserted that you’ll be a millionaire while being on vacation with a ‘sexy’ and ‘lustful’ presentation, but the truth is far from it! This new viral auto trading system adapts scams elements which binary traders would stay away from! Hence, please take some time in understanding our Pay My Vacation Scam Review before investing as we expose their lies!

Pay My Vacation Auto Pilot Software’s Sneaky Offer!

It doesn’t take long to notice that this Vacation Software’s exaggerating profits and luxurious presentation appearing as a “Be a Millionaire” offer. Honestly, we have seen quite  a few scams that adapt the “Get Rich Quick” approach to luring newbie traders. BUT! Pay My Vacation App took it one step further by instilling pretty ladies and the concept of taking a vacation while making money. Let’s set things straight, you can’t be a millionaire within a short few months with a minimum deposit of $250. Not unless you have invested millions of dollars too. (If you are new to binary options, the reason for that is because the typical payout for each trade/investment is 70% to 80% of invested trade).

So in order to realistically make a million from $250, you are required to grow your account 4,000 times. While good money management should be a priority to ensure consistency in long-term results, we can expect to only risk 5% to 10% of your funds each trade. In effect, with a payout of 80% of each trade, 4% to 8% growth each win with the latter trade size. Which means, you probably need to win hundreds of trades in a row WITHOUT losing a single trade to actually be a millionaire from $250. (Apologies for the boring explanation, we do receive queries about what is a realistic expectation in binary trading).

As a result, Pay My Vacation Software definitely sells out an over-promising profits that’re in no way workable aiming to scam newbies. It’s rather obvious that Jack James’ guarantee of $17,000 per day is a complete fantasy too. This includes being a millionaire while being on vacation 365 days a year! Even more, the lying Jack attempts to support this huge lie with fake evidence which we’re exposing below!

Jack James, Bogus & Deceiving Founder!

Our investigation reveal no verifiable information about Jack or his mysterious mentor! According to his narration, his mentor ‘found out’ trading secrets from partying with a lot of “world best traders” that is totally crazy. It’s not exactly a very convincing source of trading information or “legit financial tips”. Besides that, profiting $35 million from these ‘insider trading information’ is not legal too, thus admitting it online can only put his mentor into jail.

Not only is his mentor is completely bogus, Jack himself is just another voice narrator represented by a stock photo stolen online. His claim of doing this for 11 years can’t be true because binary options trading was introduced back around 2008. Thus, another discrepancy in his fake story which shows how inauthentic his millionaire story is. Apart from that, Mr. Jack James declares an absurd accuracy level of 99% which is an obvious WARNING for scam software! It is basically saying a near 100% and nearly not a single loss auto trader that doesn’t exist! The best trading software has at best a realistic 83% to 85% based on an actual test.

The testimonial videos provided are essentially fake when we identified familiar actors in the presentation. Nor the trade history that indicates unusual profit gains in binary trading. Upon examining the trade history that executed $50 trades, the profit supposedly is 70% to 80% of $50 which comes to about $90 to $100. Definitely not within the range of $100 to $200 as indicated in the trade history. Due to the fact that there is no reliable proof of success, this Pay My Vacation Software not only say the impossible but doesn’t have real evidence of success.

Pay My Vacation Software Fake Trade History

Pay My Vacation Conclusion

Referring to our findings above, we can conclude that Pay My Vacation Software is a SCAM auto trading system. This system virtually promises a completely impractical profits and success rate but without any actual capabilities! Negative feedback from unhappy traders has begun surfacing in our inbox complaining about poor performance and massive losses. The bogus Jack James (who has 2 first names in his name) and his mentor are fictitious paired with fake evidence of success aims to lure newbie traders! Please do not invest into Jack Vacation Software!

Better Investment in Binary Trading!

We’d like to express our deepest thanks for taking the time in reading our review! We sincerely hope that this article provides invaluable information about binary trading & also auto traders. We have been actively blacklisting fraudulent trading application (over 100 scams identified) and hope to share them with you! If this is your first time in binary options, you should refer to our list of Recommended Binary Signals Software or practice your trading strategy in a FREE DEMO account first!

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Become a Millionaire while I take a vacation? Wish it could be true though but no one should actually fall for this scam job. Great Work Sentinel


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