Orion Code Software Scam Review! NOT 100% Win NQS Trading TRUTH!

Orion Code Software Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

Is Orion Code a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Orion Code Software by Edward Robinson attempts to hand out an auto trading system giving a potential income of $100,000 per month. Well, before you actually decide to invest into the Orion Code’s NQS (Near Orion Speed) software, please read our Orion Code review before committing. This article provides an in-depth explanation of the actuality of this investment and whether the potential for profit exist. More importantly, you’ll find out whether this 100% win, no losses guaranteed auto trader is a safe investment for you. 

Edward Robinson’s story about the Orion Code comes with promises of making unrealistic 6 figures monthly income with 100% win rate. Else, he also promises a $5,000 cash back (not true) for trying out the Orion Code Software. First and foremost, our standpoint when hearing such ‘too good to be true’ remains highly skeptic especially with its success rate. This is obviously coming from an actual binary trading experience as traders going through actual win/loss and successes/failures. Thus, our examination of this auto trading system reveals alarming factors confessing the lies from Edward! Below are our evidence concerning Orion Code SCAM!s

Edward Robinson NQS – Near Orion Speed “No Lose Trading Software”

Quite frankly, real trading experience should prove the reality of trading (regardless of conventional stock trading or binary trading) and disagrees with Orion Code Scam. The main issue in this investigation goes about whether for an auto trader claiming such is honest! Well, for any offer whereby trading software claims a no loss track record, it’s a highly manipulated statement. Simply because there is not achievable in binary trading or even another form of trading. Expecting a $100,000 profits from a small deposit of $250 is impossible although the profit potential is undeniable. But certainly not $100,000!

Apart from that, the assertion of never to lose a single trade since 2006 triggers suspicion for several reasons. One, binary trading was kind of created on 2008 and this financial instrument wasn’t available for anyone. Secondly, never lost a single trade since 10 years ago is highly improbable. Let’s just assume a theoretical situation where this is true, Orion Code Software would be worth billions and we would probably hear about Edward Robinson being a godlike figure. Simply because even the best traders in the world or algorithm will have losses once in a while. So, it prompts us to do some research about Edward Robinson and his company!

Who is Edward Robinson Orion Code?

Unfortunately, statements of Edward being the “wall street wizard” or the “millionaire trader” or even Orion Code Company is completely BOGUS. There is no actual article or verifiable proof that Edward or Orion Code Company exist! As much as Edward claims we would hear about him via financial magazines or featured in technology article, it’s simply not true. Even the declaration of Orion Code software making money 24/7 is a lie! The reality of binary trading is that traders can only trade during weekdays, not the weekend! So, no actual profits should come in during weekends from binary trading. These lies or deceit simply claiming the impossible and fantasy are simply misleading marketing statements fooling newbie traders!

Proof of SCAM/Fraud Orion Code!

The general outlook of this offer inherits various fraud-like information from other scams. Our investigation reveals the similarity in Edward’s lies while explaining the NQS – near Orion speed – function. He has simply created a false technological concept to support the impossible 100% win rate whereby Near Orion Speed trading doesn’t exist. In fact, the NQS concept is borrowed from an old scam named the Quantum Code Scam which NQS stands for near quantum speed. Past complaints from traders and negative review about Quantum Code we receive prove the falsehood in its offer. Moreover, NQS doesn’t even stand for Near Orion Speed, but rather a non-existent technology that will not provide good trading performance.

On top of that, we identified Edward Robinson to be the same scam actor that represents the Amissio Formula Scam! He is known as Craig Phillips (CEO of Amissio Holding scam) there offering a scam software. Also, one of the engineers is also an actor provided false testimony in the Azure Method Fraud! It’s rather obvious to us that Orion Code Scam is NOT a trustworthy trading solution! Not to mention, Orion Code offers impossible profit supported by bogus/falsified lies! That includes the fake testimonials and fake “20 spots available” offer!

Edward Robinson Fake Actor Orion Code Scam

Orion Code SCAM Conclusion!

Referring to the concerning evidence above, we can conclude that Orion Code is a SCAM Auto trading solution. There are no authentic or honest proof of success in regard to Orion Code Software but rather falsified elements. It’s rather obvious that Orion Code Scam adopts many scam tactics such as fake testimonials and reuse of fake CEO. In this case, Edward Robinson had represented another scam prior to this phony software. On top of that, the typical “limited spots” available scam tactic is absolutely meaningless. Readers can easily notice that it is a lie when the countdown clock resets itself every time we access theorioncode.com. Stay away from Orion Code Fraud and TRADE SAFE!

GENUINE Auto Trading Solution!

Binary Options Trading is indeed a great tool for people to earn extra cash from home! From a simple investment of Call/Put Trade, traders can earn 80% profits instantly at the expiry time (can be as short as 60 seconds). i.e traders can stand to earn $80 from a $100 trade in 60 seconds! However, many scammers exploited this financial instrument to create poor performing software that loses money rather than winning. So, it is advisable to refer to our scam list as a reference before investing into any auto trading software! In reality, there is only a few trustworthy auto trading system that has good performing win rates.

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      Be careful of that offer sir. We do not recommend that auto trader.

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