Opus Formula Group’s Software Scam? HONEST Review!

Opus Formula Software Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Opus Formula Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Did you find Opus Formula at opusformula.co to be a great potential investment? Thinking whether Opus Formula Software or Opus Formula Group is a legitimate trading system? Frankly, traders have been profiting from binary options trading with the help of great trading tools and basic knowledge. Binary trading allows traders to earn profits rather quickly with a low minimum investment as compared to other forms of trading. Conversely, there are many traders whom also lost money to fraudulent software with no intention of generating profits. Hence, it’s vital for you to understand this hoax investigation before investing into this auto trader.

The Opus Formula Software by Lex Simmons Junior indicates that it is a 100% guaranteed winning accuracy trading software which could make you a millionaire. The be precise, Lex mentioned that users will earn on average up to $8,000/ day along with testimonies of $90,000/week. Aside from that, the Opus Formula Group which managed a total of $154 million in funds that make this the largest hedge fund in America supposedly confirms Lex’s credential. Though this offer seems to be a legitimate deal supported by good reliability, we unearth many suspicious scam tactics as well. Please read below for more information!

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Lex Simmons and Opus Formula Group LEGIT?

First and foremost, it’s deeply concerning that Lex asserts various positive qualities and somewhat unrealistic dreams about Opus Formula Software’s capabilities. Especially when an auto trader that claims to have a 100% guaranteed winning trades as its impossible to achieve. Even for the best algorithm or trader in the world, such a track record are just fantasies but also a favorite misconception for scammers to capitalize. Scam artists usually have the purpose of creating a “Get Rich Quick” mentality upon viewers to entice inexperienced traders’ deposit. Same can be said for many of the Blacklisted Auto Trader which we have investigated previously.

Also, there is no legitimate record to prove Opus Formula Group’s existence which is extremely odd. So much so that Lex’s attempt to legitimize Opus Formula Group as the “Best Commodities Hedge Fund” under the Hedgeweek Global Award 2016. But the real HedgeWeek article quickly disproves that lie when the actual award winner is Martin Fund Management. There is also no formal business record or company website for us to save Lex’s blatant lie. We also came to the same disappointing discovery to prove Lex’s magical career as a trader while nicknamed as the “Golden Eagle”. It’s rather suspicious for a cashier clerk to miraculously become a legend trader in 3 short years.

Opus Formula Fake HedgeWeek Article Scam

100% Winning Guaranteed Trades and Common Meaningless Counters!

Aside from the delusional 100% winning rate we mentioned above, there are other cheap tactics which the Opus Formula Scam adapts in its offer. The scam designers have included a highly mistrustful trade history which attempts to validate the ‘godlike’ 100% win BS. Given that the trade history has executed over 200,000 trades and not a single lost is purely FAKE and unbelievable. Apart from that, the entry and expiry time does indicate an unusual correlation when traders are not allowed to do a 6-minute expiry! E.g. Entry 20:54 and expiry 21:00. This is because there is a common lockout period of 10 minutes! Meaning that the traders can’t enter a trade with 21:00 expiry after 20:50. Although there is a 300-second trade (5 mins), but there is no 360-second trade!

Besides that, the meaningless countdown clock and “1 spot available” does not matter at all! Scam software usually uses these low-level lie to create a false sense of scarcity to encourage immediate Opus Formula Deposit. In reality, such statements are fake and viewers will still be able to sign up when the clock reaches zero. It simply refreshes upon your next visit too. Clearly, not a supportive aspect of having a seemingly legit deal.

Fake Testimonials?

Lastly, we discovered that Opus Formula’s success stories done by familiar actors paid to read scripts! Yet another typical fraud strategy scammers use to support their falsehood! Worst, we’ve seen this individual in other trading fraud that has burnt money in the past. Such as the Hedge Formula Scam which looks rather similar to the Opus Formula Scam!

Opus Formula Fake Testimonial Hoax

Opus Formula Scam Conclusion

As a final point, we can safely conclude that Opus Formula Group is a SCAM and illegitimate auto trading software! The above fraud ploy is, in fact, commonplace strategy among all another trading hoax. Such as impractical 100% win trading, fake testimonials and bogus companies lies above which we brought to light. Furthermore, negative feedback comes flooding to our inbox about Opus Formula sucking traders deposit within 2 days even when this software is new! Bad reviews are also flooding the internet as we speak that could reaffirm out standpoint on the Opus Formula.

Safer Investment Alternative?

Many thanks for taking the time to read our Opus Formula Scam Review! We certainly aspire that this article could assist you in making good investment decision especially when it comes to the binary options industry. As we have been constantly improving our own trading capabilities and profited from this dynamic financial instrument, we hope the same for you. Hence, it could be helpful for you to go through some of our articles here on this website as a reference.

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