Option Sniper Scam Review! Get Paid $800 to Beta Test?

Option Sniper is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Options Sniper before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Option Sniper is one of the latest binary options auto trading system that is gaining popularity in March 2016 with many marketing emails reaching into traders inbox. The be honest, the video presentation and website seems like it is produced with very little effort and it certainly looks like a typical scam website. The first thing viewers will notice is the phrase “Get paid $800 Per Day in 2016 to Beta Test This Brand New App”! Of course it sounded like it is coming from a perspective that viewers will be getting paid $800 per day for testing it, but of course we all know that is not true. Trading binary options will not be able to guarantee profits every single day! The statement itself is already very misleading and “$800 daily for life” is definitely not a guaranteed profits. While we hope viewers do not fall for this scam, there are certainly many marketing emails have already been sent. So we hope to warn as many viewers as possible to prevent signing up with Option Sniper scam.

Option Sniper Bogus Founder and Trading Platform

We only have a voice narrator that claims to be Matthew Barker, the founder for Option Sniper, presenting this offer with minimal supporting information and scam-like behavior in both video and webpage. He claims to have been using this system for over 2 years and had already made 5 million dollars for himself. Matthew Barker is most likely fabricated character with no verifiable source of information over the net. Apart from that, he did not disclose how he came across this system or he is the creator of the system in the first place which makes the story very shady indeed. There isn’t much background story to Option Sniper that was offered apart from “this system is now being offered for free, but it will cost you $4,997 after the 100th spot is filled”. This is another warning sign viewers should be aware of! Many scam website uses this exact sales tactic to make viewers to sign-up as soon as possible. Apart from that, the scammer attempts to look like the system is worth a lot of money but there is no evidence or legit proof to support it’s worth anyway.

This is one of a typical sign of scam system where voice narrators are used to represent a fabricated character/background and tell stories that sounds too good to be true. Although the amount of profit $800 daily does not sound too exaggerating, but it is difficult for accounts with $250 initial deposit. Doubling your account in one day is certainly an unrealistic expectation to have even for experienced traders!

Another points that viewers should take note of is that the presentation video did not actually provide any walk-through/demonstration for Option Sniper platform. The only “evidence” that was provided was just fake bank accounts statements that was dated back in 2015 and Excel Sheet that was made by the scammer. It is as though the scammer does not have an actual product to show us viewers while making the sales video! Hence, the only way viewers is going to find out what does the trading platform look like is upon depositing some initial funds into the account. Which of course we are too skeptical to even test Option Sniper because of the mentioned scam-like aspects (and also the ones mentioned below).

Dangerous 100% Deposit Bonus Offered

The narrator mentioned that he is able to provide Option Sniper users a 100% additional funds to trade with just so that users can trade without risking all their money first. Well, it sounds very nice of Matthew indeed, but little do traders know is that is actually deposit bonuses. Deposit Bonuses are actually offered by all binary options brokers where they will give a certain % of additional funds to traders for free. However, the catch is that withdrawals of funds can only be done after the trader reaches a certain trading volume (usually bonus x 30, which is a very large amount). For example, if you deposit in $1,000 and accept additional $1,000 bonus, traders will need to trade up to a trading volume of $30,000 and only then withdrawals are allowed. This is highly undesirable especially if traders are testing a new system or new binary options broker! Make sure that you are comfortable with the broker you are dealing with before taking up any bonuses.

Option Sniper “Limited Spots Available” and Fabricated Testimonials

Like many scam systems out there, Option Sniper is said to only be available for this one week (whichever week you are currently watching it) and only for 25 people. It is also said that once this week is over or spots are taken, this system will be offered for $4,997. This is absolutely not going to happen and it is only a sales tactic to encourage immediate sign-ups! Never once we have come across scam system that actually mean what they say, except for those website that was shut down because there were too many negative reviews!

The testimonials that is attached in the members area is also fabricated with using random pictures available in the internet! Some of which are stock photos and some are actual person however with a different name. Yet another scam-like aspects and reason for you to stay away from Option Sniper.

Fake Testimonial Option Sniper Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Fake Testimonials by Options Sniper!

Option Sniper’s Conclusion

We conclude that Option Sniper is a scam binary options auto trading system with it’s unrealistic claims of “making $800 everyday for life”! Other scam-like aspects such as fake testimonials, bogus founders and pushy sales tactic without essential information just makes us very skeptical about this system to the point that we have no confidence in investing into this system for testing as well. We strongly advise readers to stay away from Option Sniper!

Verdict: Option Sniper is a SCAM!


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