Option Robot Review – Is this a SCAM? 2017 Results

Option Robot Scam Testing Results & Information!

Welcome to our Option Robot Review 2017! As you probably know, Option Robot has been around since March 2016 and has been operating since then. Many scam trading software would have already attracted massive negative complaints. That’s, of course, they aren’t actually a good quality trading software that makes money. However, in the case of Option Robot, it maintains good reputation since its launch early last year. Which is a great surprise! Recently I have a subscriber that asked me to check out the performance of Option Robot in 2017’s trading market.

So, that’s what I did and it ends up being one of my trusted auto trading software. Just so you know, it also provides manual trading signals. You can check out my video on Option Robot demonstration BELOW! It is rather simple to use and personally very happy about the profits generated! I guess the trading community also does support Option Robot Software judging by the vast majority of happy users.

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How to Use Option Robot Trading Platform?

Right after you register for a FREE account with Option Robot, you may play around with the Demo Version to explore its’ functions. Most trading robots only have a few settings for example number of trades and risk level. But, Option Robot provides a more detailed setting like the indicators, expiry, currency pair, the number of trades simultaneously. The most interesting will be the choice of indicators mentioned above. As complicated as it may seem, newbie traders can easily use this to make some money by using the correct settings.

You can notice that the trading interface is very easy to use, with a turn ON/OFF auto trading button and manual signals window. Hence, you can look at the recommendation/signals without taking the trade yet. It will indicate a Call/Put signal on that respective currency pair for the specific expiry. Eg 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, etc. So while referring to charts, you can actually time your entry by checking with the signal and just click the trade button!

Best Option Robot Settings?

In my personal experience, I notice Option Robot works best with Trend + MACD only. Maybe because I am favoring more into trend trading as my major strategy, but you can experiment with other settings too. Make sure you risk small amount when you are testing! As for trades that deposit $250, it is best you stick to Trend + MACD as your primary settings.

Another important factor is to NOT use the Option Robot 1 hour before and after major news announcement! This is to avoid the super high volatility of the currency pair that could put your winning trade into losing trade instantly! You may refer to an economic calendar and avoid news that has 3 bulls in the Impact column!

9 am to 7 pm GMT+0 is generally a good time to use the software. But you can further specify and identify price charts that are already trending! You can refer to any live currency pair charts. For example, EUR/USD generally doesn’t move much before 7 am GMT+0. So you would want to avoid times when the asset price isn’t moving much! It kind of varies from a day to day basis, but you can get a general idea just by looking at the charts!

What’s So special about Option Robot?

In reality, Option Robot is the first of its’ kind that comes about last year in 2016 in terms of trading platform and interface. However, in 2017, many scammers decided to replicate Options Robot’s outlook and produce bad quality trading software. But the difference is clear since other scam software isn’t performing as well as this one. For this fact alone, I do have respect to the software developer coming up with the original and genuine idea that serves the trading community well.

Secondly, many traders around the world are concerned about working with good brokers, and myself included. Option Robot offers a range of good reputation & regulated brokers such as 24 Options, Opteck, Stock Pair and a few more. The best part is that you are able to choose the broker you would like to work with after registering with them (I shall share more information on how to change broker). Do note that the brokers available will depend on your current location. So, if you reside in the USA, you will only have one broker available. With that being said, no one has ever complaint about brokers listed in Option Robot so that’s a good sign!

Last but not least, Option Robot Trading interface allows traders to choose several different strategies to change how the algorithm works. In the settings session, you will be able to specify which indicator the algorithm will be taking trades with. Such as Trend, RSI, Williams, MACD, Stoch and CCI. As mentioned, I shall be showing the settings used in the demonstration below for my good results. The most important part would be the performance of this software. Which obviously is making me good profits!

So, these are my personal opinion on why Option Robot is one of the trading community’s favorite auto trading solution.

Option Robot Broker

How to Change Broker in Option Robot?

You can simply change your preferred broker in the Registration Form itself at the “Open Your Account” page. Just click the broker field at the TOP of the form and these should be a list of brokers available. But, in the case that you have already registered for an account but decide to change your broker, follow the steps below!

  • Click the ‘Broker’ Button on your Left side of the trading platform
  • There will be a complete list of brokers available on your screen
  • Click the ‘Open Account’ button that is available in the list
  • To avoid a conflict of existing account, say for example you previously had an old trading account with the alternative broker. You will need to use another email address because it will conflict with your existing account. Otherwise, it should be fine using the same email address!
  • Complete the Form and Click Sign Up.

Option Robot Change Broker

Option Robot Review Verdict

Based on the performance, good selection of brokers and flexibility in settings, I conclude that Option Robot is not a SCAM! You can have a look for yourself in the Demo Version and you can get an idea of what I’m talking about! Register for a Free account now by clicking the banner below! Also, the minimum deposit for these reputable brokers is the typical $250 with $25 as minimum trade.

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