Optical Signal Trader Scam Review! Dominic Shepherd Steals Money?

Is Optical Signal Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software Review?

Uncertain about Optical Signal Trader Software by Dominic Shepherd and George Larson‘s $3,000 per day for life offer? You’re most likely invited to a web page opticalsignaltrader.com that offers a too good to be true profit promises. Dominic claims to represent the Live the Dream Life Club that was established in 2014 where he then earn millions from the Optical Signal Trade (OST) App. Although there we have actually profited from binary options trading, we must warn you about the dangers of Optical Signal Trader’s lies. Our investigation on this offer exposes several inaccurate descriptions regarding the actuality of trading binary options! Read Below!

DANGER! Let’s just quickly touch on the gist of the Optical Signal Trader Software’s presentation for a bit. This is basically an automated trading software that claims to employ the advanced technology of optical signal transmission to achieve high-speed data transfer. Pairing this capability with the patent pending counter-trade technology, the RCT, rapid counter trade, Dominic claims to achieve 100% win trades. This is to say that Dominic asserts you will never lose a single cent while trading with the Optical Signal Trader System. Thus, guaranteeing an income of $3,000 per day for life with a low deposit of $250. HOWEVER, we observe various scams that employ this make-believe presentation that WILL NOT work in the binary trading.

Why is Optical Signal Trader’s Rapid Counter Trade and 100% Win a Fantasy?

Honestly, the theory of applying better technology to increase data transfer from the stock exchange to a broker does help with trade executions. In fact, New York Stock Exchange or any other exchange and brokers emphasizes this too. Whereby, the distance between offices to exchange was also taken into account just to help with it. But, the truth on whether Optical Signal Transmission being applied into financial trading still remains unclear. Such methods applies itself in high-speed trading in conventional trading where office location to stock exchange also matters. Though the speed matters in trade executions, but the reality is that it may not be that applicable to binary trading.

One thing is certain, though, that a 100% win software is in no way possible for any trading software or traders to achieve. Purely because that is the way it is in trading regardless of which type of financial instrument. Optical Signal Trader claims prevent losing due to the Rapid Counter Trade technology that at worst case scenario breaks even the losing trade. Hence, never being able to lose a single cent. It’s absolutely ridiculous and impractical because of the nature of payout in binary trading.

Say that we invested $100 in a trade and we perform another counter trade in another direction. That would actually cause us to lose $100 and win about $80. Thus, losing $20 and not breaking even! This is simple due to the nature of payout in binary trading which is typically 70% to 85% of your trade volume. Not to mention that detecting a risk of 0.02% which triggers a counter trade would mean that the software will always place RCT since market changes every second! Dangerous approach to trading this is!

Dominic Shepherd & George Larson Impostor of Optical Signal Trader Software!

Referring to our reasoning above, it shows how misleading Dominic and George is the impossible “never lose a trade” assertion. We actually observe many of such illogical trading function that is not applicable in binary trading in many scams! Another reason why RCT wouldn’t work is also because that binary trading has a specific expiry every single time you execute a trade. Hence, an opposite trade with a chance of 0.02% of losing (which is ridiculous) would be a mathematical disaster to drain your account. Also because there is a huge chance that the expiry time for the trade to be different as well! So traders that follows Optical Signal App trading method would stand to lose more if executing counter trades blindly.

The misinformation by Dominic Shepherd and George Larson is so misguided that it only reveals uneducated binary trading knowledge. Thus, our suspicious of the actual identity of both these individual prompts us to research their background. Consequently showing no actual proof to support the existence of Live the Dream Life Club est 2014 and also George’s fake identity. The declaration that George Larson wrote an article for New Science Magazine on the importance of Optical Data Signal Transmission is bogus. Not only that, his background as a high school physics teacher goes unproven as well!

False Trade Executions & News Articles!

One of many scam aspects we detect in the past is the accompanying fabricated trade executions & success stories. Our attempt to source out the articles; “How I made my first million with OST” at The New York Times, “Voted Best Binary Options Software of 2016” by Bloomberg, “Guaranteed $3,000 per day changing lives” by BBC; failed because these articles don’t exist! Moreover, the “live trading results” shown at opticalsignaltrader.com indicates trades on 1st October 2016 which is a Saturday. Our experience as binary traders teaches that there are no trading activities provided by binary brokers during Saturdays. Thus, showing the falsity in Optical Signal Trader Scam!

Fake Trades History & Article Optical Signal Trader Scam

Optical Signal Trader Conclusion!

At this point, we can safely conclude that Optical Signal Trader is a SCAM Auto Trader! The deceiving Dominic Shepherd and George Larson only provides misleading information about binary trading with no actual success. Due to the fact that they attempt to support their lies with false articles and trades executions furthers enforces the scam-like behavior! The negative feedback and outlook of this trading software can be supported by a simple search over the internet too! Traders have failed to earn $3,000 guaranteed profits but also lost money to this fraud! Beware traders! Not all trading software performs well! Invest only in trustworthy auto trading software!

What is a Better Alternative to Trading?

Greetings Readers! We thank you for spending some time to understand our Optical Signal Trader Scam Review! We hope that this article could bring some light of truth to this fraudulent software. The reality of binary trading is that it could indeed bring handsome profits to traders that use the right tools and trading knowledge! With many scams preying on innocent traders nowadays, please help us to identify suspicious software if you found one! We will be happy to investigate the offer and add it to our list of scams if need be! Success in trading could also be achieved by referring to our list of Recommended Trading Software!

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