OneTouch App Review – Scam by Gold Campbell Limited Revealed!

OneTouch App is a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

OneTouch App Review covers important investigation findings of Jeffrey Peterson‘s offer. Flaunting as a happy user of the OneTouch App, he advocates many successes the members achieved and becoming millionaires. Look, guys, we’re essentially dealing with an auto trading software that claims to have an 85% win rate generating wealthy people. As much as it sounds attractive, our experience in this industry shares a countless fraudulent trading app that doesn’t perform. Many appear to rely on fake stories and outlook to lure newbie traders to invest. Although we have successes with auto trading software, 90% of the software are scams! Hence, please read our OneTouch App Scam Review before investing!

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According to Jeffrey, OneTouch App Scam is developed by Investment Institute Gold Campbell Limited to execute trades for its users. Hence, generating large profits of $3,000 per day and making millions annually as well. Well, the problem with offers like OneTouch App is that it does not intend to actually generate profits but rather lure traders to register. We began to receive complaints about this trading service that sucks money out of its traders. Don’t get us wrong, though, we have indeed tested legit trading software that profited a lot! But so far, none of our Recommended Trading Software actually declares to make millions for its users. Simply because they are unrealistic and a common scam tactic! Refer below for scam evidence in OneTouch Trade!

Who is Jeffrey Peterson & Gold Campbell Ltd?

Let’s begin with hilarious scam findings ever in our research process, Jeffrey Peterson! Our quick research reveals that he is not who he claims to be, a millionaire or OneTouch App users. The notion that no one from Gold Campbell Ltd came out to present their product themselves is rather suspicious too. Nevertheless, we pinpoint that Jeffrey is actually an actor that represents another shady lottery product too (which is most likely a low-quality product). He is known as John Robbinson! Additionally, the scammers actually used the same exact house and a car in these frauds! Lol! Naturally, we can only describe OneTouch App as distrustful rather than genuine!

Jeffrey Peterson OneTouch App

Next, our study on Gold Campbell Limited informs that there is no such business entity existing presently! Which definitely affirms our suspicion on why the company didn’t present this product themselves. Simply because OneTouch App is a Scam based on a fiction! As we have shared, this wouldn’t be a huge issue if OneTouch Trading Software actually shows quality trades. Unfortunately, negative feedback is flooding the trading community presently.

Millionaires Made by OneTouch App?

What about other happy users that could indicate success? It appears that they are fake too! We learn that all the One Touch App users are as bogus as Jeffrey Peterson. The scam-artist have stole random pictures online and made their own characters to signify great achievement. Take Richard Webb as an example that has made $200,000 being a 1-week old member. That’s definitely impossible level of profits and fantasy especially when he’s calling out for a $250 minimum deposit! In reality, the picture depicting Richard is actually taken from an actor named Glen Baggerly. Clearly, a misinformation here paired with unrealistic profits!

Fake Testimonial OneTouch App Scam

Also, after examining the demonstration segment, we see discrepancies with the $2,500 to $7,689 growth. Based on Jeffrey’s trades, he has taken two trades each at $1,000 and $500 trades. Which at the end supposedly gives a return of $1,780 and $915 respectively (about 78% to 83% return each trade). Hence giving the supposed balance to be $3,695 instead of $7,689. Another suspicious thing to note is that there is no indication of “open trades” and “recent trades” after his trades were executed. Furthermore, no actual trade history was shown too unlike all our testing sessions.

OneTouch App Fake Trade Demo

OneTouch App Review Conclusion

It’s obvious our findings on OneTouch App Review can safely conclude that it is a SCAM! There literally isn’t any genuine elements or information in the presentation. But instead misleading details of over promising millionaire promises and fake evidence of success. Trading can be fun and profitable with suitable tools and knowledge! So stay away from OneTouch App Scam!

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