Onassis Alliance Review! Scam Loses $625 an hour Trading Software!

Onassis Alliance Scam Review Auto Binary Trading

Is Onassis Alliance Software a SCAM?

Warning! Jed Onassis’s Onassis Alliance Software is a highly deceiving scam! The Onassis Scam is the latest attempt recently made by scammers to push their low standard trading software. Should you be expecting to  earn $625 per hour or $7,500 daily profits with Onassis Software, trust us, it will disappoint! So you are invited to visit onassisalliance.co, please read our Onassis Alliance Scam Review before investing.

Reviewed Website: http://onassisalliance.co

Essentially, Onassis Software is essentially a poor performing auto trading software made by the scam artist to lose money. Scammers took advantage of the binary options industry to disguise the apparent “Get Rich Quick” Offer with false promises. A declaration like the exaggerated profits of $625 an hour even with a minimum deposit and the false  97.4% are nothing but fake claims! As experienced binary traders, it’s rather apparent we’re dealing with a highly suspicious software. For one, we have already heard of Onassis Alliance money-losing trade executions from traders.

Please read below more investigative report!

Onassis Trading Review – “Be a Millionaire Deal?”

It’s rather noticeable that Jed Onassis focuses more by planting ideas of being a millionaire! Especially by trading with Onassis Alliance. However, we’ve seen many scams that inherit this exact outlook to lure inexperienced traders.  One thing is for sure, you definitely can’t be super rich within a short time! Especially with the falsely claimed  accuracy and lying profits potential.

False Aspect by Onassis Alliance!

Trading binary options can provide 10% to 30% profits of your initial investment. But certainly not make you millions within a few months or even $625 an hour from a $250 deposit. Moreover, Onassis Alliance’s 100% guaranteed profits with  ‘special’ break even function doesn’t apply in binary trading! We shall debunk the fishy demonstration and the “Guaranteed Profits Counter Trade” below!)

It’s not surprising that we hear complaints and negative feedback about Onassis Alliance. Not only that their claims are unrealistic, but also because it loses money as much as the entire investment. Remember the Guaranteed Profits algorithm able to break even losing trades? Such a concept doesn’t apply in binary trading. Simply because we will have different strike rate, and expiry time by the time we re-enter the trade. Thus, not guaranteeing a win in most cases. Additionally, payouts will be about 75% to 85% of your trade size. Thus, losing one and winning one trade will not break-even!

We also notice a similar discrepancy in the demonstration video on Martha Miller and Robert Young. While referring to the  initial investment of $250 and trade size of $25, it exposes fake profits! As mentioned above, the supposed profits per trade is taken by Onassis is said 75% to 85% of $25, which is about $20. Thus, the $200 profits after one trade is clearly a fake if we correlate the trade settings on the screen!

Onassis Alliance Fake Demonstration

Who is Jed Onassis?

The lack of precise information on binary trading and false practical demonstration only reveals the true understanding of trading. It’s rather obvious that Jed Onassis or the scammer does not understand binary trading due to an obvious contradiction! Such as the mistake in profits potential with overly exaggerated profits! We can surely explain why! Because Jed Onassis, the alleged founder, and CEO of Onassis Alliance is a paid actor.

Thus, this dishonest actor has been teaming up with scammers to promise an impractical 97% winning trades, breakeven trading, with  guaranteed profits! Do notice that there isn’t much information about this software’s trading concept rather than getting rich quick too. WE can safely assume that Jed the actor has zero knowledge about binary trading and was just reading scripted lines!

Onassis Alliance Conclusion!

In reference to our research, we can conclude that Onassis Alliance is a SCAM! The truth is, Onassis Alliance is a “be a millionaire fraud” pretending to be an awesome trading software. Pretty obvious that it’s terrible performance has already generated significant negativity within the community! Please avoid this typical get rich quick fraud and trade with proper/genuine trading tools! Traders stand to only lose their entire investment with this dishonest trading software. Furthermore, details of this offer are not trustworthy because none of their claims are actually realistic!

Safer Trading Tools for Traders!

We hope that this article serves as an important warning as well as an informative source to binary trading. If this is your first time coming across binary trading, don’t worry! It is indeed possible to earn good profits from home by trading! However, you’ll need proper tools help you with your initial trading journey instead of scams like Onassis Alliance Software.

If you need some help and advice regarding binary trading, please feel free to email us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com! There are several ways you could approach making money online via binary trading. For instance, you could use automated trading software or a hands-on method of trading on your own! Either way, we could help you out on sourcing best information available! So do say hello!

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George Bennet

Swear I almost put my money into this. Thanks for the warning Sentinel


Hi Sentinel, do you provide trading seminar or teaching lessons to trade?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Matthew,

We have not organize such a service yet, perhaps in the future. BUT, we have attended good trading webinars and adapt high quality trading strategies.
Do drop us an email at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com and we’ll hook you up with it.


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