Omnia Investments App Review – SCAM Forex Trading EXPOSED!

Omnia App Scam Review

Is Omnia App a SCAM or Good Forex Trading Software?

Omnia by Matthew Hammersmith upholds an auto trading software promoting a $1,350 per day profits. On top of that, Matthew the alleged CEO of Omnia Investments promises a million dollar income for traders of all experience level. Including newbie traders with only a low minimum deposit for free thanks to Omnia Forex Algorithm that caters for all market conditions. However, we receive many complaints about the reality of Omnia Trading App to be poorly performing and losing money! Read below as we share our investigative findings!

Omnia Website:

If this is your first encounter with an automated trading software, it is essentially an app that executing trades on behalf of its users. Experienced traders do make use of such tool to make earn profits on a day to day basis. However, scam artist took advantage to steal money with poor performing system. Many of which tries to promote themselves as a get rich quick offer similar to the Omnia Trading software promising 1 million dollars in 6 months. In reality, Omnia App will not realistically generate that revenue but rather perform at best 40% accuracy. (Which is not enough to generate profits in binary trading)

Apart from that, Omnia App possess various scam elements observable in another hoax we expose in the past! Please read our Omnia App Review before investing as we debunk their lies!

Matthew Hammersmith Con-Artist?

According to the presentation video, Matthew is a multi-millionaire having a net worth over $380 million with Omnia Investments. He also spends his time making other people millionaires, judging by the story he made over 181 individuals super wealthy. Unfortunately, we investigated this figure and found that he’s not who we think he is.

Matthew isn’t Mr. Midas that’s well known in Wall Street being a wizard in terms of trading. A deeper research reveals no such individual ever existed especially his claims about him featuring in CNN Business, Forbes, Bloomberg Squawk or World of Finance. These are basically fictional lies attempting to convince viewers to trust Omnia App.

Every now and then we do come across old scams that try to make a comeback to lure more innocent traders in their low-quality auto trader. Even more, Matthew Hammersmith as a person most certainly doesn’t exist. That’s because he is a famous actor uncovered in a few scams previously. Such as the GPS Trader Scam and Terabit Scam. Both of which he portrays as the founder and CEO with different names. Therefore it is no surprise that Matthew Hammersmith is not a real trader neither a millionaire trader we should trust.

Matthew Hammersmith Omnia

Omnia Investments or Omnia LLC Scam Company?

Subsequently, we have a suspicion that Omnia Investments as a company is as shady as Matthew himself! In order to prove our point, we did a research on Omnia LLC as a company following the bank statement he shows us in the video. It’s apparent that Omnia Investment Inc doesn’t exist as a trading firm or investment company. Well, if they really do exist, their Omnia Software will only lose money for their clients since all feedback regarding their performance is disappointing.

In reference to Matthew’s scam operation to make more ‘millionaires’ in 2016, it’s also another deceit within their long 30 minutes presentation. A quick research reveals that is a relatively new website? We found out that Omnia Official website came about on 27th February 2017. Logically our experience as reviewers would have found out about such a good millionaire deal last year. They have most did not make anyone a millionaire previously too.

Another vital element we need to share is the profit statements for Omnia Trading App as they claim to make $5,000 per day profits. In the real world, your profits will depend on the initial investment which most beginner traders start with $250. Matt the conman asserts that he can make the $250 with a 100% win ratio growing it to $5,000 a day! Please do not believe in dishonesty because it will only drain your account. A practical expectation to have in binary trading would be $100 per day ($25 minimum trade size) or 10% to 30% account growth per day! (Achievable with good trading software)

Omnia Review Conclusion

Judging by the falsity found within this offer, we can safely conclude Omnia Software to be a SCAM! Additionally, we have been receiving a high number of complaints about its poor performance and lousy support! We hope to prevent more people falling into their scams and creating more victims in miserable investment returns. Binary trading can be really fun and rewarding but only possible with reliable tools and knowledge! Do your homework before investing readers!

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