Oil Millionaire App Scam Review : Trading Oil for 1k Daily?

Oil Millionaire App Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Oil Millionaire App is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Oil Millionaire App by Donald Olsson before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Oil Millionaire App is emerging in the binary options industry as a “risk-free” trading system because “oil trading is the safest form of trading ever”. This auto trading system which is introduced by Donald Olsson, claims to be able to grow an account of hundreds of dollars to about an average of $30,000 monthly profits. He adds that users do not need to pay anyone a cent to earn this profits. Well, that is entirely untrue although we do not need to invest in real commodities in binary options, we do need to invest and risk a certain amount in order to profit in binary options trading! Apart from the mentioned claims which we find highly suspicious and scam-like, there are more scam-like aspects which we found in relation to this scam system. Please continue reading our review for more details.

Oil Millionaire App Scam-like Webpage and Claims

The webpage for Oil Millionaire App is very simple where it only has a video and a segment for viewers to input their email along with a “Download” button. To be extremely factual, there is nothing to download here, this app is completely web-based too. However, in the event that there is an email that reaches your inbox stating a required download, please be wary of malware/viruses!

Donald claims that Oil trading is the safest investment methods available out there, purely because oil prices always goes up although there are a few downturn events that happens every few years. Because of that, he claims that this software is “Risk Free” with a certainty of profiting $1,000 a day no matter which direction the market is trending. Obviously the statement sounds too good to be true! As we all know the oil market is highly volatile and for such a system that exist which would be able to deal with the nature of the oil market, it is impossible. Moreover, the narrator adds that the system is virtually fool proof and it simply cant lose! That’s just over-killing it, there is no such thing in the trading world.

He also claimed that this system has been tested and used by hundreds of people where everyone had managed to bank in a lot of money from it. However, we do not have any reliable source for us to confirm that claim. Should this system had been released to hundreds of people, why can’t we find any information online prior to the release of the system. We are only able to find negative reviews about this app earlier last year when it was first released, but nothing positive can be found regarding this app so far. Apart from that, the second video uses another voice narrator to support the claim and there is no proper demonstration given in the video. The second voice narrator is definitely not a great source of reliable information at all, just another scammer support scam claims!

Based on the member’s area page, there is a graph showing number of users plus profits which comes to about over 3,000 current users. 89 of the users had already profit exceeding one million dollars. This is unrealistic and is a typical scam binary options system tactic. It is highly unlikely to be able to be a millionaire just by trading binary options although we are able to earn reasonable amount from trading with correct strategies and signals services! As mentioned we are unable to source for any positive reviews from this claimed users too. It is most likely a fabricated results to fool viewers to believe into. It is also not logical to release only 30 software license when you already have thousands of “satisfied” users as well. It just does not make sense.

We are also unable to verify the existence of Donald Olsson, the alleged founder of Oil Millionaire App. There is no verifiable source to confirm his existence or even his nickname of “Oil tycoon”, “Oil Hacker” and “The Oiligarch”. Since he is so successful with the given nickname with a personal net worth of over $100 million, there should be an indication of his existence somewhere which we fail to identify. Moreover, Donald is represented by a voice narrator which is another suspicious aspect of this scam system. We are just skeptical of this system with the lacking of legit information and claims during the presentation.

Oil Millionaire App’s Conclusion

We conclude that Oil Millionaire App is a scam binary options auto trading system that uses unrealistic claims with over-promising results, bogus CEO, Donald Olsson, fake results and phony testimonials! There is also lack of verifiable sources that could support their claims and $1,000 everyday would simply be unrealistic as well. Many trusted binary options reviewers has also release their negative reviews on this scam software which should give a clear warning sign to traders out there to stay away from this system!

Verdict: Oil Millionaire App is a SCAM!


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  1. Miral

    Thank you for posting this review. Oil has been a key component recently with Opec meetings and all. These app is clearly trying to take advantage of this news but for their own personal gain. thank you for for this.

  2. Jonathan B.

    Thank you for a great review! Everyone is talking about oil, and obviously these Oil Millionaire guys are just out to scam us!


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