Obcasio Software Review! Michael Watson SCAM Traders!

Is Obcasio Software by Michael Watson a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Obcasio Software by Michael Watson proposes a peculiar deal in the trading world with scam characteristic! We’re aware that Obcasio Auto Trading Software attempts to lure traders in with untruthful details too. Basically, we’re dealing with a proposition that promises $2,000 daily profits guaranteed for life. Thus, putting you into a potential road into being a millionaire. To be frank, we’re not trying to discourage anyone from trading or be involved in binary trading. However, a recent influx of scam software actually prevents traders from making any money. So, please spare some time understanding our Obcasio Software Scam Review before investing.

Obcasio Official Page and Fraud Website: http://obcasio.co

The reality of trading is to have a software that there is no such thing as a daily guaranteed profits! Any experienced traders can testify to that truth. Hearing Obcasio’s offer reveals scam-like behavior without genuine intentions. Michael Watson asserts guaranteed profits of $2,000 per day and further translates it to $60,000 a month. Furthermore, it is portrayed that it is possible with a $250 minimum deposit. He also warrants that Obcasio Trd LLC and his expert team will ensure 100% success. His trade histories also depict a 100% win rate as well. Unfortunately, these details are too good to be true and 100% false! Our investigation findings below will debunk Obcasio Software SCAM!

Is Michael Watson & Obcasio Trd LLC for REAL?

As mentioned above, their claims of profits potential are untrustworthy and highly suspicious. As traders, we definitely are earning profits from binary trading with correct trading tools and strategies! The reliable trading software can also help maximize or profitability. But, very often software like Obcasio only aims to promise the impossible pairing with false claims. Guaranteeing profits of $2,000 per day from a minimum deposit and depicting a 100% win rate are unrealistic promoted by Michael. Naturally, it appears very much like a scam that offers fake ‘be a millionaire deal’. Just to share our typical trading goals would be a 10% to 30% account growth per day! So it’s like profiting $100 to $300 from a $1,000 deposit per day rather than $2,000 daily.

Furthermore, our research on Michael Watson reveals very skeptical nature of being an actor. Simply because there is no actual trading demonstration or even description on their trading software. The original or trustworthy software would provide some form of demonstration to their services at least. Hence, showing the lack of trading expertise definitely don’t add up to his claims of success. There is also no actual evidence available to support his senior trader career in investment firm too.

Let alone Obcasio Trd LLC, Michael Watson’s company seem to be completely bogus just like Michael’s career. He even contradicts about the year which he claims to be a senior trader back in 2008. But, the beginning of the presentation clearly states a financial crisis dated back in August 2005. Stories about producing millionaires from Obcasio 2014 users didn’t make sense either. We receive more negative feedback and complaints about this scam rather than finding successful users too. If there was really such a story, we would have discovered this trading system a long time ago.

Obcasio Trd LLC

SCAM Story by Obcasio Software?

Obcasio fraud is actually a new “get rich quick scam” made in November 2016. Judging by the age of obcasio.co, it has only recently come up and become viral since 3rd November 2016. Hence, declaration of making 2014 users is simply a fake story! Once we dig deeper into the testimonials at the web page, all we can expose is that they’re fabricated. Apparently, this fraud has employed fake actors to read scripts to trick viewers! One of the testimonial givers is actually appeared as the “boss” of another scam, the Nesdek Scam. His name is Mike McDonald back then.

Also, Members Review consists of stolen pictures from random sites plus dishonest testimony. Lastly, the ‘Live Trades” are NOT actual trade executions that you should trust! This table will continue showing trades every few second even when the market closes on weekends! Also, the entry and expiry rate are about the same for every single currency pairs! Certainly, this doesn’t make sense to have USD/CHF or EUR/USD between 0.800 value when it’s about 1.0.

Fake Testimonial & Trade Obcasio Software

Obcasio Software Verdict!

Based on our investigation, we can safely conclude that Obcasio Software is a SCAM! Neither Michael Watson, Obcasio Trd LLC, his video testimonials and even live trades are true! Utilization of false information is common among scam auto trader too. The actual phenomenon is Obcasio Software tricks newbie traders into depositing a minimum $250 with poor performing algorithm! We hear of traders losing their funds so quickly that it doesn’t seem to make good trades at all. Stay away from Obcasio!

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Dear readers! We thank you for sparing some time in reading our Obcasio Scam Review and hope it helps! Should this be your first time hearing about trading binary options, we will be happy to help you! Essentially, the more tools or help you get, the higher your chance to succeed in earning extra revenue from home! We’re not going to lie, it’s a great platform to earn more money. To maximize your trading potential, email us at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com for trading community or live trading webinar! That’s if you are interested in trading hands on of course.

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