Ninja Profits System Scam Review! 98% Win Rate, 700% Profits!

Ninja Profits System Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Ninja Profits System is a SCAM Review!

Ninja Profits System is one of a childish scam binary options auto trading system that was recently released in March 2016. The ninja looking appearance only manages to reduce our confidence in this auto trader because such childish outlook only represents that they may not be serious in providing their services.Ninja Profits System markets itself with unrealistic claims of performance in terms of their trading capabilities and also focuses on gaining financial freedom. These two factors are commonly used in binary options scams that aims to only drain money from it’s users! It most certainly comes across as a “Get Rich Scheme” no matter how we look at it. There isn’t any useful information that can be learnt from the presentation video about how or what makes this trading system is better.

Ninja Profits System is presented by a voice narrator that calls himself Michael and he claims to be a former NASDAQ analyst for 15 years. He then moves on by gathering a group of friends to start working on a system that could help people with no trading experience to be a successful trader. Moving forward, he simply claims that he made a million dollars out of Ninja Profits System and is offering this opportunity to 50 more beta testers before selling this system to the bank. Michale also claims that the key to success for this system is the ability to manipulate the “law of average” and achieve it’s 98% win rate! Honestly, the whole presentation do come across as a scam because of the lack of great information about the trading signals it provides and the heavy focus on achieving financial freedom! Whatever system that focuses too much on getting rich quick like being a millionaire within a year is very likely to be a scam system! Thus, beware!!

Why is Ninja Profits System a SCAM?

The most obvious factors that exposes NInja Profits System as a scam is because of their unrealistic claims! The claims of having generating 700% win rate, 98% win rate and averaging 237 trades daily is unheard of in the binary options industry! Especially in the scene of an auto trading system! Realistic auto trading system can achieve a consistent over 70%-80% which is the profitable winning percentage needed for a trader. Apart from that, even the most reliable auto trading system that achieve great accuracy probably would only generate 10 to 20 trades per day depending on the market situation! Trade volume of over 200 trades per day is too risky and definitely a recipe for drying up your account in one day! Expectation of growing your account 7 times larger in one day is definitely pushing it and it is definitely unrealistic! Only scam auto trading systems uses such strategy to attract innocent people to deposit in their funds and obviously their money will be drained away.

Apart from that unrealistic claims, Ninja Profits System markets itself heavily based on achieving financial freedom! It is preaching that Ninja Profits System can be the system that prints money for its user and be a millionaire within a year! Come on guys, there is no such system especially in binary options trading! There is always risk involved in binary options trading and to actually believe in achieving financial freedom just by using a system is definitely not going to work! Although binary option trading can indeed be a profitable activity, but becoming a millionaire is a very unrealistic dream to have.

Michael’s story of how Ninja Profits System came about is also very suspicious and nonsensical. Firstly, Michael introduces himself as a NASDAQ analyst and gathered a group of friends to develop an auto trading system. But later, he mentioned that he made over $1.1 million just by signing up for one of ninja profits beta testing accounts. That’s a huge question mark right there? So did he made Ninja Profits System or he simply join the beta test? Another question is that Michael is simply represented by a voice narrator which many scam system employs such a strategy to produce their scam software. He is simply a fabricated character made to share his fake stories and rich claims to fool innocent people’s money.

Noticed that how Michael builds up the suspense that he is going to show us how Ninja Profits has helped him to manipulate the law of average and come out on top? He simply just shows a snap shot of his account balance. There is no demonstration or any trade history to actually indicate that it is indeed Ninja Profits System’s work. His early rants about how other system claims that trader makes at least $20 in each trades while costing $25 each trades and asking how long before the account dries up? He also links that to the “law of average” which obviously has nothing to do with the previous rant. His rant about the cost of each trades and potential payouts is a NORMAL thing in binary options trading! Payout in binary options trading is lower than the invested value. We guarantee that Ninja Profits System is no different to that! Michael is simply just saying illogical claims and clearly does not know what he is talking about!

Ninja Profits System Fake Testimonials

We have also identified another typical scam-like tactics where many other binary options scam system uses, the Fiverr actors! Ninja Profits Systems employed a few paid actor to produce their fake testimonials and give fake success stories about this system! Fake testimonials are not trustworthy and these people are merely actors that has never used the system before!

Ninja Profits System Fake Testimonial Scam Review
Fake Testimonials! Paid Actors spotted!

Ninja Profits System’s Conclusion

We conclude that Ninja Profits System is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! Please do not waste your money in this system where it uses highly unrealistic claims which is not going to come true, fake testimonials and bogus Michael/presenter! The background story and how this system claims to be successful is total nonsense! And honestly, the ninja brand is not helping to convince us that it feels safer to actually deposit our money to this system.

Although we have reviewed similar childish scams previously, we find it highly amusing every time it comes out to scam innocent people. Trading binary options can indeed be profitable but obviously with the right tools! We highly recommend Copy Buffett Software as an Auto Trading system that has great level of success and also Mike’s Manual Signal Group as a Trading Signal Provider!

Verdict: Ninja Profits System is a SCAM!

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