Nesdek Inc Trading Scam Review! Important WARNING!

Nesdek Inc’s Trading App is a SCAM Trading Software? Warning Against Mike McDonald!

CAUTION: Nesdek Inc Trading Software is a newly launched automated trading system guaranteeing $3,000 daily profits. Although the offers at and are indeed attractive, we’ve come across concerning facts and statements. No doubt that Nesdek has a nice looking presentation, but is it genuine and profitable auto trader? Scam artists are most certainly capable of spending a lot of money to furnish their poor performing software to look legit. Nesdek Scam Review uncovers the truth in hopes to guide traders to make a sound investment decision.

The Nesdek Binary Options Trading Software by Mike McDonald is alleged created in Nesdek Inc, a financial technology firm. Nesdek also asserts to generate $1.4 million dollars income last year and many other users made similar fortunes as well. Mike, also the CFO of the company declared that Nesdek Trading App improves as the number of users grows. Giving it the ability to “predict financial trend before it hits the market”. The video presentation also includes stories of new users earning $3,000 on their first day of using this software along with the remark of making hundreds of people millionaires too! Obviously, the presentation seems to have a “positive” note on a nutshell, however, our investigation reveals distressing factors that alerted our skepticism.

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Nesdek App Trading Fraud? Misleading Scam Tactic Exposed!

It’s very concerning to see enticing web page at both and that makes it hard for an inexperienced trader to spot its trickery. While there are many fraudulent trading software lurking in the industry (you may refer to our Blacklist for a list of bad systems), Nesdek Trading App certainly puts in an effort to entice its viewers. However, is Nesdek Inc a legit company that could support all of Mike MacDonald’s claim? Regrettably, Nesdek Inc does not exist as a company! It’s illogical and nonsensical for an establishment that has a higher managing personal like the CFO to not have any record in any countries. We have attempted to search through various countries databases for the existence of this business entity however it ends up a failure.

Our research only reveals reviews online that either supports this scam or exposes this hoax! As such, it’s not exactly a great first impression when their legitimacy does not have any solid basis. Though it is not surprising that con-artist are in fact capable of fabricating their own background stories.

Nesdek Inc’s Mike MacDonald?

Apart from that, Mike MacDonald himself is a bogus character who claims to have “helped” developed millionaires through this system. If Nesdek Trading App is indeed such a great software and created success for the past decade, why is there no trace of Mike or this trading app anywhere? Mike’s invented profile as an ex-Wall Street broker and a millionaire doesn’t have any verifiable sources. Similar to the non-existing Nesdek Inc, we are unable to find any hint of Mike’s professional life as a broker or any stories of millionaires coming from this app! In fact, auto trading systems that assert themselves as capable of making you a millionaire are all hoax! Simply because it is unrealistic to expect such a return from a small deposit paired with a short time frame!

Can Nesdek Trading or Algorithm Work?

Let’s explore the idea of “self-improving” algorithm that performs better upon larger user base, as proclaimed by Nesdek App. These “artificial intelligence” (AI) concept makes no sense and is currently impossible! Basically, having a larger user base simply does not make the software smarter! Auto trading system’s algorithm basically calculates and executes trades on behalf of the users regardless of how many users are there. In short, our current technological advancement has not begun to apply AI-like brains to execute trades for us and having more users doesn’t improve the algorithm in any way.

Statements like “predicting the trend of the market before it hits the market” while achieving 95% successful strike rate are nonsensical proclamations to make. 95% accuracy is definitely impossible when the best algorithm or traders could only realistically reach an 80% at max. Market trends are also analyzed using technical analysis which is influenced by past data. Basically, a trend has to already happen in order to make a prediction too. The market could change drastically due to fundamental reasons however, there is no algorithm that could predict fundamental analysis data accurate at this present moment!

Nesdek Trading Fake News Scam Review

DO NOT INVEST in Nesdek App!

Upon discovering suspicious facts mentioned above, we strongly believe that this system is not a genuine system. One other common scam tactics are the “only for time offer only”! Nesdek App also employs such an approach to their deal at the second page. However, it obviously does not matter when the countdown timer resets itself the next time we visit the webpage.

Furthermore, research,, and was created on 10th May 2016. So, we do not understand how on earth they have successful/rich Nesdek binary options users when the website came online a few days ago. Evidently, such deceit does not benefit either the user or the industry. Only the scammers benefit when they blatantly create poor performing trading software and oversells it with lies! Our Blacklist shall affirm the massive number of a fake trading system available!

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Nesdek Trading App Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Nesdek App is nothing but a SCAM and DISHONEST auto trader! The misleading and over-promising facts about Nesdek Inc, it’s trading app, and Mike himself are untrustworthy aspects of the deal. There is no verifiable proof and by planting expectations of impractical earning $3,000/day and becoming a millionaire only further exposes their true colors. Do not “donate” your money to this SCAM!

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