Neo2 Software Scam Review! Does this WORK? IMPORTANT!

Neo2 Software Review

Neo2 Software is a SCAM Review! Jack Piers, Michael Freeman & Amit Gupta’s Most Outstanding Auto Trader!

Neo2 Software (pronounced as “Neo squared Software”) is a new and innovative binary options auto trading system that has just hit the industry with a HUGE wow factor. As we have been really busy lately with blacklisting countless scam systems, it is with great relief that we found Neo2 to step up with genuine performance! It is really interesting that Neo2 features a famous figure from the binary options industry as well, Michael Freeman, which gives us positive impression about this auto trading system. While having him involved in this project, it provides a great sense of security to know that an experienced binary options trader has contributed to the creation to probably the most successful auto trader this year!

Should you be interested to listen to the interview sessions between the man responsible behind the creation of Neo2 including Michael Freeman, please do WATCH THE VIDEO! It would give you a better sense of their commitment to this software and WHY we did not Blacklist Neo2 as a SCAM! Please continue reading our opinion on Neo2 and why we believe that this software is indeed a RELIABLE piece of work!

Neo2 Software Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Why is Neo2 NOT a SCAM!

Unlike the common scam auto trading system we blacklist very frequently, Neo2 does not employ any common scam tactics like unrealistic promises, meaningless widget’s to show unrealistic trading results and no annoying pop-ups! Instead, Neo2 comes across as an authentic and genuine auto trading system that is here to stay. The presentation video introduces us to Jack Piers, Michael Freeman and Amit Gupta where these are individuals that has different backgrounds and expertise.

The decision to combine Michael Freeman’s binary options expertise as a trading mentor with Jack Piers’ unique understanding weather prediction is the core of Neo2’s success and creation. This area have been an area of study for decades and educational journals can be found on the possibility on making profits in trading. Do check out one example of education journal on the effects of weather and trading. Amit Gupta is the key man in merging these two areas and develop the automated trading platform that you see on Neo2 Software! The Neo2 Software simply is the combination of the Auto Solar Tracking System and Michael Freeman’s trading algorithm which provides you, as a trader, the technology that does not only rely on technical analysis like many auto trading systems do. It also considers many other influential factor which affects price levels on the traded assets. This itself is a great addition which would definitely adds up to the level of accuracy in trades.

Who is Michael Freeman? Why Neo2 Software’s Trading Algorithm is Trustworthy!

As mentioned previously, we are extremely delighted to find Michael Freeman as a main contributing member to Neo2 Software. The reason is because he is an influential figure in the binary options industry that has already offered many advises, educational materials as well as a trading community. You may be able to check out his unofficial interview on here at ( or his Youtube Channel which has over 20,000 subscriber and over 100 of videos. It is no doubt that we have an experienced binary options trader as a contributing member of Neo2 and even delightful to know that he is the main contributor of the binary options trading algorithm!

Neo2 Software Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman as Main Contributor in Neo2 Software’s High Performance Algorithm!

Neo2 Software Trading Performance & Results!

We have tested Neo2 Software for 3 days now and it has taken about 10 trades in total with a strong 9 out of 10 In The Money (ITM). Which of course grew our account from $250 to about $450. That is indeed a great win percentage from a binary options automated trading systems of course. Based on Binary Options Watchdog’s review, they have reported a 80% to 85% winning percentage over a test of 25 days as well. So we are extremely SATISFIED with Neo2 Software results and performance!

Is Neo2 Software FREE?

As we all know, great things are not available for free in this world. Neo2 is planning to launch their project on Kickstarter, a global community that builds creative projects! However, Neo2 Software would require this system to have reached a certain level of popularity in order for them to have a greater momentum prior to the launch! We’ve been told that the license price for Neo2 Software will be at $7,900 after the launch. Hence, Neo2 Software is currently being offered for FREE until the launch at Kickstarter.

Neo2 Software’s Conclusion

This software has been tested for over 3 months as well before the site came online by Michael Freeman’s online traders and they have shared their amazing results of over 80% win rate! Neo2 Software is clearly NOT a scam binary options auto trading system and the performance just speaks for itself. It is way superior as compared to the typical scam systems that only provides 50% to 60% win rate. Michael Freeman’s contribution to the software has clearly made this software as the BIGGEST contender in the binary options automated trading system sector!

To SIGN-UP, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Neo2 Software Link HERE!
  2. Complete the registration form and you shall be redirected to a binary options broker’s page.
  3. Make a minimum deposit of $250 and verify your account.
  4. Upon account verification, Log into your Neo2 Software platform and ENJOY trading!

Verdict: Neo2 Software is a LEGIT and RELIABLE system!

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6 comments on “Neo2 Software Scam Review! Does this WORK? IMPORTANT!

Richard E. Kay

Hello Just thought id leave you a comment since you’ve helped me out a lot. I saw the video presentation for this and liked it a lot. Previously I had some success with Copy Buffet as you recommended, so I decided to try this one out as well. It seems to be working a lot better for me 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. It’s only been a couple of weeks and i’m finally seeing profits in binary!

Binary Options Sentinel

Happy to know that Neo2 is working out for you Richard! 🙂


Hi Binary Options Sentinel, thanks for guiding me on the starting process. Neo2 software works well for me so far. 10 winning trades with 2 losses.


I am redirected to tradorax from NEO2 why?

Mick Odnokon

Are there any recent reviews available, how has everyone made out since May???

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Mick,

Thanks for the comment. We have withdrawn our profits previously made. However, will be starting out a November test on Neo2 very soon too.
Subscribe to our Blog to receive latest updates as soon as it comes up! 🙂

So far we have not receive any complaints about Neo2 and traders were able to make some money with it. Hope this helps.


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