Neo2 Software Results and Broker Change!

Neo2 Software Review

Neo2 Software Results & Performance Review (Average 80% ITM)! How to use Neo2 Software and Broker Change!

Welcome to our Neo2 Software Results &  Performance Update Review! We have had an exciting weeks since the launch of Neo2 Software and it’s wonderful to confirm that this auto trader is indeed PROFITABLE. This system was launched somewhere in late April 2016 and we’d like to share additional information on other users had achieved profits with our Neo2 Software Results Review.

Neo2 Software Auto Binary Signal

Neo2 Software July 2016 UPDATE!!

Hey guys, to those that have stumbled upon Neo2 Software and wondering it’s still performing well after 2 months since it’s release? Well, we kept a close watch on Neo2 Software’s performance on both Auto Trading and Manual Trading Signals. AND the results is still very GOOD! Of course we’ve avoided the recent Brexit event which had major influences on most currencies pairs hence we stayed out of the way.

Nevertheless, with all our precautionary steps, Neo2 Software is maintaining a good 80% ITM average on AUTO TRADING mode in July 2016!

In addition to that, we’ve manage to achieve an 80% win rate with Neo2 Software’s Manual Signals too since 1st July 2016! P/S: Due to busy schedule, we’ve only had limited time to trade. Thus, only 11 Manual Trades were taken during the Test! (8 Wins – 2 Loss  – 1 Tie, Trade history below).

The Recommended Signals are accurate, however, traders will need to be patient to wait for appropriate entry and apply basic support/resistance line! For simplicity sake, we only take the closest expiry which ranges between 10 – 20 minutes. Longer expiry is possible with longer candle stick charts reading as well!

Neo2 Software Manual Signal Test


Neo2 Software Win Rate (Based on 5 Trading Days Test Run)

Based on the feedback we have received from traders and other reviewers, we conclude that Neo2 Software Results provides a consistent 80% ITM (In The Money)! Which is a great winning rate as we will require an accuracy rate of over 70% in order to profit in binary options trading. We will be sharing trading sessions video in this review from Binary Options Spot, which is one of the leading binary options trading blog that provides good scam reports as well. He has tested Neo2 Software from 27th April 2016 to 3rd of March 2016 (5 trading days period) and has a cumulative of 80% ITM rate! Hence, he had started with a $500 initial deposit and ended up with a $959.75 account balance in 5 days!

Note: The Neo2 Software requires your browser to remain open (as of this present moment), hence the trade volume is dependent on how long is your auto trader is left online. As shown in the table below, the profits for 28th April is much higher due to longer period of trading time that day. Total Trades executed: 45 Trades, Win: 37 Trades, Loss: 8 Trades. ITM% = 80%

Neo2 Software Results Performance Review

Neo2 Software Test Video

How to use Neo2 Software for Best Results?

From the test run shown above, the account balance was grown from a $500 to $959.75 in a 5 days of trading session. Which is a very impressive 91% returns in 5 days! We found that turning on Neo2 Software Results are best with a strength level of above 80% paired with a good money management strategy (only trade 5% of your total fund) would be best for consistent growth! The recommended hours for Neo2 Software to operate is within 9am to 7pm GMT+0! Also please take note to turn off Neo2 Software when there are major news announcement since it causes high volatility. You may refer to the economic calendar to know the specific time of these announcements.

Other Important Details:

  • The minimum deposit required for the broker registration is $250 and the software can only execute trades after verification process (most brokers require this). The verification process is mandatory as it is a requirement of the brokers to have personal details of their traders as stated under formal regulations.
  • How much should your trade volume be? Well, to be safe and conservative, we would suggest 5% of your total deposit. But of course with an initial deposit of $250 and the minimum trade volume of $25 means that it is 10% of your total fund. For a start, it would definitely be wiser to play it safe and grow your account with minimum risk. (Perhaps starting with signal strength of 90% would be appropriate)
  • Is Neo2 Software open for US traders? – Yes, there are several binary options brokers that accepts US citizen.
  • Would it be good to try the manual signals? – We advise traders to only use the manual signals if you have basic knowledge on reading charts. It would definitely be better to confirm the manual signals provided with reading the trends from a candlestick chart rather than following it blinding. Because we notice that the manual signals are indeed pretty decent, however the entry point is always the tricky part. The manual signal will still be available for you to click even if the ideal entry has already passed. Hence, do not try it if you do not know what you’re doing!
  • Always research on which binary options broker you are syncing with! If you do not like your broker, please feel free to email me at and I shall be happy to advise you on that!

Due to the positive results shown above as well as the large numbers of positive reviews, we highly recommend this system as Neo2 Software Results is definitely PROFITABLE Automated Trading System! Since it is endorsed by the well established binary options mentor, Michael Freeman, we have high confidence that it will serve binary options traders well! You can read our Neo2 Software Review for more information.

How to Sign-up for Neo2 Software?

  1. Click the Neo2 Software Link HERE!
  2. Complete the registration form and you shall be redirected to a binary options broker’s page.
  3. Make a minimum deposit of $250 and verify your account. Should you are interested in changing broker, email me at!
  4. Upon account verification, Log into your Neo2 Software platform and ENJOY trading!

Neo2 Software Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

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7 comments on “Neo2 Software Results and Broker Change!


Thx for your follow up and through, decent reporting. I am a futures and options trader so knowledge of charts is understandable for manual trades. I did signup and hot tradorax, not impressed. Pay out is low and service very poor. They keep on having their so call peo traders call. Thx again. What brokers are reportedly better? I reside in the USA.

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Johan, thank you for your comments. I will drop you an email from for a list of broker syncing with Neo2 Software at the moment. 🙂 Do have a look and feel free to give your feedback.


Hi Author,
Yesterday when I sign up to NEO2, was directed to TRADORAX, and a manager came on phone to ask deposit. He said TRADORAX is now official dealer of NEO2. and took my credit card details including 3 digits on the reverse side and my DOB. Luckily there is no balance in th
ere. Am I safe, Please advice. Is his story real?

Mark Wallis

Hi can someone please help me with a Broker for Neo2 software ive been ripped off so many times and no matter how hard i try to load this software all i get is a broker named Stern binary brokers which i cant get a review on please please someone help me I’m about to boil over here ! thank you

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Mark,

I can further advise you with this.
Can I email you at the email you’ve indicated with this comment?


I would NEO2 with a broker regulamentated CySEC or CONSOB

Binary Options Sentinel


Try to register again at


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