Navstar Trader Scam Review! WARNING: BS Trading App?

Navstar Trader Binary Options Trading App is a SCAM? Is Ethan Harrington Telling the Truth?

SCAM ALERT: Navstar Trader Binary Options App is the latest automated trading system that GUARANTEES $22,005 per day profit! You are probably wondering how true can Navstar’s presentation can be? We’re absolutely doubtful about their claim of earning such a staggering profits on a daily basis. Especially when the term “guaranteed” is in their context. Obviously their 30 minutes lengthy presentation video implies certain great scientific concept. BUT, we discovered several elements that are common to fraudulent software in this industry. As Binary Options Sentinel alerts our readers for some time now. And our Blacklist have already identified countless phony systems! Thus, our Navstar Trader Scam Review shall debunk their offer and shed some truth for you guys!

Ethan Harrington‘s Navstar Trader is claims that it can turn you into a millionaire in 46 days. This special “invite-only” download’s Rapid Counter Trade (RCT) and high speed granular data transfer contributes to it’s effectiveness. Ethan mentioned that Navstar Trader is only available for 50 people around the globe and 5 people from each region only. It’s 100% protection against losses and “mathematically impossible to lose 1 cent” are their prideful aspect too. Nevertheless, we’ll have a deeper look into these incredulous selling points below this article!

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Navstar Trader Scam Guarantees $22,000/day?

Obviously it’s worrying when we hear promising guarantees of crazily high profits at’s presentation! Such practice are the sole reason why inexperienced traders invest their money while hoping to “get rich” quickly. First and foremost, becoming a millionaire in 46 days through binary options trading or even trading per se is unheard of! And there’s a reason for it, simply because it is impossible! Navstar Trader Scam’s concept is pretty much similar to the previous Fraud we identified, the GPS Trader scam! It’s content is rather identical using over-promising selling points. Even though we pretend that we didn’t hear the nonsensical potential profit, Navstar Trader is not a legit establishment. Ethan Harrington remarks that his company is going to go public on a $350,000,000 valuation IPO. However, there is no legal records of his company anywhere in an official registry. Doesn’t make sense right?

Apart from that, we attempted to do a quick background check on Ethan with no fruitful results. Zero information about his employment history with NASA or even experience with satellite data transfer. We only managed to identified are negative reviews about Navstar Trader or silly websites supporting this suspicious hoax. As far as Ethan as a presenter is concerned, he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He commented the Rapid Counter Trade (RCT) makes this app “mathematically impossible to lose a single cent”. In reality, that’s not how binary options trading works though.

Delusive Navstar Trader?

Because typical payout in binary options are 70% to 80% of the amount you invested. Hence, by placing an opposite trade and you got it right would still put you in a losing position. Losing one trade and winning one trade will give you a minus 20% to 30% of your investment amount! Do note that instantaneously placing an opposite trades does not guarantee you a win all the time too! This idea would probably work on the conventional stock market, but absolutely not binary options trading!

Not to mentioned the impractical 22/23 winning trades (95% winning accuracy) is another misleading description! Ethan seemingly have no hand-son experience in trading or he’s just openly lying about it. The best trader in the world or even algorithm doubtless is certainly incapable of achieving such a track record. The best auto trader we’ve seen so far is able to deliver a consistent 80% win rate. Negative feedback from our subscribers also shares that Navstar Trader Scam executes many losing trades. As much as Ethan said this software trades about 50 signals a day that gives you about $22,000/day, it’s unattainable. Our experiences with auto trading systems tells us that it’s taking too many trades in a day and it’s explicitly trading your money away!

No Proof of Success?

Navstar Trader’s attempt to provide “verified” success stories leads them into further trouble because they are fake! Notice the existing Navstar Wealthy Members that makes so much money in an hour. The elegant looking lady, Lauren Armato’s picture is used in multiple testimonies under different names. Jasper M. Hopkins in the fake Facebook feed and Ana Gabriela in their live feeds also uses the same picture. Rufus Boyd’s picture is also stolen from a Twitter account named Leonardo Caffo. It’s apparent that Navstar Trader doesn’t have authentic testimonial to provide it’s viewers despite their allegation of making people millionaires in the past months. In reality, only existed since 13th June 2016, so this service provider could never have created millionaires few months ago.

Fake Testimonials Navstar Trader Scam

Say NO to Navstar Trader!

Upon detecting horrendous trickery mentioned above, we advise against depositing with Navstar Trader App. Ethan’s deception in providing inaccurate yet attractive details is designed for only one purpose! Which is to lure inexperienced traders’s money into their poor performing software. Obviously the countdown timer that prompts viewers to register doesn’t matter at all. You will still be able to complete the registration when it reaches zero OR refreshes itself the next time you visit. These common ploy is noticeable in other Blacklisted trading system as well! Such trading app doesn’t benefit the industry and end user but instead giving binary options a bad name.

Be that as it may, GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trading system do emerge every once in a while. Although it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s a breath of fresh air to identify them! Please do check out Below!

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Navstar Trader Conclusion

Based on the disturbing facts we uncovered, we conclude that Navstar Trader is a SCAM auto trader! The over-promising profits paired with misleading claims of not losing a single cent unquestionably puts this trading app into our Blacklist! Ethan himself is an untrustworthy individual with no verifiable credential and worst of all, being the presenter that sells LIES! Do Not Donate your money into this software!

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