Nasdaq Inside Trader Review – Insider News SCAM Leaked!

Nasdaq Insider Trader Scam Review

is Nasdaq Inside Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Nasdaq Inside Trader by Alex Steele urges viewers to register to a $180,000 profits by end of this month plus an instant $2,000 starting bonus too! Beware readers! Alex Steele and his Nasdaq Insider Trader Software is just another money stealing fraud with no legitimate aspects. Instead of providing honest trading performance, this offer promises a $4,500 by end of today or 6 figure monthly income. All in exchange for a video testimonials to drive up his bogus company’s net worth? Please read our Nasdaq Inside Trader Review before investing into this software!

Nasdaq Inside Trader Website:

The huge question of whether you can earn $180,000 in a month with this software puzzles you? To set the record straight, it’s impossible for a new trading account to achieve it especially with a minimum deposit of $250. It’s also nearly impossible to even for a seasoned trader to miraculously earn that much money. Despite the profit potential of trading binary options or using auto trader is real, we’re faced with countless scams. Many scammers attempt to entice newbie traders into believing unrealistic earnings without giving a good performance. Such as Nasdaq Insider Trader as it provides a low level of accuracy losing more than it wins while emptying account within a week. So, is Alex Steele a real Nasdaq trader and Nasdaq Inside Trader a good investment? Please refer below as we reveal devious elements within the offer!

Alex Steele aka Nasdaq Insider Trader from Wall Street?

In truth, the presentation by a voice narrator acting as Alex himself is very suspicious. Firstly, the massive promises of earning 6 figure monthly income pairing with an instant $2,000 starting bonus are too good to be true. It not only resembles like a typical “Get Rich Quick” hoax, it unfortunately chose to disguise as a Top Performing Auto Trader. Hence, causing a massive confusion for newbies to select a reliable trading solution. One thing we’ve noticed among scams is the use of voice narrators as a founder while pledging impractical profits!

Our attempt in verifying Alex Steele only points us towards a direction of an actress instead of a trading professional. There is no professional records or social media that could prove there was indeed an Alex Steele from Wall Street trading the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Also, the nickname Nasdaq Inside Trader sounds totally illegal if you ask me. Insider trading is 100% illegal and his trading secrets seem to be pointing towards insider knowledge. Not actual technical trading knowledge! So, it is not wise to associate yourself with an offer that openly admits to a federal offense towards the Nasdaq Stock Exchange!

In addition to Alex’s highly anonymous status and no face appearance, we weren’t introduced to any company name too. Which is very odd for an entity that was scouted for Merger & Acquisition with Nasdaq Insider Trading company if things go well. Unsurprisingly our investigation shows no real evidence of such entity aside from as a new fraud website. Another doubtful aspect is this fraud invites us to invest with Nasdaq Inside Trader Software to prove its’ positive performance. But it clearly indicates 1,231 members and over $120 million in profits, why would he need more investor to prove? Simply because these are fake records with a bogus founder Alex Steele and company!

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Good Testimonials?

With a crazy impossible revenue, the promise comes an equally unreal testimonial like earning $250 within 30 minutes or $30,000 within 7 days! Viewers will be seeing such statements among the social media feeds in the Nasdaq Inside Trader Web Page. However, we quickly disprove these testimonies as they are simply random pictures pairing with a random name. These pictures are appears in many other websites or marketing materials online. Furthermore, the video testimonial uses an actor from’s script reading services.

Fake Testimonial Nasdaq Inside Trader

Thus, it summarizes none of the success stories available within the website are trustworthy and honest. We are not shown Nasdaq Inside Trader platform demonstration or real trading histories too. Genuine software results or testing session will always include trade histories or a walk through with the trading software too! Evidently, Nasdaq Inside Trader holds no honesty in their trading results!

Social Media Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam

Free $2,000 Bonus?

In the topic of getting free money, well, there is no such thing as free money in this world as there is always a catch! Remember Nasdaq Inside Trader promises listeners a free $2,000 bonus if they sign up within 3 minutes? These are actually deposit bonuses which aren’t unlawful, but it will be an inconvenience for many new traders! Typically accepting bonuses will incur additional terms and condition to your withdrawal process. Traders will be able to get extra money to trade with from the broker however, there will be minimum trading volume required. Withdrawals aren’t allowed prior to meeting an extremely large trading volume! Hence, not suitable for newbie traders!

So, it’s not exactly a scam or fraudulent gesture to offer it. But this phony software seems to take advantage of this promotion to butter up their fake promises! We’ve known many newbie traders being upset about not being able to withdraw simply because of bonuses. As they aren’t aware of the sign-up process and by falsely promoted ‘free money’, they requested for it without knowing the catch! Please do not take bonuses unless you know what you are doing!

Nasdaq Inside Trader Review Conclusion!

Purely because of the low performing quality of this lying software, Nasdaq Inside Trader is a SCAM! It’s obvious that our investigation affirms many false claims and misleading information to lure registration! Alex Steele and his story of Merging or Acquisition by other company are pure BS without no honest material shared. also applies countless typical scam elements such as fake social media feeds, testimonials and also member counts! Do stay away from Nasdaq Inside Trader Software!

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Bad news aside, instead of earning 6 figure income in 1 month, our trading experience shows it is possible to expect a $100 per day or 10% to 30% account growth per day! Obviously not with fraudulent products, though! Please check out our list of Recommended Auto Trader for our Reviews or Software Test Results! Need help in trading binary options? Feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to HELP! 🙂

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