Nasa Trader Project Review – SCAM Trading Software Warning!

Nasa Trader Project Scam Review

Is Nasa Trader Project a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Nasa Trader Project is a new viral trading software reaching to many newbies vowing for high success rate. Obviously, as traders, we all would want to have some degree of success in our trading business. Hence, this review will be aiming to answer the area of interest here, can we trust Nasa Trader Project? Frankly, I personally don’t have a good first impression because of the relationship with NASA! Like really? What does NASA have to do with trading the financial markets?

According to the short presentation, Nasa Trader Project Software is capable of achieving 94% winning rate (impossible in the long term, our best is 80% realistically tested). The man in the video who claims to be a NASA analyst says that the Nasa Trader Project analyzes top secret data files that affect the markets. Furthermore, he also says that traders around the world already earn thousands of dollars from this system. Before you sign up for this suspicious trading system, please understand this Nasa Trader Project scam review.

Warning: Nasa Trader Project is a phony trading system that has no realistic trading capabilities!

What is Nasa Trader Project Scam?

Frankly, this isn’t the first offer that attempts to use Nasa related trading system. Our review team has blacklisted Navstar Trader scam as Delta App which both turns out to be a scam. Additionally, we already receive heaps of complaints regarding the Nasa Trader Project losing newbie’s money. Without a single indication of good trade executions, it’s clear that their Nasa ‘secret database’ can’t predict the financial market. Of course NOT! We’re talking about astronomy data instead of real financial data or technical analysis.

Secondly, Nasa Trader Project is known within experienced trader community to be an outrageous scam too. Every attempt to source feedback on this software just gets us to negative reviews and complaints. Instead of having a 94% success rate, Nasa Trader Project is only capable of getting a 50% win rate at best that causes traders to lose their entire investment. Many other scams that claim to have 90% to 100% win rate aims to entice inexperienced investor without real capabilities. Hence, this is the second red flag that asks us to stay away from this system.

A realistic trading system that we have tested so far are able to get a 70% to 80% win rate. Although it seems not as impressive as the unrealistic bullshit 90%, it is what it is! Any software that claims a 90% trading system loses client’s money 100% of the time. (At least based on our experience reviewing over 200 trading software.) If you’re wondering, you’ll need about 60% to break even in your trading journey, hence any software that can achieve above that is mathematically on the UP side.

Fake Presentation Actor Spotted!

Another common sign of a scam are the appearance of Scam actors in the presentation. Remember our respected Nasa Analyst in the Nasa Trader Project? He is actually an actor that appeared in other binary options scams known as Mark. Apparently, he tries to depict as the founder of Nasa Trader Project as an expert creating a weird ‘secret database’ algorithm. Unfortunately for us none of it is actually true or even make the slightest sense.

Nasa Analyst Trader Project Scam

There is no actual relationship between Nasa’s database to trading currencies or stock markets. Or at least Nasa Trader Projects’ actual results speaks for itself with poor performance. More importantly, our actor Mark previously represents scams like High Frequency Trader & Wall Street Trading Software that cheats money too. He is actually a spokesperson from who provides script reading services for $5.

Nasa Trader Project Review Conclusion.

There’s really nothing more we can investigate aside from the above information. The short presentation doesn’t show any legitimate trading demonstration or live trading videos. On top of that, the attempts to trick us viewers with scam actors and nonsensical Nasa secret database just turns us off. The community’s feedback on Nasa Trader Project poor performance is enough to make us stay away from this fraudulent offer.

How to Trade Binary Options Successfully?

In general, you can basically do it yourself by Manually Trading or use an Auto Trading System. Both have its pros and cons! But it mostly depends on how much time you have to spare in order to manage your investments. If you have a keen interest to learn how to read technical analysis on the price chart (doesn’t hurt to learn even if you are using a trading software), you should totally do it. But keep in mind, there are many scams offers around that promises unrealistic results!

Only stick to a system that can produce realistic results or at least has the capabilities to do so. Based on our testing session, we can produce 10% to 30% account growth on good days. Check out our demonstration video at our Trading Software Page.

Auto Trading – Traders can use trading software to execute trades on their behalf. Most would have relevant settings to help adjust what type of trades you want and the how much to risk. However, please stay away from system that is in our Blacklist which is useless scam software

Manual Trading Signals – There are in fact Manual Trading Signal Software that helps to learn newbies for more good trade setups. This enables traders to gain access to trading setups with details such as ‘trade direction’ and expiry. Hence, allowing traders to cross reference to their own technical analysis and make trade decisions. Check out an example of “the best Manual Trading Software” we came across so far BELOW!

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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