My First Online Payday Scam Review! Legit or Scam or Cunning??

My First Online Payday Scam Review!

My First Online Payday is the latest and trending binary options scam that uses “out of the box” methods to lure innocent victims to trade with them. We personally thinks that they deserve some credit in building many features to their webpage and offers. It really did seem like it is a legit deal, but that is also the MOST DANGEROUS part of the deal. Because My First Online Payday employs the MOST CREATIVE scam tactics that we have ever encountered! The free $50 trial run on the platform truly gets users to feel how easy it is to use their product and furthermore, the $50 is given to the viewers. But little do viewers know, it is a TRAP to lure deposits into a new broker, as usual for any binary options auto trader.

Despite that their claims of profits for My First Online Payday is pretty realistic, $320 to $750 per day, there are several details in the webpage and offer that immediately turns this genuine looking system into the MOST CUNNING scam! So cunning that we honestly think that this system would actually achieve the highest scam success rate! Especially on viewers that has not traded binary options before. The focus of the whole presentation is just “Making money from home” ,”How simple it is to use this system”, and “Look at how successful my system is many testimonials”!

Why is My First Online Payday the MOST DANGEROUS SCAM?

My First Online Payday has a very professional looking webpage, that is for sure. It has multiple function header, Top news tab, video tabs, working comment section, search bar, sharing ability, etc. Disappointingly, many of these items on the webpage are not clickable! So, there is absolutely no purpose to have all the buttons, headers, social sharing tabs, and also search bar when it does not actually work. Guess it is rather easy to realize that these features are all fake and it is just for SHOW. Why put a non-function buttons on your webpage? We don’t know? Just to seem legit? The comment section is also a fake

In fact, not only that most features on the webpage are fake, the alleged CEO, Jeremy Matthews and all his testimonials givers (the first 50 beta testers) are all fake! There are familiar faces in that video that we often see in other binary options scams which we have blacklisted previously. They are the notorious Fiverr actors that have been supplying binary options scammers fake testimonials. There is also no verifiable sources to confirm that My First Online Payday is indeed a legit “Online Money Making” platform just like they claim in the video. There is no articles or quotes referring to this system on any of the major news company like CNBC, Wall Street Journey, etc. Apart from that, there are no positive review that we can find via social media as well (since there is a non-clickable social sharing button, we figured we ought to try sourcing through social media). We can only conclude that the alleged CEO, everyone that spoke on behalf of My First Online Payday and also their claims to be fake!

The alleged CEO only place emphasis on “making money over the internet” and compares it the “complex software that integrates with the internet”. He also mentioned that the My First Online Payday is far more effective than the “complex software” because he “stripped the software backward and created an extremely easy to use application”. That does not make any sense, because comparing to other binary options systems, it is more troublesome! Because, My First Online Payday is actually a SEMI-Auto Binary Options Signal System as compared to many Auto trading system where users do not need to click anything. So in relative to other methods of making money online, yes perhaps he is right, but definitely not compared to any other binary options system!

So, in the perspective of where My First Online Payday being able to produce consistent profits of $320 to $750 everyday? We highly doubt so. As we found quite a few disturbing facts that would result into more losses than wins in the “Claim your $50 now”. Basically, viewers are entitled to trade for 20 times on the free $50 dollars which the system will only recommend to take trades that is over 90%. Based on the demonstration, the system actually provides signals for 30 seconds trade, the most volatile expiry time to actually to be trading on. Obviously the trial run is rigged in a way that viewers will actually profit from the free $50 and grow it to over $300. BUT, in order for viewers to actually withdraw this profits, viewers will need to deposit a minimum amount of $250! The truth is that, the free $50 is actually a trap for viewers to accept the binary options broker bonuses, where it is currently masked as winnings from your free $50! VERY Cunning indeed!

My First Online Payday Bonus Trap

Fake $50 for Bonus Trap

IF you think that you have successfully raised over $300 from a free $50, you are mistaken! The trial run was definitely rigged to make you believe that you have indeed grown some amount of profits! It is a trap to make viewers feel that is necessary to top up another $250 to make their recently made profits theirs! And in order to withdraw the full sum, users will need to execute another 50 trades which is 30 seconds expiry trades! Judging from the total funds of say $250 + $300= $550 and minimum trade amount of $25 per trades, we highly doubt that it is able to survive 50 thirty seconds trades. Plus, by actually requesting for the profits from the earlier $50, you are actually requesting for bonuses and accepting bonuses from broker leads to additional withdrawals terms. 50 trades of $25 definitely is not enough to hit the required minimum trade volume to qualify for withdrawals too! Let’s be real, 30 seconds trades is just a recipe for disaster if you would want to profit in binary options trading. Therefore, My First Online Payday is one of the most cunning binary options scam out there!!

My First Online Payday’s Conclusion

We conclude that My First Online Payday is a scam binary options semi-auto trading system! This scam is one of the most creative scam system that we have reviewed so far with the concept of fooling it’s viewers that they have made profits with the free $50. Thus encouraging users to deposit additional $250 to use the system and to take another 50 trades with the “user-friendly platform”. Apart from that, non-clickable buttons on the webpages and fake CEO/Testimonials just further confirms that this system is just another scam! Stay away from My First Online Payday!

Verdict: My First Online Payday is a SCAM!

Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you which we are also interested in. So, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam and binary options trusted system newsletters to keep yourself updated!

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