My Cash Method Review – Old Scam Returns Wipes Money!

My Cash Method Scam Review

Is My Cash Method a Cheat or Good Trading Software?

My Cash Method by Michael Thompson has been busy spreading their ability to make thousands of dollars per week. Or even $1083.72 on the very first day with a small investment of $250. As much as I personally would agree that trading the markets online can potentially give good returns, I have to warn you about this! Can My Cash Method actually work and make you some money on auto pilot? The answer is NO!

My research and experience reviewing and testing various trading software prompts me on red flags in My Cash Method. On a nutshell it is a scam trading software that scammers release to newbie traders that promises unrealistic results! This phenomenon surely tarnished our industry with poor performing app that can’t trade properly designed only to drain your account. In fact, 90% of the trading software in the industry are made by ‘hardworking’ scammers that frequently come up with new brand of scams.

In truth, only a handful that can truly be useful to you as a trader which has real potential. (Check out Demonstration of Good Trading Software BELOW or @ Best Software.) At the same time, I shall be exposing the truth behind My Cash Method Scam in this Review!

Why is My Cash Method a SCAM?

The primary reason to classify My Cash Method as a SCAM is purely because of the poor trading results that loses money. Based on the number of complaints my team receive, it is as if My Cash Method’s trading algorithm doesn’t even understand a single technical analysis! There are reports of this trading software never once perform well in ANY market conditions which ultimately loses all investment.

But, it is also not surprising to learn about the scenario above because I have already BLACKLISTED this old SCAM! That’s right, apparently My Cash Method is actually a relaunch of an old fraudulent software, Quick Cash Method SCAM! Which explains why the video presentations quotes Quick Cash Method a number of times and trading platforms that carries that name too. The old version was actually scamming people in July 2016 and it comes back under a new name, My Cash Method instead!

Upon examining the My Cash Method Scam, I notice all the same red flags I see on the old scam. It seems that the scam designer really put no effort in doing anything different but simply recycle their old lies! Which we all already know, their trading performance and assertions of making thousands in a day are LIES! Every single proof of success in the presentation will be exposed in the next section!

False Testimonies and Demonstration!

Apparently, My Cash Method reuses the old bogus CEO name, Michael Thompson since it is a ‘comeback’ scam! But only that he is actually a different person or rather a different actor!  A quick research on My Cash Method Website,, I learn that this website’s registration is on April 2017. But all the balance snapshot, bank balance and trading accounts are dated back in 2016 or 2015! This is impossible since My Cash Method Trading services has only recently surface and it doesn’t make sense.

But of course we know that it is a comeback scam that uses the same exact video demonstration and success stories! So, it is safe to also say that the testimonials or My Cash Method members are all paid actors that reads scripted lies! I have seen these faces in other scams as well, many which came from Also, if you take a closer look at the video demonstration of the ‘My Cash Method’ App which clearly is the QCM trading platform, you’ll see fake trades.

The trading history is actually fake or maybe edited since I see several trades that suppose to be Loss trades but it says WIN. Not to mention that the payout also doesn’t make sense! These traits are very common among phony trading apps that have no genuine proof of success! Unlike the ones I tested, you will be seeing genuine trading history and real demonstration. Scammers simply can’t do that since the trading app itself is a low quality ones.

My Cash Method Results

My Cash Method Review Conclusion

Judging from the details above, we can safely conclude that My Cash Method is a SCAM! It is unwise to invest into these poor performing money sucking investment tool. Please stay away from this typical “Get Rich Quick”, Be a Millionaire Hoax that often never works!

You will stand a much better chance in earning extra income on your own OR with a proven/realistic trading software!

How to Trade The Markets Properly?

There are basically two approach you can do online trading, which is trading manually or using an auto trading software. Most traders’ choice depends on their daily schedule and the amount of time available to manage the investment account. In addition to that, a realistic trading goal that I set for myself is 10% to 30% account growth per day. Of course on some days I might fall short, however, with a reliable tools and trading method, long term consistency is key!

Auto Trading – You may choose to use an auto trading software to help you execute trades in the market. However, be sure to avoid scams that are in my BLACKLIST because they are likely to burn your account. This method is suitable for those who has a busy daily schedule and only a limited time to spare. The software will be analysis the price action and patterns to execute trades based on an algorithm! Check out the Proven & Tested Software BELOW or @ ‘Best Software’ page

Manual Trading – This is suitable for those who has interest in picking up trading as an additional skill in life. It is advisable to learn and understand one or two trading strategies that caters for opposite market conditions. Additionally, practice them on a DEMO account before risking real money or at least gain confidence in the trading method. There are also Manual Trading Signal Software (Link Below) that provides trading signals which you can refer to as recommendations! The one that I tested provides specific expiry time as well as market direction which can be useful to newbie traders!

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