Multiplexer Software Scam Review! Guaranteed LOSS Trading? HELP!

Multiplexer Scam Review Auto Binary Trading Software

Is Multiplexer Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Multiplexer App is a Binary Options Auto Trading Software developed by Richard Ewing that shouts out $20,000 per day profits! Have interest to earn some extra income online? Wondering whether Multiplexer Software can be a good investment? Let’s look at it this way, if an offer sounds a little too good to be true while guaranteeing $20,000 per day profits, it probably is. The truth about trading binary options is it brings good profits for traders with good tools/knowledge! Unfortunately, there are many scams similar to Multiplexer Scam specifically designed to prey on traders with false promises. We have investigated this offer and shall expose the 100% No Loss lie by Richard!

Richard Ewing, the alleged CEO & Founder of Multiplexer declares this trading app as a zero loss guaranteed and mathematically impossible to lose a single cent system. BUT, obviously, such achievement is unheard of even for the best trading professionals in the world. Furthermore, such claims or assertion commonly seen in scams leads to disappointment when traders do not see good results. Worst, Multiplexer Scam Software is said to lose money faster than traders see a single win! Please read below for more information as we expose the misleading lies from Multiplexer Scam software!

Multiplexer Scam Aspects!

As spoken above, expecting profits of $20,000 per day out of Multiplexer Software especially from a deposited $250 account is impossible. Not to mention that it is actually, in Richard’s words, mathematically impossible to grow your account 80 times within the first 24 hours. Why? Well, it is the reality in any form of trading where we typically have a realistic aim of 10% – 30% account growth per day! The allegation of “Never losing a trade” software is the favorite misleading statement scammers use to attract inexperienced traders. Thus, the following paragraph shall explain why Richard’s 100% Win Multiplexer Scam system is not practical and actual performance!

Would it be possible that Multiplexer Software could actually bring ACTUAL profits? Sadly, Multiplexer System users expressed negative feedback about its poor algorithm losing money. Hence, generating quite a bad outlook for this software over the internet. Let’s examine the reality of trading where losing is inevitable. Successful auto-trader requires long term consistency with over 70% Win Rate in order to profit from binary options. If we dig deeper into the Multiplexer’s Rapid Counter Trade (RCT), it reveals a disastrous recipe to losses!

Why The RCT won’t work? Because counter trade doesn’t necessarily work in binary trading. Due to the nature of binary trading, Multiplexer Fraud probably executes a trade with a fixed expiry time and a specific strike rate. Expiry time may vary, but the strike/entry price will definitely be different. A risk change of 0.0025% will actually trigger a counter trade since it is such a small percentage. So the worst situation that could happen is by entering the second trade in opposite direction with different expiry time and a huge strike rate. Whereby it doesn’t guarantee a win for the second trade. Especially binary trading has a lockout period!

Multiple Fake Claims by Richard Ewing!

Looking into the Multiplexer System story, it discloses various lies to further enforce their impossible claims of $20,000 profits per day. Note that there are no actual users which actually received that huge profits within 24 hours! It’s also more alarming that Multiplexer scam System claims to have over 32,000 satisfied customers and 9,500 location worldwide. Our research reveals that there is no such company or Multiplexer business infrastructure that exists. The lack of genuine testimonials for a largely claimed number of happy users further confirms the scam status.

Likewise, the claim of Multiplexer being “this year’s most successful trading software” featured in the mainstream news. News company such as CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg were named as these ones providing the media coverage. However, a simple search on the internet can confirm that there is not even a single article mentioning about Multiplexer Scam System! As a result, these minor deceptions are simply proof of Multiplexer’s dishonesty while providing poor performing auto trading software!

Subsequently, our attempts to confirm Richard Ewing’s past as a professional or Ross McGlinchey brings us to a dead end. The allegations of Richard working in CNN as a satellite communications expert or data communications expert is completely bogus. Similar to Ross McGlinchey, these two individuals are fictitious characters reading a very misleading script. We also identified Richard Ewing to be an actor that appeared in the Profits Infinity Scam too. FYI, he was Mark Bromovich in that old fraud.

Multiplexer Scam Review Fake Richard Ewing

Multiplexer Review Conclusion

Based on the evidence above, we can safely conclude that Multiplexer Software is a SCAM Auto Trading App. Actual performance shared by angry users clearly indicates the truth of Multiplexer System’s performance. This trading app is gaining more negative impression and feedback as we speak, trust us, more complaints will come! The lack of genuine or honest details in this offer is unforgivable when fake/misleading details are included. The bogus Richard Ewing is an actor representing another scam plus fake claims put this offer as even more dangerous for your money. Stay away from Multiplexer Scam Software and Trade Safe! Binary trading is supposedly to be fun and enjoyable, however, it requires the right tools and better yet, with knowledge!

Better Investment Solutions (Trading Software)

Regrettably, scammers took advantage of the industry’s concept to generate poor performing trading app. It is such a phenomenon that takes away the true potential of earning extra profits from this financial instrument. Such exploit can only be dealt with by trading with proper trading software and knowledge! So, it is essential to avoid fraudulent phony software by referring to our list of scams prior to investing! Fortunately for us, there are indeed a number trustworthy auto traders which could benefit traders and earn extra profits!

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