MS Management Software Review – SCAM Investment Portfolio System?

MS Management Software Scam Review

Is MS Management Software a SCAM or Good Trading System?

MS Management Software (MS) by Christopher Fernard is the latest trading software that reach my desk only today offering automated trading services. Interestingly enough, MS Management software is gaining popularity like a storm! Hence, this review shall be answering the most important question we all will be interested in, “Is Management Software MS System a SCAM?” Please take some time in understanding this system, the benefits and cons of this trading system.

At the end of the day, this Management Software Review will enlighten whether this investment is suitable for your trading style and schedule!

The unique part of this software is to have services that focus on Managed Discretionary Account controlling investment funds. But at the same time providing the freedom to investors to activate trading activities or deactivate it. More importantly, its’ easy to use platform potentially allows newbie traders to invest successfully without understanding in depth technical analysis.

To understand what MS Management Software is all about, watch Christopher Fernard’s presentation video that can explain the concept of Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) services.

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What is MS Management Software?

According to the description, this is not the typical algorithm auto trading system. But rather a group of FX Expert traders with 10 years of experience that manages investors’ funds. The best part is that I did a quick search within the trading community and there’s no negative complaints so far. Hence, this prompts my review team to test a new trading services as its’ outlook seems worthy of our money. Unlike many other scams our team exposed in our Blacklist, this service doesn’t appear like the typical “Get Rich Quick” Scam.

Upon testing the user-friendly platform, it does function as how Chris describes MS Fund Management does it. It focuses on major currency pairs such as the USD, EURO, Sterling, AUD, commodities as well as indexes. As such, investors will have choices across many asset class at any given point.

Does the MS Management Software truly apply good trading strategies, trading psychology, market analysis and risk management system? – Well, our results below shall speak for itself! Since our trading account will be linked to a Master Trading account through Multi Account Manager (MAM platform), we can observe it’s effectiveness through our direct results.

Testing & Results from MS Management software System!

#UPDATE# The Review Team is already up by 20% with good trading performance. Community also shared good feedback on it’s platform and easy to use interface. Check out one of the Review video BELOW! P/S: Not a fan of automated trading? Check out the Manual Signals Software @ Epix Trader Demonstration

Honestly, the first day of testing shows highly promising traits especially when one can quickly identify a SCAM software. Phony software typically blows your account within the first day or second. Contrarily, MS Management Software shows us great accuracy consistent with their claims of having Reliable Trading Strategy. The default trade executions definitely follow the medium term, and long term trades.

So all the trades taken automatically by the MS Management Software system were shortest a 10 minutes expiry to several hours. Which is another major difference comparing to other fraudulent software that focuses on poor quality one-minute trades? If you are seeking for an automated trading system that focuses on medium to long term trades, this is definitely the one for you.

The first 10 trades executions ends up with 6 winning trades and 2 losing trade in 4 hours! Giving a net Profit of 17%! It is a very good sign and I shall be putting this system to further test. But on the first 24 hours of test, I am convinced that we’re dealing with a reliable trading algorithm.

*More Trading Results Updates Coming Soon!*

MS Management Software Trading Results

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Cost of Subscription?

Christopher Fernard explains that the cost of using the MS Management Software system is a 8% performance fee. This is a reasonable request since users will be taking good trading signals from their expert traders. Do note that it is 8% of profits instead of 8% of your capital. Meaning that if your monthly profits are $2,000 this month, hence you will be charged $160 as fees. If for some reason you did not use the MS Management Software at all and not take any trades, hence it will be zero fees.

In my opinion, this is a fair deal and a win-win situation!

How to Sign Up for MS Management Software?

In order to be a retail investor with the MS Fund Management System, please follow the steps below. Also, Make sure to read our How To USE MS Management in the following Segment!

  • Enter your accurate details and valid email address in the Registration Page HERE!
  • Make sure that all the information are correct as opening a trading account is NOT a joke! There will be verification needed similar to your opening any bank account. The broker will need to verify that you are who you say you are (also a requirement by their regulatory bodies)! Don’t worry, credit card verification DO NOT require the full 12 numbers, so make sure to Black Out that information.
  • Remember to not give your credit card details through email or instant messaging chat! Legit Broker has a dedicated page for you to do Secured Deposit. (just a precautionary note)
  • Once you have complete the registration, you will need to fund your investment account with a minimum of $250. (Read our Risk Management Segment Below if you are depositing the minimum)
  • After verifying your account, you are ready to activate the MS Management Software to sync their trades with Master Trading Account.

Risk Management & How To Use MS Software?

Due to MS Management Software’s minimum trade size of $25 as a requirement for this fund management services to work, you’ll need to manage your risk. Especially when you are planning to start with a $250 minimum deposit. A $25 trade means that you will be risking 10% of $250 in every single trade. So, a trading plan taking account of a realistic investment strategies is important!

Trading in the financial markets has certain calculated risk to it, just like in any businesses you may own. So it is not realistic to expect everyday to be a GOOD day, sometimes you may be exposed to wild unpredictable conditions. In this situation, you need to set a limit to your daily losses, i.e. maximum of 2 losses per day. Small account of $250 certainly should have a maximum of 2 losses a day.

Good days will come and patience is a virtue! As shown in my testing session, my trading account had 6 wins and 2 losses before I stop trading that day! (I had a limit of 3 losses since I have a larger account)

MS Management Software Review Conclusion!

Presently I am very satisfied with the performance I get by investing in MS Management System. As mentioned, I will be keeping a close look up with this trading system and provide frequent updates! So far, I’ll classify this as a Reliable Trading Software because of no unrealistic red flags typically in frauds in the offer. More importantly, it already proved to give results! 🙂

Verdict: MS Management is NOT a SCAM

ATTENTION! Traders from US, Canada, or Australia, unfortunately MS Management Software do NOT accept Traders from the said countries! However, there are ALTERNATIVE Services you can use to trades the markets! Check our BEST SOFTWARE PAGE!

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