MPS Software SCAM – Review Explains Return of Multiplexer HOAX!

MPS Software Scam Review

Is MPS Software a SCAM or Legit Trading System?

MPS Software also known as the Multiplexer System 2 by Richard Ewing uphold an $850 per hour income opportunity! $850 every hour, $20,000 profit within the next 24 hours for life surely sounds really awesome. Hence, this invitation may be very attractive to many due to massive income possibility from the internet. BEWARE! Before you trade with Richard, who claims to make 43 people millionaires in the last 40 days, read our MPS Software Review first!

If this is your first time reading about online trading, please understand this. If an offer sounds too good to be true, just like the MPS Software, Daily $20,000 income just with $250 deposit, it’s likely to be a “Get Rich Quick” scam. There is a difference between a legit trading opportunity and a blatant Be a Millionaire fraud. And very often, we exposed scams that claim impossible trading results that aim to steal users money.

Our investigation team believes that MPS Software is just another typical scam like the ones we reveal in our Blacklist. This is because of lies that we’re going to debunk in the segment below. Plus, complaints from MPS Multiplexer Scam users wrote to our blog to help spread their warning and bad experience.

Why is MPS Software a SCAM?

Firstly, MPS Software is not a new scam. But instead, they are a recycled scam that goes by the name of Multiplexer Software in October 2016. We already shared our warning about this phony trading system previously. Unfortunately, scam artist decided to rename this scam into MPS Software or Multiplexer System 2. If you read our report on the previous scam, the MPS Software presentation video has the exact details between them. It seems that MPS Software Scam decided to reuse their old presentation video which is an obvious sign of resurfacing scam.

Hence, the same reason where we explained why Multiplexer Scam won’t work applies to MPS Software too. But before we go into details, you might ask, what is possible in online trading? Is $20,000 too much to expect? Well, $20,000 daily profit is possible, if you have $1,000,000 account! It is impossible for a $250 to grow into $20,000 within 24 hours. Not even the best trader in the world can achieve such a result. (A practical trading approach is shown in some of our trading demonstration, link below)

Over-promising profit potential is one thing, but the accompanying narrative about how MPS Scam works shows more lies and nonsense. According to Richard, this trading software is mathematically impossible to lose a single cent. This certainly makes no sense in the trading world because there’s simply no such thing! Also, we’ll explain why the MPS’ Rapid Counter Trade (RCT Trades) which suppose to prevent loses will fail big time.

Placing a counter trade the very moment a trend seems to go opposite doesn’t guarantee that you can cover your initial losses. This is true for both Forex/CFD and options trading. However, in the case of MPS Software, we’re looking at trading options with a fixed payout system. So every winning trade will give about 70% to 85% return of trade value. So just imagine losing one trade and winning one trade where you lose your first trade and entire trade value, but attempts to cover it with a counter trade. You will still be down 15% to 30% of the trade size because of the payout system.

Additionally, placing a counter trade at a different price or strike rate is another reason why it won’t work. The speed that Richard mentions which is faster than the speed of light pairing with a 0.0025% risk change IS SUPER RIDICULOUS! This means that chance to trigger a counter trade is ALWAYS because price fluctuates in a wave manner (which is triggers 0.0025% risk change). Ultimately, causing the system to place stupid trades in opposite direction every second. WHICH IS A RECIPE for DISASTER!

False Identity and Results!

After debunking the lies Richard Ewing and MPS Trading Software way of operating, you could probably tell that the millionaires and Multiplexer System 2 users are fake too. This is SO TRUE even for Richard Ewing’s true identity. Apparently, he is an actor that represented another scam called the Profit Infinity Scam. This is a red sign that MPS Software is out to represent false claims and sell us shitty trading solutions.

Who actually has the guts to say that they are featured on CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg when in fact it’s a lie? Well, Richard Ewing has and other few Get Rich Quick fraud also does it too. A quick research on these major news database reveals that Richard Ewing is just another fake that poses like an investment expert.

There is no evidence that supports any of their unrealistic claims or any users that are actually happy with the Multiplexer System 2 results. Simply because there is actually no one in the trading community that actually made money with the phony MPS Software.

Multiplexer System 2 Richard Ewing

MPS Multiplexer Review Verdict

Just because this is a comeback scam, it is not shocking to learn that MPS Software Scam drains users account. With no actual capability to make good trades, it only provides false story and CRAZY promise.

This trading system is not a genuine solution for any users, beginner or expert traders. You should totally stay away from the MPS Software Scam, as you are probably better off trading on your own. If you are interested in a GENUINE and RELIABLE trading solution, check out our Trading Software Page or the Segment BELOW!

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