Moscow Millionaire Review – SCAM Auto Trading Software Detected

Moscow Millionaire Scam Review

Is Moscow Millionaire a SCAM or Good Auto Trading Software?

Moscow Millionaire humbled brought to us by Dimitri Artemovich came to our attention by one of our subscribers actively seeking to trade. But he was unsure of whether this seeming descent looking service would do him justice! So, this is where our review team jumped into our investigative mode to clear this issue up. If you are reading this and in a similar situation, then please read our Moscow Millionaire Review before putting in your money on the line!

Truthfully, we’re not a big fan of any trading software that has the word ‘Millionaire’ in it! Why? Because the representation of trading being able to make someone financial free without a short span of time is very unrealistic! Moreover, we already exposed many scams like the Bitcoin Millionaire, Polygraph Millionaire, and Fast Million in the past. All of them proves that they are an unreliable trading tool not able to make money for their users!

In fact, these type of fraudulent operation usually comes along with several fake details which we will disclose below!

Why is Moscow Millionaire a SCAM?

Let’s quickly cover what is the Moscow Millionaire Scam. Dimitri claims that this auto trading software has made a lot of money for himself and his team. Furthermore, setting all of them financially free from debt and live a great life. According to Dimitri the CEO and founder of Moscow Millionaire, the software runs an algorithm that analyzes the forex market.

It declares that their machine learning capability improves their trading winning percentage over time due to having more data. More interestingly, we hear the growth of 150% like $4,000 to $6,500 in one trading day. Sounds too good to be true? Yes definitely!

In our real-world scenario, we definitely can potentially grow a nice percentage of our fund per day. However, surely not 100% in one single day. A realistic standpoint with good money management typically sees about 10% to 25% account growth per day.

Unfortunately, Moscow Millionaire Trading Software has already generated hate within the trading community. Because it seems to lose money consistently every day with a poor winning accuracy of below 60%. (You need over 70% winning percentage in options trading to be profitable)

Hence, we’re dealing with an auto trading software that represents a ‘Be a Millionaire’ opportunity to the public. But in reality, it is just another ‘Get Rich Quick’ scam that pretends to be a good trading software. We have seen good ones, still, we seem to be busier exposing low-quality ones frequently rather than legitimate trading software.

Nevertheless, we have found Reliable Trading Software every now and then where we tested with our own money. You can check them out at the Recommended Trading Software Page.

More Phony Details in Moscow Millionaire

Poor performance is just one aspect that brings to light on what Moscow Millionaire Scam actually is. Deeper investigation shows that the details shown in the video are completely fabricated with fake stories!

Take Dimitri, the alleged CEO and founder of Moscow Millionaire for example. As we try to look for legitimate evidence of whether his story is real, we found that Moscow Millionaire is a fake company.

That’s not all! Dimitri himself is actually an actor that has no actual trading or data analysis expertise! We recognized him from where the actor provides spokesman video services for a minimum of $5.

Similarly to his team of analyst where they are most likely fictitious in nature and not really a user that makes millions from Moscow Millionaire Scam. Since the origin and success stories are actually lies, we can also assume the technology behind the trading software is a hoax.

This is no wonder why Moscow Millionaire Scam is unable to provide good quality trading performance!

Dimitri Moscow Millionaire

Moscow Millionaire Review Verdict

Taking all the evidence and reasoning above, we can safely conclude that Moscow Millionaire is a SCAM. We have no good reason to be using this unreliable trading software and risk our money to this fraudulent software.

We are better off trading on our own and beating this poor quality trading services at the end of the day.

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