Money Maker Bot is a SCAM Review – LEGIT or SCAM $$Maker?

Money Maker Bot is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Money Maker Bot before investing into this binary option auto trading system!

Money Maker Bot has been trending aggressively and spreading like a wildfire since the creation of the website in October 2015. Unfortunately for traders, Money Maker Bot is just another scam services that is created to lure registration to their shady binary options broker. We found out that Money Maker Bot has several landing page similar to the previous scam review we covered on’s scam, Start Living, Same World, Invest Global, Secure Future. Although we are not sure whether both these websites are related in anyway, we notice that the nature of what the scammers are aiming for is similar. Please continue reading for more information.

Several Money Maker Bot’s Landing Pages Actively Scamming

We have identified 5 different landing pages for Money Maker Bot with pretty much the same content but with different appearances. Among the four webpages, there are two variations in terms of their presentation video and both video delivers the same scam content that tries to sell “Get Rich Scheme” to viewers! We are unable to confirm that these five pages are the only websites that Money Maker Bot has online in the internet. Nevertheless, we advise viewer to avoid the scam and simply close the webpage should you see the brand “Money Maker Bot”.

Money Maker Bots Various Landing Pages: Page 1 : Page 2 : Page 3 : Page 4 : Page 5

What happens when we sign up to Money Maker Bot’s services? Well, we have attempted to register for their services in all 5 landing pages but all 5 did not bring the registration process to the next phase. All that was prompted was that “an account manager will be in contact with you soon” and there was no email confirmation received upon completing the registration. This is very similar to the Ad-Affiliate scam which we had reviewed previously where nothing came up after registration process. We find this a very unprofessional behavior and definitely a scam-like aspect! Typically, users will be receiving email confirmation from either the binary options auto trading system or the binary options broker that syncs with it or both! However, in the case of Money Maker Bot, we receive nothing. Hence, we are unable to comment on the binary options broker that syncs with this scam system.

Money Maker Bot’s Content and Offer Scam Review

The good point about Money Maker Bot’s offer is that the scammer informed it’s viewers that they are offering binary options auto trading system. Which is much better than the Ad-Affiliate scam that we reviewed previously which has no information of what they are offering until we register. On the other hand, Money Maker Bot’s webpages are designed in purely to attract viewers on the perspective of “Getting Rich Quick” and hope to get these individuals to register. The alleged founder of Money Maker Bot, Duncan Michaels, has state a few “too good to be true” claims about the capabilities of this binary options auto trading system. We shall go over the first exaggerating claims whereby Duncan mentioned that the Money Maker Bot is a software that makes its’ users a millionaire within a short period of time. Based on the presentation video, he claimed that this auto trader is capable of making a million dollars in four months, GUARANTEED. In addition to that, one of the webpage states that Money Maker Bot has made over 70 millionaires since it’s launch 6 months ago.

Based on our experience with binary options, there is no such thing as making a million dollars guaranteed in the industry! Binary options trading can indeed earn you a considerable amount of profits but it requires good money management and some knowledge of the market. Trading with a minimum deposit of $250 will not be able to make you a millionaire in 4 or 7 months. It is just an unrealistic claim to make especially in binary options where your potential returns totally depends on the amount that you invest in. Money Maker Bot is simply stating the impossible and we hope that viewers realize this scammer is simply over-selling their product. It is not simply a “3 steps registration and be a millionaire kind of opportunity”, you’ll definitely be disappointed and potentially lose money as well should you choose to believe it.

In addition to that, Duncan mentioned that this software is designed based on the top hedge fund firm and programmed by talented programmers. Since it’s launch, it has made a lot of millionaires since then and still continue doing so. The scam-like aspect about this claim is that there are no 3rd party verification available on the internet or any other sources to validate this claim. Should Money Maker Bot actually works, and it truly made more than 70 people millionaires within 3 months, there is no way that word will not spread out like wildfire. We’re talking about 70 people in 3 months, not 3 years. The lack of acknowledgement and 3rd party verification on Money Maker Bot’s claim simply appears to be yet another SCAM attempt.

Money Maker Bot’s CEO and Testimonials

Despite unfolding the true facts on Money Maker Bot’s exaggerating claims, we also found that the alleged CEO, Duncan Michaels, is a fabricated character. The photo used to represent Duncan is actually photos where we can purchase online from stock photos provider on the internet. So we can safely conclude that Dun Michaels is a fake character made to represent a scam product. Apart from that, all four webpages for Money Maker Bot uses different testimonials to support it’s claim and the the testimonials. Fortunately for us, we also manage to identified some Fiverr testimonial actors in the videos and also images from stock photos provider used in the testimonial section as well. You may be able to find Bradfordjet in one of the presentation video giving fake testimonials as an example to our findings.

Fake Testimonials by using STOCK Photos!! Money Maker Bot's Scam efforts!

Fake Testimonials by using STOCK Photos!! Money Maker Bot’s Scam efforts!

Money Maker Bot’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Money Maker Bot is a scam binary options auto trading system. This is because of the exaggerating claims of being millionaire in less than 6 months, fake testimonials and fake Duncan Michaels, as well as very shady registration process (where no email confirmation is sent, only awaiting a phone call). Please avoid depositing funds into Money Maker Bot and hope to be a millionaire in months. We strongly believe that is not going to happen especially with minimum deposit. As of right now, you probably are unable to find out who those shady binary options brokers are until the sales team calls you. The only thing we hope for you guys is that you do not decide to deposit money into that broker without doing further research on the binary options broker.

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Verdict: Money Maker Bot is a SCAM!

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