The Money Glitch Software Scam Review! Sexy and HOT FRAUD?

Is the Money Glitch Software a SCAM or LEGIT?

Welcome to our Money Glitch Software Review! As you are probably invited to invest your money into this automated trading software, you did the right thing to do some research before you put your entire faith into a well staged presentation video. We are pretty sure that this review would bring you back to reality after watching over 20 minutes of beautiful and charming lady speaking about the Money Glitch App. More importantly, after a brief investigation, we discovered various alarming scam facts in Money Glitch’s offer itself.

Selena Fairbrother, the presenter for Money Glitch claims that this software is capable of making you hundreds of thousands in 4 short months! Also, she demonstrated that this app can earn a staggering $2,000 in a short 4 minutes! While we mentioned that the presentation do seem pleasant due to the actress, Selena Fairbrother, the claim that this software is capable of generating that much money is highly suspicious. The worst part is that Selena herself, declared that this offer has “nothing to do with binary options trading” but that clearly isn’t true at all (first few minutes of the video)!

WARNING: Money Glitch is yet another scam system that is very well staged, only this time, a good looking lady is used! (Noticed that she wears her bikini and sit by the pool to speak only to change back and go to town later? NEW DISTRACTION SCAM TACTIC) Other well staged scam: Drexel Code, Amissio Formula, Alive in 5

Money Glitch System: Visually Distracting & Dangerous Scam!

The Money Glitch App uses a location based presentation video to include relevant “fake testimonials” in the beginning of the video. Hence, based on your current location where you view the video, it will show you random pictures and testimonials! However, should you simply google image search these testimonials, you will noticed that the testimonials are simply fabricated and can’t be true! Even picture of the alleged founder, are random pictures taken from the internet (probably insignificant, he’s only mentioned once in the whole video).

Like many other scam systems, Selena attempts to create a false sense of urgency or scarcity by putting a fake countdown timer for the deal. Saying that is going to be gone forever the next day of viewing. Obviously that is a lie because we have been accessing this webpage for a few days now and Selena is still promoting this scam. Plus, you would not be interested in investing into this system anyway after reading our explanation on why the achieved profits during the demonstration is unrealistic!

Selena’s demonstration with the “random people” actors on the street is undeniably impossible! She attempts to show us that this scam app is capable of generating $2,000 in the next 4 minutes! If you look closely, even her on-the-go demonstration on her cellphone grown her funds from $250 to $7,000 in 16 trades! All that within an hour! Let’s be real guys, that’s completely unrealistic! It is mathematically possible if you invest almost 100% of your funds in almost every trade! And in reality, there is no way an auto trader can execute 11 trades in 11 minutes accurately to grow $250 to $5,000! Even the best traders in the world and the best software in the world is unable to perform at such a level. Even if it did, it can’t possibly do it consistently over 78 weeks as claimed.

Fake Testimonials Money Glitch Scam Review

Money Glitch is a Typical Get Rich Quick SCAM System! DO NOT INVEST!

It is very clear that Selena is selling this auto trading system as a get rich quick scheme! Judging from the written testimonials, you’ll be able to noticed the “latest free member” that is said to only joined in early April but has already earned near $100,000! Money Glitch’s Get Rich Quick Scam is no different to other scam systems that claims to make you a millionaire within a short period of time! In fact, there are countless scams that uses this similar tactic to entice you to invest in them! You may refer to our Blacklist for other scam systems that we have investigated and exposed.

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Money Glitch’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Money Glitch Software is a SCAM auto trading system! Please do not invest your money into this scam system that employs fake testimonials, and truly unrealistic claims of profits! It will only lead to disappointment as many innocent traders has already found out about their over-promising claims the hard way.

Verdict: Money Glitch is a SCAM!

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